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hooklift - max. 2 t | XR 2S

With MULTILIFT XR 2S you can transform your light truck into an all-rounder. Just pick up another body and go for your transport task. XR 2S is unique in design and a real multitool...

hooklift - max. 3 t | XR 3S

The unique design and the ease of use make this unit an ideal tool for your light truck. The exceptionally low weight, high strength ratio gives greater payloads, increases the versatility of the vehicle and maximises its rentability....

hooklift - max. 5 t | XR 5S

A light truck equipped with the MULTILIFT XR 5S hooklift maximises your versatility. It masters all demountable body handling tasks - loading, unloading and tipping - with ease and exceptional safety. Light weight increases the payloads,...

hooklift - max. 7 t | XR 7S

The MULTILIFT XR 7S utilises a low hook height of 930 mm and offers great lifting performance with full functionality for loading and unloading the body and for tipping. Easy control and smooth movements make transporting...

hooklift - max. 10 t | XR10S

The XR 10S provides the users with more performance and durability. The lightness of the equipment combined with its power and strenght...

hooklift - 2 760 - 3 110 mm | CITY

City is designed with a low pickup angle and an excellent ratio between lifting capability...

hooklift - 2 770 - 3 370 mm | CITY C04

City has an exceptional design that offers the finest ration between tare weight and lifting capacity. City...

telescopic hooklift - 3 355 - 4 055 mm | TELESCOPIC T05


Telescopic facilitates the use of containers...

telescopic hooklift - 4 750 - 6 300 mm | TELESCOPIC T20

The T20 from Telescopic is a 26 ton hookloader GVW truck. Its compact, ergonomic design...

telescopic hooklift - 5 700 - 6 800 mm | TELESCOPIC T30

The Telescopic T30 helps the use of containers with lengths in several sizes. It can...

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