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Avesta Project Ltd. ASP-150C(150T)
Fiber optic CCD spectrometer ASP-150C(150T) Avesta Project Ltd.

The ASP-150C spectrometer is an ideal choice for a wide variety of different optical applications with its flexible tuning and high resolution. The ASP-150T model is able to carry out measurements...

Avesta Project Ltd. ASP-IR
Fiber optic NIR spectrometer ASP-IR Avesta Project Ltd.

The ASP-IR boasts a scanning mechanism that allows measurements in IR range withount using an expensive CCD array. This makes the spectrometer...

1 products LASERVISION
Fiber optic UV/Vis spectrometer HR2000+CG LASERVISION

Fiber Coupled Compact Spectrometer with high resolution The broadband HR2000+CG spectrometer is suitable for the whole spectral range from 200 to 1100nm. As detector a CCD-line array with 2048 elements...

1 products Metrohm
Metrohm NIRS Analyzer PRO – FiberSystem
Optical NIR spectrometer NIRS Analyzer PRO – FiberSystem Metrohm

The NIRS Analyzer Pro is a process analysis system based on high resolution diode array technology. It provides non-destructive analysis of granules, powders, slurries or opalescent substances directly...

1 products optek-Danulat
optek-Danulat AF-SMA
Optical fiber probe for process spectrometer AF-SMA optek-Danulat

A sub-miniature fiber optic interface connects this optek inline sensor to your spectrophotometer, for true inline, full-spectrum spectrophotometry without process interruption, and without sampling. With...

A.R.T. Photonics
Fiber optic coupler for FT-IR spectrometer A.R.T. Photonics

Fiber Probe Couplers for FTIR-spectrometers Variety of fiber probes coupling with any FTIR spectrometer Compatible or customized for FTIR sample chamber or external port Mirror optics for broad spectral...

A.R.T. Photonics
Optical fiber probe for process spectrometer A.R.T. Photonics

Fiber probes for process spectroscopy are based on coherent bundle design which provides the best coupling efficiency with spectrometers, light emitters (LED, lasers, lamps, etc.) and media of spectral...

LEONI Fiber Optics
Optical fiber probe for process spectrometer LEONI Fiber Optics

Two-channel assemblies (standard version): one channel for energy input and a second channel for signal transmission, available in different configurations. Application *...

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