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SCHMID Group | montratec AG
Wafer SCHMID Group | montratec AG

In the diffusion furnace the phosphorous atoms which were deposited in the upstream process, are now embedded...

SCHMID Group | montratec AG
Semiconductor SCHMID Group | montratec AG

The system is equipped with four automatic cantilever system to load and unload each process tube separately. One tube can handle...

1 products BTU
BTU +800 °C ... +1 000 °C | Meridian™
Infrared +800 °C ... +1 000 °C | Meridian™ BTU

Phosphorus Diffusion is used in the manufacture of solar cells to create the emitter. Silicon wafers are coated with phosphoric acid fired at temperatures between 800oC and 1000oC...

Despatch Industries max. 1 000 °C | DF series
Infrared max. 1 000 °C | DF series Despatch Industries

The Despatch In-line Diffusion Furnace incorporates advanced infrared thermal technology that provides the tight temperature uniformity needed for increased cell efficiencies. Air is passively preheated...

3 products thermcraft inc
thermcraft inc
Heating element for thermcraft inc

Vertical diffusion heating elements are available as completely new units or Thermcraft can remanufacture/rebuild your existing unit. Both the Fibercraft™...

thermcraft inc 200 - 1 200 °C | FC-200 series
Heating element for 200 - 1 200 °C | FC-200 series thermcraft inc

The Fibercraft™ design incorporates helically wound flat ribbon, conventional wire or powdered-metal wire...

thermcraft inc 400 - 1 300 °C | DC-1300 series
Heating element for 400 - 1 300 °C | DC-1300 series thermcraft inc

The Duracraft™ design incorporates helically wound heavy gauge conventional wire or Kanthal™ APM powdered-metal...

1 products Casso-Solar
Casso-Solar max. 80 W
Heating element for max. 80 W Casso-Solar

External Wound Quartz Tube Heaters for...

1 products Kanthal
Kanthal 1 350 °C
Heating element for 1 350 °C Kanthal

Fibrothal diffusion cassettes is a ’plug and heat’ solution for the production of high-quality...

Koyo Thermos Systems LGO series
Heating element for LGO series Koyo Thermos Systems

Light Gauge Over-bend Heater LGO...

Koyo Thermos Systems HGC series
Heating element for HGC series Koyo Thermos Systems

Heavy Gauge Coil Heater HGC Heater more...

AET TECHNOLOGIES +1 000 °C ... +1 300 °C
Heating element for +1 000 °C ... +1 300 °C AET TECHNOLOGIES

Heating elements High temperature heaters Up to 1300°C 3...

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