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Heating units
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heating unit oil-operated - max. +350 °C | ITH series

The electrically warmed warm oil frameworks are ideally utilized when a purchaser is to be warmed or temperature controlled at high working temperatures and low...

heating unit water operated - max. +160 °C | ITHW series

These temperature control units are electrically heated and come with water as heat transfer fluid, making them ideal for use in areas that require temperature control and/or heating at a high...

heating unit - max. +135 °C | Heated Lid

The heated lid is especially used in heating for lab automation. The device avoids condensation...

heating unit - +4 °C ... +110 °C | CPAC Ultraflat series

CPAC Ultraflat are the all-in-one heating or cooling devices used for tubes, microplates, containers, tanks and many other liquid handling workstations. These units are available...

heating unit - +4 °C ... +110 °C | CPAC Microplate series

The CPAC Microplate series consists of two types: the CPAC Microplate 2-TEC...

heating unit - +4 °C ... +110 °C | CPAC Microplate series

WesTech offers sludge heating solutions for nearly any anaerobic digestion application. From mesophilic to thermophilic, WesTech's versatility and experience ensure that our sludge heating equipment will provide years of dependable service. We can provide heat exchangers to be piped into existing hot water systems or a complete boiler/ heat exchanger package.

The spiral and tube-in-tube...

heating unit oil-operated - max. 120 gpm, 315 °C | HTF HF-2 series

Mokon's HTF HF-2 Series heat transfer oil system provides accurate temperature control up to 600°F (315°C) with an option to go to 650°F (343°C) with improved performance, energy efficiency and reduced space requirements...

heating unit oil-operated - max. 600 kW, 371 °C | HTF ST series

Mokon's HTF ST Series heat transfer oil systems are designed and built to customer specifications providing accurate temperature control up to 700°F (371°C) and up to 600 kW of heating capacity. They feature low-watt...

heating unit - 4 - 70 °C | Plate-TempX

A heating and cooling station based on Peltier technology, enables incubation of any...

heating unit water operated - 0.1 - 15 000 kW

The heat-transfer systems of DELTATHERM® offer exclusive quality and possibilities to save production...

heating unit oil-operated - max. 400 °C

By medium temperatures from +150°C up to +400°C the tempering devices for mediums with heat-carrying oil are used.

The tempering devices of DELTATHERM® from the model row TM - O (up to 200°C) and TM - OH...

heating unit oil-operated - max. 400 °C

In large chemical or pharmaceutical concerns there is often a steam generator. For tempering of the steam, these companies need special steam tempering devices that transfer the heat properly and easily from the steam to the working medium, such as, for example,...

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