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dispensing system - CDV 2

The CDV 2 Series of Dispensing System, manufactured by Golfetto Sangati - Pavan Group,...

dispensing system - CDV 2

These volumetric dosers from Simionato are ideally used for applications that are concerned...

volumetric dispenser / granulates - 250 - 500 g/min

The Dispenser for granulates is an automated dispenser with loading hopper. It is ideally suitable...

volumetric dosing unit / liquid / for the food industry - D09

Completely programmed filling machine with nine spouts. The shape that are to be filled are naturally brought to the right position with a transport line, and the filling...

volumetric dosing unit / liquid / for the food industry - D03

D03 is a very simple machine that is used in chocolate processing. It has three nozzles that fill the moulds that are brought to the precise position via a conveyor...

volumetric dosing unit / liquid / for the food industry - D01

Our chocolate depositor D01 is a very flexible machine with predominantly manual control. The start/stop control is through footswitch...

volumetric dosing unit / liquid / for the food industry - D01

The unit is meant for volumetric microbatching of ingredients that can be in solid or liquid state. Its modular structure is well suited to...

volumetric dosing unit / liquid / for the food industry - D01

This Electronic mixer is equipped with a processor...

volumetric dosing unit / liquid / for the food industry - D01

Concoction dosing frameworks for Phosphate precipitation

The generation of LIKUSTA concoction dosing frameworks is finished with most present day assembling apparatuses in our office LICH. They will be conveyed...

volumetric dispenser / for pellets / powder - 0.2 - 1.5 L | V series

The Cups Volumetric Doser, manufactured by Martini®, is a volumetric dorser with a 0.03 to 4 L buckets volume...

volumetric dispenser / for the food industry - 1BPL5K

The 1BPL5K Model is a volumetric dosing and weighing system developed by Martini....

volumetric dispenser / for the food industry - 1BPL5K

Acromet has a wide range of volumetric feeder that have top notch accuracy and reliability. This coupled with state-of-the-art weighing process controllers helps the product give superior performance. It finds use in a wide range of circumstances and can meet any...

two-component resin dispenser - UNIDOS 600

For Applying:
epoxy resins
polyurethane resins

Technical Data:

two-component resin dispenser - UNIDOS 600

ILAPAK offers volumetric cup dosers...

loss-in-weight dispenser / for injection molding machine - 0.02 - 80 kg/h | ColorSave 1000

Highly advanced and cost-effective single component masterbatch (MB)/additive gravimetric feeder for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding machines.

Patent-based ColorSave...

loss-in-weight dispenser / for injection molding machine - ColorSave 1000VS

Volumetric dosing system ColorSave 1000VS is reliable and accurate, cost-effective and easy to use.

ColorSave 1000VS incorporates the following features...

gravimetric dispenser / for plastic pellets - 1500 kg/h | FlowSave

FlowSave fulfills the extrusion sector's demands for accurate and homogenous dosing and constant blending. It provides extremely precise loss-in-weight blending and feeding of various size and bulk density materials such as pellets, regrind and powder.
FlowSave covers a wide production range of up to 1500 kg/h, and can feed up to 5 materials.
Separate load cells for each component allow...

gravimetric dosing unit / liquid - LiquidSave

LiquidSave is a gravimetric dosing system designed to precisely dose liquid materials on any plastics processing machine, whether injection molding, blow molding,...

powder dispenser - Twin/Single-120A series

The Twin-120-A and the Single-120-A powder feeders...

powder dispenser - 9MP series

The 9MP series powder feeders are intended for...

powder dispenser - 5MPE

Our 5MPE powder feeder is designed to operate...

powder dispenser - 5MPE

The coal has come back into the spotlight as an alternative energy source in thermal power generating facilities around the world. The coal-fired...

loss-in-weight dispenser / rotary for powders - ±0.5 - 1% | L-FEEDER

The L-feeder is an innovative loss-in-weight type constant feed weigher, which is based on Yamato's own loadcell technology, optimal control, self-diagnostic function, remote maintenance system and power handling technology. L-feeder serves manufacturing process of chemical products for it industry.


loss-in-weight dispenser / rotary for powders - ±0.5 - 1% | L-FEEDER

1 Component Wall Dosing Units
Our dispensing unit is robustly manufactured, with coated metal components and a glass cylinder. The lifting of the...

loss-in-weight dispenser / rotary for powders - ±0.5 - 1% | L-FEEDER

2 Component Wall Dosing Unit
Dosing ratio/Type: EP-PU 40/250/500/250 (500)
Polyester 40/250/500/25 (variable)
This unit can...

dispenser - max. 40 p/min | E-55 series

The Net Weigh Scale E-55 Series is primarily utilized for weighing and feeding. It has solid design and duplex configuration is not required with high speed choices....

volumetric dispenser / solid state - max. 35 p/min | VF-2000 series

The VF-2000 Series Volumetric Feeder is a heavy-duty system designed to feed a manual or a form, fill and seal bagger (FFS) with organic products....

volumetric dispenser / solid state - max. 30 p/min | VF-5000 series

The VF-5000 Volumetric Vibratory Feeder is a heavy-duty system specially designed for handling aggregate products and feeding them to a manual...

volumetric dispenser / solid state - max. 30 p/min | VF-5000 series

The volumetric and weighing feeders are are designed to integrate additives into organic mixes. This volumetric feeder is made up of a conveyor that has a mounted...

loss-in-weight dispenser / for pellets / for powder - Accumeter®

The material flow is constantly monitored; any changes in properties, i.e. bulk density, pellet size, etc. are compensated for, and have no affect on the accuracy of the blended material.

The AccuMeter® Series mass flow weigh hopper learns the...

gravimetric dispenser / granulates - GH-F

The GH-F Series gravimetric feeder adds colorant or other free-flowing material to your process, based on a self-calibrating controller...

gravimetric dispenser / granulates - GH, GH-M

The GH extrusion control and GH-M extruder rate...

volumetric dispenser / for pellets / powder - AF

The Precision Series Additive Feeders feature accurate closed-loop motor control, digital display of set point for speed or rate, and intermittent or continuous operation. A convenient sample hatch speeds calibration,...

gravimetric dispenser / for plastic pellets - AF1000

The AF1000 can be used in all molding and extrusion applications for pelletized materials.


microplate dispenser / automatic - 96 - 1 536 well | MultiFlo FX

MultiFlo™ FX is an automated multi-mode reagent dispenser for 6- to 1536-well microplates offering BioTek’s unique Parallel Dispense™ technology. Up...

microplate dispenser / automatic - 6 - 1 536 well | MultiFlo

BioTek's MultiFlo™ Microplate Dispenser offers a single peristaltic pump for dispensing into 6- to 1536-well microplates. The MultiFlo dispenses...

microplate dispenser / automatic - 24 - 384 well | MicroFill

MicroFill™ offers an economical, compact, and reliable alternative to existing microplate dispensers. Accurate and precise dispensing are guaranteed without the time-consuming recalibration, cassette replacement, and...

volumetric dispenser / plastic granules - DVM series

The DVM volumetric dosing units are the result of meticulous design work: maximum attention has been paid to ease of...

volumetric dispenser / plastic granules - DVM-H series

While great attention is paid to ensuring low humidity levels in polymers, it is very often forgotten or not considered sufficiently that masterbatch can contain...

volumetric dosing unit / liquid - DVL series

LIQUIDOSER dosing units have been designed specifically for dosing liquid pigments and they can be equipped...

gravimetric dispenser / granulates - max. 170 kg/h | Lybra LGR

It is configured for continuous weight-loss gravimetric, whose distinguishing features are a high...

gravimetric dosing unit / liquid - 10 - 170 kg/h | Lybra LG


Control and management of masterbatch consumption.

volumetric dispenser / for pellets / powder - max. 170 kg/h | Lybra LV

Eliminaton of dosing variations: high level of accuracy...

gravimetric dispenser / granulates - max. 1 800 kg/h | MDW series

Maximum flexibility of usage: The unit can be supplied with 2 up to 8 modular dosing stations of various capacity (slide gate or screw). The stations can be added at subsequent times, in line with the production requirements.
High dosing precision and repeatability...

volumetric dispenser / for pellets / powder - max. 1 000 kg/h | MXP

Rapidity in gathering data from the line and consequent adjustment of the dosing functions and the extruder control.
No interruption of the...

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