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3 products Jergens & Acme
Jergens & Acme
Round gripper Jergens & Acme

The Jergens Replaceable Grippers are available in Hardened High Speed Tool Steel or with Carbide Inserts. The points of the grippers embed themselves into the work piece giving greater holding power with...

Jergens & Acme
Keylock threaded Jergens & Acme

Jergens presents thinwall industrial style keylocking, metric, feature carbon steel...

Jergens & Acme
Threaded Jergens & Acme

The Bolster plate bushings in this product series are mainly defined by repairs, which can be made easily, quickly and right on the machine. Users can use a locking type sealant...


Stainless steel, threaded insert in steel, passivated, the K0398 brings you the comfort of a quick and easy installation. There are no other special tools needed and...


There are various surface finishes and materials available for this item. For example, the C and F series are hardened products available with a black oxide...

5 products BÖLLHOFF
Moldedin threaded IMTEC® BÖLLHOFF

These highly wear-resistant thread inserts are commonly used for molding and meant for inserting into high-quality plastics to generate...

Threaded for plastic AMTEC® BÖLLHOFF

Designed with a reliable and convenient anchorage, it is engineered to provide shorter...

Threaded for metal KOBSERT® BÖLLHOFF

KOBSERT® threaded bushes are ideal solutions for creating torsion-proof and nut vibration-resistant...


Böllhoff HELICOIL® plus thread inserts provide strong and highly accurate threads that provide strong resistance to heat, wear, and...

Wire thread HELICOIL® plus BÖLLHOFF

The HELICOIL® plus repair kits provide easy installation of new threads. The device shields the thread...

22 products SPIROL
Threaded for plastic SPIROL

SPIROL offers heat/ultrasonic, molded-in, press-in, expansion, and self-tapping inserts. Our standard inserts have been designed for a broad set of plastic applications. Here is a SPIROL Inserts selection...

SPIROL 10, 13 series
Threaded for plastic 10, 13 series SPIROL

This item is manufactured by industry leader SPIROL, which offers self-tapping inserts that are of the...

SPIROL 14, 24 series
Threaded for plastic 14, 24 series SPIROL

The SPIROL is basically designed to accommodate a wide array of inserts. They have heat or ultrasonic...

SPIROL 15 series
Threaded for plastic 15 series SPIROL

SPIROL provides an innovative fastening solution for reducing assembly costs. SPIROL provides heat/ultrasonic, molded-in, press-in,...

SPIROL 19, 20 series
Threaded for plastic 19, 20 series SPIROL

The SPIROL 19 and 20 series offers different inserts. It has self-tapping, expansion,...

SPIROL 28, 30 series
Threaded for plastic 28, 30 series SPIROL

SPIROL inserts are used in vast sets of plastic applications. Heat/ultrasonic supplements are used...

7 products AMECA
Selftapping threaded AMECA

The Self-tapping bushes manufactured by Ameca is made out of a cemented steel and a zinc plated with yellow bichromate...

Keylock threaded AMECOIL AMECA

The thread inserts in the CLAV-SERT product series are composed of one-piece bushes of a rigid design and come with two or four locking keys,...

Threaded for plastic AMPLAST series AMECA

These items are suitable for the execution of professional assembly by fibrous materials...

video AMECA SR series
Wire thread SR series AMECA

The SR series from AMECA are standard conventional thread inserts that are commonly used for installation....

Selflocking wire thread AMECOIL AMECA

These self-locking thread inserts are made of stainless steel and easy to recognize by their red color. They correspond to the...

Tap for fitting wire thread AMECOIL AMECA

Automatic installation tool where the hole can be drilled with the help of a standard...

1 products Ganter
Threaded tube end Ganter

The GN 992.5 stainless steel-threaded tube inserts serve as end plugs for tubings, ensuring additional...

1 products ELESA
Plastic threaded NDX.Q ELESA

The Elesa NDX.Q Series is a line of square-shaped end-caps engineered out of glass-fiber, fortified...

1 products SOUTHCO
Threaded DM series SOUTHCO

These easy-to-install inserts provide a better, more cost-efficient alternative to conventional cage nuts. They require no special tools, install from the front of the rack or panel, and are easily repositioned...

1 products PROTEC
Multi sealing EPN 520 PROTEC

Protec EPN 520 multi-sealing inserts for allowing entry of multiple cables...

WDS Component Parts Ltd
Threaded WDS Component Parts Ltd

WDS 415 Threaded Insert...

WDS Component Parts Ltd
Plastic threaded WDS Component Parts Ltd

Material Body Glass reinforced plastic...

video KVT-Fastening GmbH TRISERT-3®
Threaded TRISERT-3® KVT-Fastening GmbH

TRISERT-3® self-tapping inserts, a subgroup of TRISERT®...

video KVT-Fastening GmbH TRISERT®
Threaded TRISERT® KVT-Fastening GmbH

TRISERT® self-tapping inserts which can be used in thread inserts, which can in turn be used in thermoplastic materials, glass...

video KVT-Fastening GmbH FOAMSERT®
Threaded FOAMSERT® KVT-Fastening GmbH

FOAMSERT® self-tapping inserts. This subgroup of Trisert thread insert...

video KVT-Fastening GmbH MULTISERT®
Threaded MULTISERT® KVT-Fastening GmbH

MULTISERT® press-fitting inserts with internal thread and patented barb form...

video KVT-Fastening GmbH MICROBARB®
Threaded MICROBARB® KVT-Fastening GmbH

MICROBARB® press-fitting inserts with micro knurling. This...

video KVT-Fastening GmbH HIMOULD®
Threaded HIMOULD® KVT-Fastening GmbH

HIMOULD® brass threaded inserts for molding in M2 M12 are used in molded and cast components. The HIMOULD®...

2 products FIXI S.r.l.
FIXI S.r.l.
Threaded FIXI S.r.l.

Threaded inserts allow to obtain reliable and resistant anchorages in the presence of materials with thin thicknesses. The laying may be done blindly, on pieces accessible from one side...

FIXI S.r.l.
Wire thread FIXI S.r.l.

Wire inserts are used to strengthen or repair all types of hole and find application in many fields (rail, mechanical, military, electronics,...

9 products FAR
FAR Inserti speciali
Custom threaded Inserti speciali FAR

In addition to the standard items, we can also supply...

Threaded closedend FTTC FAR

Threaded inserts cylindrical head...

Hexagonal threaded closedend FTTEC - ERC FAR

Thereaded inserts hexagonal shank...

FAR 6.75 - 63 kN | FTTE
Threaded 6.75 - 63 kN | FTTE FAR

Threaded inserts with hexagonal...

FAR 6.55 - 34.2 kN | FTTSE
Threaded for metal 6.55 - 34.2 kN | FTTSE FAR

In steel, aluminium and stainless steel , they are highly resistant...

video FAR KJ60
Riveting tool for KJ60 FAR

Plastic case containing 1 hydropneumatic...

Shanghai Jingyang  M2.5 - M8 | JIUC,IUC
Threaded for plastic M2.5 - M8 | JIUC,IUC Shanghai Jingyang

Features: -Inserted into non-metal material...

Shanghai Jingyang  M3 - M10 | JITB, JITC,ITB, ITC
Moldedin threaded M3 - M10 | JITB, JITC,ITB, ITC Shanghai Jingyang

Features: -Inserted into non-metal material...

Shanghai Jingyang  M2.5 - M8 |  JIBB, JIBC, IBB,IBC
Moldedin threaded M2.5 - M8 | JIBB, JIBC, IBB,IBC Shanghai Jingyang

JIUB-832-1 Thread Code: 832 Length Code: 1 Material: Brass and Stainless...

Shanghai Jingyang M3 - M16 | JY series-204
Selftapping threaded M3 - M16 | JY series-204 Shanghai Jingyang

Application Threaded insert with cutting bores is a self-tapping fastener for the creation of wear-free,...

6 products Emile Maurin
10 products RIVIT
Threaded RIVIT

The Rivit rivet nuts are fasteners that can create a thread on pre-holed plates, having access only from one side of the work-piece. Their application does not cause damages or deformations on superficially...

video RIVIT RIV 912
Riveting tool for RIV 912 RIVIT

The hydropneumatic tool RIV912 is used to place Rivsert female rivet nuts, from M3 to M12, and Rivbolt male rivet nuts, from M4 to...

Air riveter for RIV810 RIVIT

The air pistol tool RIV810 is designed for inserts from M6 to...

video RIVIT RIV790
Battery riveter for RIV790 RIVIT

The battery tool RIV790 is designed to place rivet nuts from M3 to M10. The rivet nuts is positioned against the tie rod; pushing the trigger,...

Battery riveter for RIV760 RIVIT

The battery tool RIV760 is designed to place standard and structural steel rivets Magnariv and Lockriv...

Pneumatic riveting machine for threaded RIV998 RIVIT

The hydropneumatic tool, RIV998, is used to place Rivsert threaded female inserts, from M3 to M12, and Rivbolt threaded male inserts, from M4 to M8. The...

10 products Kerb Konus
Kerb Konus M2 - M30 | Ensat®-S
Selftapping threaded M2 - M30 | Ensat®-S Kerb Konus

Ensat is a self-tapping threaded insert with external and internal thread, cutting slots or cutting bores. A continuous process of further development has brought about a number of major improvements...

Kerb Konus M14 - M18 | Gripp®
Selftapping threaded M14 - M18 | Gripp® Kerb Konus

Gripp® is used for the repair of torn spark plug retaining threads in light alloy cylinder heads. Gripp...

Kerb Konus M4 - M5 | Mubux® - Z
Pressin threaded M4 - M5 | Mubux® - Z Kerb Konus

-Dimensions:M4 to M5 -Product:Inch...

Kerb Konus M3 - M12 | Mubux® - M
Threaded for metal M3 - M12 | Mubux® - M Kerb Konus

-Dimensions:M3 to M12 -Product:Coated on the outside...

Kerb Konus M2.5 - M16 | Ensat®
Selftapping threaded for plastic M2.5 - M16 | Ensat® Kerb Konus

-Dimensions:M2,5 to M16 -Product features:Self-tapping or thread forming -Receiving...

Kerb Konus M2 - M8 | B-Lok®
Expansion threaded M2 - M8 | B-Lok® Kerb Konus

-Dimensions:M2 to M8 Inch thread -Product...

video Specialinsert s.r.l. CROWN-NUT
Threaded tube end CROWN-NUT Specialinsert s.r.l.

CROWN-NUT - A threaded insert to be pressure applied,...

video Specialinsert s.r.l. TCSC
Threaded for sandwich panels TCSC Specialinsert s.r.l.

The TCSC is a threaded tubular rivet comprised of a threaded tubular insert and a threaded bush. The TCSC allows...

video Specialinsert s.r.l. Keep-Nut
Pressin threaded Keep-Nut Specialinsert s.r.l.

Keep-Nut is a revolutionary press-in insert with mechanical anchoring to create threaded seat on panels, even thin, made of marble, granite or other stone materials,...

Specialinsert s.r.l. RUBBER-NUT
Antivibration EPDM threaded RUBBER-NUT Specialinsert s.r.l.

RUBBER-NUT - An anti-vibration rubber EPDM insert...

video Specialinsert s.r.l. TTN
Threaded for metal TTN Specialinsert s.r.l.

Type of product:DEFORMATION THREADED INSERT Product...

video bigHead Bonding Fasteners
Moldedin threaded bigHead Bonding Fasteners

A standard bigHead is a fixing welded to a head, available in mild steel or 316 stainless steel. We have over 400...

video bigHead Bonding Fasteners
Loadbearing threaded bigHead Bonding Fasteners

A standard bigHead is a fixing welded to a head, available in mild steel or 316 stainless steel. We have over 400...

video bigHead Bonding Fasteners
Threaded for plastic bigHead Bonding Fasteners

A standard bigHead is a fixing welded to a head, available in mild steel or 316 stainless steel. We have over 400...

video bigHead Bonding Fasteners M4 - M12, 6 - 40mm
Threaded for sandwich panels M4 - M12, 6 - 40mm bigHead Bonding Fasteners

High strength threaded inserts in male and female configurations. Bonded to both skins TwinDisk maintains the integrity of the sandwich panel. Sizes are available to suit your exact panel dimensions. Simple,...

bigHead Bonding Fasteners
Bonding for sandwich panel bigHead Bonding Fasteners

BigHead has developed a set of bonding fasteners ideal for sandwich panels. bigHead fasteners can be bonded with adhesive to the outer or inner sandwich panel skin, or even both skins, to provide a...

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