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balanced fabric / carbon - HexTow®

The HexTow® Carbon Fiber from Hexcel is capable of performing in many high-quality operational applications. These include JSF, F18 E/F, A350XWB, A380, Eurofighter...

balanced fabric / E-glass - HexForce®

Hexcel is the quality supplier of glass fiber reinforcements. Glass thread in fabric form provides optimum combination of qualities from elevated level of strength to fire resistance. End users have...

balanced fabric / aramid - HexForce®

Aramid fiber - reinforcements manufactured by Hexcel can be useful for marine, recreational products and also for aerospace applications. It is useful in all those areas where lower weight, higher strength and much impact...

balanced fabric / aramid - Twaron®

The Teijin Twaron comes in a diverse array of filament-yarn-based fabrics. These textiles...

balanced fabric / aramid - Twaron®

3M™ EMI Shielding Foil and Fabric Tapes are developed to accommodate those applications that seek secure grounding. The product conforms to requirements for EMI shielding,...

carbon fiber fabric - TORAYCA®

The TORAYCA® woven fabrics fabricated by Toray, are carbon fiber complex materials that are...

fire fabric / silica - max. 910 mm, max. 1000 °C | SILITEX

The Silitex clothes consist 100% of continuous twisted yarns of amorphous silica for continuous temperatures up to 1000°C.
The Silitex clothes offer excellent thermal, electric and electronic insulation and...

fire fabric / silica - max. 50 mm, max. 1000 °C | Texpack®

The Texpack® cloth is produced with Texil® yarn, excellent...

reinforced fabric / refractory / polyester - max. 1050 °C | BIOTEX®

Biotex® cloth reinforced with glass wires represents a valid alternative to the more...

ceramic fabric - max. 1100 °C | Texpack®

The Texpack® cloth is manufactured using ceramic yarns, composed of 80% Texpack®...

ceramic fabric - max. 1100 °C | Texpack®

The Thermaltex cloth is made using special "HT" glass yarns that are textured to 6-9 micron and undergo a special chemical thread purification treatment of type "E" leading to greater resistance to high temperatures,...

ceramic fabric - max. 1100 °C | Texpack®

Carbon fabrics

Carbon fabrics manufactured by Porcher Industries are used in all those cutting edge industries which require high performance materials. Carbon fabrics combine low weight with superior mechanical and thermal properties. These characteristics combined with...

ceramic fabric - max. 1100 °C | Texpack®


Porcher Industries is a world leader in the manufacture of E and S2® glass fabrics for composite applications. Porcher Industries has the expertise to continually develop performance enhancing fabric finishes and glass...

ceramic fabric - max. 1100 °C | Texpack®

PORCHER Industries is a world leader in the manufacture of E and S2â glass fabrics for composite applications.


ceramic fabric - max. 1100 °C | Texpack®

Porcher has developed a wide range...

ceramic fabric - max. 1100 °C | Texpack®

Porcher has developed a wide range...

rubber-coated fabric - ZRF

Coated fabrics are flexible composite materials formed by applying bonding agents to either one or both sides of the fabric substrate and precisely coating it with different rubber compounds depending on the end application of the fabric. After the coating is cured it creates a strong bond between the rubber and the fabric....

rubber-coated fabric - ZRF

Temas EMI/RFI gasket is an assembly of metal-coated fabrics and electrochemical impregnated non-woven textiles....

emc shielding fabric - 80 dB, 0,25 - 1 m² | X-Steel

The X-steel by Aaronia Ag is an EMC shielding fabric which features its ultimate breathable fabric...

emc shielding fabric - 50 dB (1 GHz)

Aaronia's novel EMC and RF Shielding-Fabrics Aaronia-Shield® is made from a patented high-tech shielding-fibre. Highly transparent, washable, antiseptic, most effective rf-shielding. Optimal...

conductive fabric / for EMC shielding - 20 dB, 10 - 50m² | A2000+ Series

Aaronia EMC and RF screening tissue A2000+.

Reduces rf electrosmog from mobile...

basalt fabric - max. 1 m

basalt fabric Heat Shield is use on your hood, body panel, firewall, floor board, fuel cell or gas tank.
basalt fabric Heat Shield is made from crushed volcanic rock, our Lava Shield Mat has similar benefits...

fiberglass fabric / silicone-coated - 20 - 1500 mm

500°F/260°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent

96 OZ Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Ultra-heavy grade, high temperature resistant fabric, designed for use in severe molten splash applications in the primary metals industry.

Tough, durable and very versatile
Our heavy weight 96 OZ Silicone Coated Fiberglass Blanket (3260 g/m2) is constructed...

basalt fabric - max. 982 °C

Able to withstand temperatures up to 1800°F/982°C, basalt mat/felt is made of 100% continuous-filament
basalt fiber manufactured in...

basalt fabric - BT series

Woven from yarns made from continuous-filament basalt, these fabrics are manufactured to varying thickness, weight, weave pattern and weaving technique according to end-use requirements.

Good adhesion characteristics...

hybrid fabric / glass / aramid - ARAMAT™

ARAMAT™ is a glass + Kevlar®* complex :

Balanced on both warp and weft
Balanced in volume, as the density...

NCF multiaxial fabric / carbon - C-PLY™


C-PLY™ is a carbon multiaxial product or non crimp fabric (NCF) made up...

carbon fiber fabric - C-WEAVE

C-WEAVE is a bi or ud directional warp...

hybrid fabric / carbon / glass - DIAGONAP™


DIAGONAP™, a laminate reinforcement, is made up of stacked layers that are mechanically bonded. It provides mechanical strength to + / – 45� to the longitudinal axis. It has mechanical characteristics oriented at 0�, 90�,...

NCF multiaxial fabric / glass - ROVIPLY™


ROVIPLY™ is a non-crimp fabric (NCF) made of unidirectional laps (0�, 90�, +/- 45�) mechanically bonded by stitching.



NCF multiaxial fabric / glass - ROVIPLY™

Laird Technologies' Flectron™ fabric products combine highly-conductive metals with lightweight fabrics to meet a diverse range of EMI shielding requirements. Manufactured with Laird Technologies' patented technology, Flectron™ metalized fabric is available in various...

ceramic fabric - Nextel™

Woven ceramic fabrics and woven industrial fabrics from 3M allow engineers and designers with high temperature applications to create new, imaginative solutions for previously impossible problems.


fabric - FB-700

3M produces advanced textiles for manufacturing high temperature filter bags which can be used at temperatures up to 700°F (371°C). This advanced fabric is...

glass fabric / for thermal protection - max. 1600 mm, 0.7 - 5 mm

Woven fabrics for insulation applications

glass fabric / for thermal protection - max. 1600 mm, 0.7 - 5 mm

Mtex ® - Metal-textile-compound material
Metal-textile-compound material

Manufacturing process

roving fabric / E-glass - RE86P

OC® Fabrics include Woven Rovings, High Performance Fabrics, Knitted Fabrics and Specialty Products and...

carbon fiber fabric - PANOX®

PANOX® is the industry standard when it comes to fire-retardant textile fibers. PANOX® is an...

carbon fiber fabric - PANOX®

We offer a broad portfolio of high-performance textile products made from carbon-, glass- and aramid fibers....

refractory fabric / alumina / composite - max. 1 300 °C (2 373 °F) | RS- CLOTH, RS-TAPE

ZRCI Refractory Sheet Types RS-Cloth and RS-Tape are fiber reinforced alumina composites in a highly flexible form. They are received dried, when wet with water or AL-HARD Hardener they become extremely flexible. They can be wrapped into many simple or complex shapes and will stick to...

fire fabric / silica - max. 1 250 °C (2 300 °F) | SIL

ZIRCAR Type SIL Silica Cloths consists of high temperature non textured amorphous silica fiber yarn, woven into an extremely strong fabrics. These non preshrunk textiles...

fire fabric / silica - max. 1 250 °C (2 300 °F) | SIL

Selcom S.r.l. produces unidirectional fabrics with two different technologies:
- Unidirectional stitched with any orientation (0º/90º/30º): produced with multiaxial technology in standard width of 1270 mm (2540 mm for special requests). Due to the fact that...

fire fabric / silica - max. 1 250 °C (2 300 °F) | SIL

Selcom S.r.l. produces biaxial fabrics made up of two layers of parallel fibres laid in two orientations, stitched...

fire fabric / silica - max. 1 250 °C (2 300 °F) | SIL

Selcom S.r.l. produces triaxial fabrics made up of three layers of parallel fibres laid in any three orientations, stitched...

fire fabric / silica - max. 1 250 °C (2 300 °F) | SIL

Selcom S.r.l. manufactures quadri-axial fabrics made up of four layers of parallel fibres laid in four different orientations, stitched...

fire fabric / silica - max. 1 250 °C (2 300 °F) | SIL

SELCOM realizes all along a wide range of carbon high quality products using as raw material the best brands in the world.


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