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Kaba Group ADS EMEA/AP
Biometric access control system Kaba Group ADS EMEA/AP

Kaba evolo is a wide-ranging access system which can be operated wirelessly (standalone). The scalability...

Kaba Group ADS EMEA/AP
RFID access control system Kaba Group ADS EMEA/AP

Tired of looking for keys? We will solve that for you: Kaba TouchGo opens doors just with a touch. Kaba TouchGo door locks are based on special...

SIEMENS Building Technologies CD3500, CD4000
Keypad access control system CD3500, CD4000 SIEMENS Building Technologies

CD3500 Codoor codelock - Scandinavian lock case standard CD3500 is a battery-powered codelock that fits directly on an interior door. The programming of codes is carried out directly via the keypad....

SIEMENS Building Technologies K44 Duo
Keypad access control system K44 Duo SIEMENS Building Technologies

K44 Duo - Codelock with 30 codes The K44 Duo is a programmable codelock for one or two doors. It is possible to set seperate...

SIEMENS Building Technologies BC615-Cotag, BC615-EM
Proximity reader access control system BC615-Cotag, BC615-EM SIEMENS Building Technologies

BC615-.. Proximity card readers These compact proximity card readers work using Cotag or EM4102 reading technology. They are...

Centralized access control system Rbm21 CAME CANCELLI AUTOMATICI

Up to 500 users RBM21 is designed for subscriber parking and is particularly suitable...

Centralized access control system Rbm84 CAME CANCELLI AUTOMATICI

Rbm84 features a global access control of the area where it is applied. It adapts perfectly to the different passage selection needs as it integrates...

LEISTER Technologies AG 300 mm | EXAMO 300 F
Mobile weld seam testing machine 300 mm | EXAMO 300 F LEISTER Technologies AG

Ideal for measurements directly on the construction site. Optionally with data recording to a USB...

LEISTER Technologies AG 600 mm | EXAMO 600 F
Mobile weld seam testing machine 600 mm | EXAMO 600 F LEISTER Technologies AG

Ideal for measurements directly on the construction site. Optionally with data recording to a USB...

LEISTER Technologies AG DSE
Temperature control unit DSE LEISTER Technologies AG

Leister’s power electronics module is creatively designed with a unique controller...

2 products Bacharach
Bacharach 4 channels | GDA-400
Four-channel gas detection control unit 4 channels | GDA-400 Bacharach

Bacharach’s GDA-400 four channel controller is designed to provide simultaneous display and alarm functions for up to four monitors with 4-20 mA inputs. A graphic LCD displays...

new Bacharach 16 channels | GDA-1600
Multi channel gas detection control unit 16 channels | GDA-1600 Bacharach

Bacharach’s all new GDA-1600 Controller offers premier performance and functionality in a standalone controller. From one to sixteen channels, the GDA-1600 is designed to provide operators the most...

HOERBIGER Automatisierungstechnik GmbH max. 3 600 rpm | DRIVECOM
Engine control unit max. 3 600 rpm | DRIVECOM HOERBIGER Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

Universal connection technology CAN interface using standardized communication protocol (J1939 and CANopen) Graphic touch screen control The HOERBIGER...

HOERBIGER Automatisierungstechnik GmbH 4 - 10 mA, max. 5 V | HYPER BALANCE III
Engine monitoring and control system 4 - 10 mA, max. 5 V | HYPER BALANCE III HOERBIGER Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

Continuous cylinder pressure measurement Ignition detection with alarm in the event of detonation and misfires Ion sense measurement for stable combustion characteristics and cylinder-specific control Cylinder...

HOERBIGER Automatisierungstechnik GmbH 4 - 20 mA
Injector driver module 4 - 20 mA HOERBIGER Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

Individual injection control for precombustion and main combustion chambers Calibration and operation of multiple SDM units via one terminal Tailoring of parameters to customer requirements Show everything The...

HOERBIGER Automatisierungstechnik GmbH 75 - 3 000 kW | GTI BI-FUEL®
Diesel engine control unit 75 - 3 000 kW | GTI BI-FUEL® HOERBIGER Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

Minimum installation effort without engine modifications Low operating costs Reduced emissions Show everything Altronic is a worldwide leading provider of ignition systems for industrial engines. One...

1 products Bono Energia
Bono Energia BONO Optispark
Controller and operator interface for boilers BONO Optispark Bono Energia

BONO Optispark is the industrial boilers management and control automatic system which ensures: safety energy efficiency...

Universal testing machine (UTM) 25 - 300 kN | TENSILON RTF series A&D COMPANY, LIMITED

The TENSILON RTF is our newest universal testing machine offering innovative measuring possibilities, based on A&D’s newly-developed and extensive technological...

Universal testing machine (UTM) 1 - 10 kN | TENSILON RTG series A&D COMPANY, LIMITED

The TENSILON RTG is our newest universal testing machine providing, cost-effective measurement...

A&D COMPANY, LIMITED 0.5 - 2.5 kN | STA series
Materials testing machine 0.5 - 2.5 kN | STA series A&D COMPANY, LIMITED

The STA Series is an advanced multi-purpose tester with the ability to test a wide range of products and materials in a wide range of opeting conditions. The STA Series...

A&D COMPANY, LIMITED -100 °C ... +400 °C | RPT-3000W
Material viscoelasticity testing machine -100 °C ... +400 °C | RPT-3000W A&D COMPANY, LIMITED

This instrument allows measurement of visco-elastic physical properties under a curing process and the surface layer physical properties of the material being measured and other materials such as inorganic...

A&D COMPANY, LIMITED 0.05 - 1.6 x 10^5 Mpa, -150 °C ... +400 °C | DDV series
Material viscoelasticity testing machine 0.05 - 1.6 x 10^5 Mpa, -150 °C ... +400 °C | DDV series A&D COMPANY, LIMITED

For measurement of the dynamic modulus of viscoelasticity of high polymers like plastic, rubber and complex material, tensile method, shear method and 3-point bending methoud can be applied in accordance...

A&D COMPANY, LIMITED RS-232C, RS-422/485 | AD4401
Weight indicator/controller RS-232C, RS-422/485 | AD4401 A&D COMPANY, LIMITED

100 times/sec. High speed sampling. High display resolution to 16,000 counts. Up to 1 million counts of A/D resolution. Monitor & control weighing and batching with external or internal resolution....

Honeywell Sensing and Control 6DF Series
Inertial measurement unit 6DF Series Honeywell Sensing and Control

The Honeywell 6-D Motion Variant 6DF (six degrees of freedom) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors are designed to provide motion, position, and navigational sensing from a durable single device over...

Control unit for analog sensors RD series KEYENCE FRANCE SAS

Multi-point digital linearizer with built-in high/low pass...

Benchtop 3D optical measurement device VHX-S15 series KEYENCE FRANCE SAS

All-in-one 3D profile measurement system including a precision motor stage 0.05 micron resolution...

1 products Creaform
video Creaform MaxSHOT 3D
3D optical measurement device MaxSHOT 3D Creaform

The MaxSHOT 3D optical coordinate measuring system is a complementary product that adds the accuracy and speed of photogrammetry to the wide range of applications already possible with the Creaform technologies,...

Keyence Deutschland RD series
Control unit for analog sensors RD series Keyence Deutschland

The exceptional RD series Analog Sensor Controllers is specially built with a multi-point...

3 products RAFI
video RAFI ø 22.3 mm, IP65 | RAFIX 22 FS+ series
Control device ø 22.3 mm, IP65 | RAFIX 22 FS+ series RAFI

RAFIX 22 FS+ is the control component...

video RAFI max. 4 A, 250 V | RAFIX 16 series
Control and signaling device max. 4 A, 250 V | RAFIX 16 series RAFI

This unit uses nine actuator and display options with push buttons, emergency stop buttons, switches of the selector variety, key locks, potentiometer drives and many different...

RAFI ø 22.3 mm, IP65 | RAFIX 22 QR series
Control and signaling device ø 22.3 mm, IP65 | RAFIX 22 QR series RAFI

Diversified actuators and indicators have push buttons, twin push buttons, emergency stop buttons, selector switches, key lock switches, potentiometer drive,...

MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics F-POL Series
Polarization control module F-POL Series MICRO-CONTROLE / Spectra-Physics

Newport’s Polarization Controllers are designed for those working with polarization sensitive devices and systems. The patented design, based on an all-fiber...

4 products GRUNDFOS
Control, regulating and monitoring system for pumps and valves CR/CRE series GRUNDFOS

Tired of having to overhaul your pumps on a regular basis only to find that they are operating flawlessly? With the CR monitor the days of frequent inspection and unnecessary periodic maintenance are...

Pump station controller GRUNDFOS

A Grundfos Dedicated Controls system consists of either separate modules for local integration or modules installed and electrically connected in a complete control cabinet for easier integration. Grundfos...

GRUNDFOS 230 V | LC-LCD series
Pump station controller 230 V | LC-LCD series GRUNDFOS

Typical applications are pits with one (LC) or two (LCD) pumps in commercial buildings, private homes and municipal wastewater mains. All LC/LCD controllers feature a control panel with switch and protection...

GRUNDFOS 3 - 999 A | MP 204 series
Motor protection and control system 3 - 999 A | MP 204 series GRUNDFOS

The MP 204 is an electronic motor protector, designed for the protection of an asynchronous motor or a pump. The motor protector consists of: A cabinet incorporating instrument transformers and...

1 products GRACO
GRACO CycleFlo series
Controller for metering pumps CycleFlo series GRACO

Graco CycleFlo Controllers are designed to allow various materials...

B&R Industrie-Elektronik 12.1'' - 19'' | Automation Panel 900 Singletouch
Single-touch control panel 12.1'' - 19'' | Automation Panel 900 Singletouch B&R Industrie-Elektronik

The Automation 900 Panel single-touch panel comes with a modular SDL/DVI receiver. Also available...

B&R Industrie-Elektronik IP20
Control module with counter function IP20 B&R Industrie-Elektronik

The stepper motor module X20SM1426 is used to control stepper motors with a rated voltage of 24 VDC at a motor current up to 1 A (1.2 A peak). Additionally, this module has four digital inputs that can...

1 products Watlow
Watlow -18 °C ... +65 °C | EZ-ZONE® RM
Temperature control module -18 °C ... +65 °C | EZ-ZONE® RM Watlow

The EZ-ZONE® RM high-density scanner module can be used in conjunction with any EZ-ZONE RM family module...

Temperature control unit IP65 | KT-LED-96-2R-230VAC PEPPERL & FUCHS

The KT-LED-96-2R-230VAC is essentially a temperature control unit with LED...

GE Digital Energy Hydran 201Ti
Control unit for gas detectors Hydran 201Ti GE Digital Energy

This Hydran 201Ti, is perfect for transmission transformers, has a value that can be inclined and its alarms can be placed at...

GE Digital Energy
Integrated substation control, monitoring, and protection system GE Digital Energy

If you are a network owner or operator, you will most definitely regard this item as a new opportunity for monitoring...

GE Digital Energy D25
High-voltage substation control system D25 GE Digital Energy

From the makers of quality innovations bringing their top of the line Gateways & RTUs, GENERAL ELECTRIC’s D25 Substation Controller are created for customized automation and control...

GE Digital Energy max. 20 mA | MPM
Motor monitoring and control system max. 20 mA | MPM GE Digital Energy

The MPM provides additional metering capabilities such as three phase voltage, pf, real power,...

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