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pressure measuring device / portable / digital - 130 - 1 000 mbar | DMG

The DMG electronic pressure gauge is designed to provide accurate measurements in a...

power measuring device - SIMEAS P

SIMEAS P is one of the most advanced measurement devices on the market, which is suitable for electrical quantities, especially for users that want to complete applications in the power engineering...

power measuring device - 0 - 20 mA DC | SICAM P600, SIMEAS P610

The P610 and P660 products distributed by SIMEAS come with the same functionality as the SIMEAS p600 model, but can also be equipped with additional digital and analog in and output modules. In addition...

power measuring device - SIMEAS P50/P550

The Siemens SICAM P50 power meter is available for different applications through five different modules (analog input, binary input, analog output, binary output, relay). The...

power measuring device - SICAM P50

SICAM P is a power meter that can be used for panel mounting and various other applications. The graphic display integrated by the manufacturer into the design of this product comes with background...

power measuring device / multifunction - SICAM P855

SICAM P855 Power meter by Siemens stands out from its competition because this was specifically made in accordance to IEC 61000-4-30 Power Quality standard....

RLC measuring device / ESR / desk - 0.100 Hz - 200 kHz | 889B

The B&K 889B is a Bench LCR/ESR meter with component tester. This is the ideal...

capacitance type measuring device / inductance type / earth impedance - 0.100 Hz - 100 kHz | 886

The Model 886 Synthesized In Circuit LCR/ESR Meter has a wide range of test frequencies up to 100kHz and numerous measurement parameters including D, Q, ESR, Z, L, DCR and Ø. Designed...

capacitance type measuring device / inductance type / earth impedance - 879B

The model 879B 40,000-count handheld LCR meter is utilized to quickly and precisely measure capacitance, inductance and resistance. The 879B uses SCPI commands to support remote control and can calculate ESR, Θ and impedance...

capacitance type measuring device / inductance type / earth impedance - 878B

The model 878B 40,000-count handheld LCR meter is utilized to quickly and precisely measure capacitance, inductance and resistance. The 878B is extremely simple to operate with...

RLC measuring device -  875B

The Model 875B series of LCR Meters from BK PRECISION can deal with inductors, resistors, and capacitors, and rapidly...

temperature measuring device / relative humidity / portable - RS232, USB | HH314A

The HH314A handheld meter with datalogging capability features a triple display...

speed measuring device / air / temperature / multifunction - -20 °C ... +100 °C, 5 - 95 %rH | HHF144 series

The relative humidity users can measure with this device is between 5 and 95% RH. In addition, users...

dew-point measuring device / air / for tablets - -60 °C ... +50 °C | RHB-CAC1S series

The easy-to-install self-monitoring device is NIST traceable. At +/- 0.2 deg...

dissolved oxygen measuring device / DO - max. 60 mgO2/l | DOB21

The DOB21 is a Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meter for automotive applications. The meter features...

power measuring device - WT300 Series

The WT300 Series Digital Power Meters provide ideal equipment for a range of measurements such as stand-by-power and battery...

electric measuring device / multifunction - WT3000

The WT3000 is the ideal measurement solution for applications such as product efficiency testing, engineering and R&D work on inverters. It is also useful for motor drives, lighting systems and electronic ballasts, UPS systems, aircraft power systems, transformer testing and other power conversion devices.


conductivity measuring device / resistivity / redox / pH - SC450G

EXAxt SC450G is a device that was designed as a solution for problems that may occur in the superior functionality of the Yokogawa EXA series. The item combines the ease of use offered by most pocket computers...

power measuring device - PR300

PR300 is panel mountable and is a meter that is designed to cater to two user needs, namely, as a mountable meter...

wavelength measuring device / power / optical - AQ6150 Series

The AQ6150 Series Optical Wavelength Meter is an ideal instrument for accurately measuring the optical wavelength of optical devices and systems used in telecommunication applications from 1270...

dissolved oxygen measuring device / DO - 0 - 20 ppm | AX480

The Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer AX480 enables two continuous measurements of dissolved oxygen. The transmitter is used with 9,408 sensing systems to provide an accurate measurement of the dissolved oxygen value...

dissolved oxygen measuring device / DO / continuous - 0 - 20 ppm, IP 66 | 4640

ABB dissolved oxygen analyzer 4640 is used in combination with 9408 sensing systems for precise and dependable measurement as well as transmission of the value of dissolved oxygen in a variety of water-monitoring devices. The analyzer is robust and...

force measuring device / dynamic - ±0.25 mV/V ... ±3 mV/V | AD-4532B

Super high-speed sampling at 2000 times/second. Digital hold and peak hold functions. Ideal for measuring the dynamic phenomena of loads, pressure, torque, tension, etc.

The AD-4532B is equipped with a 2D (5-level) comparator function. This function makes it possible to determine the acceptability of the total result by performing a sequential comparison while shifting between the upper/lower...

electrostatic field measuring device - max. ±20 kV | AD-1684

The AD-1684 is an electrostatic fieldmeter designed for detecting the existence of static electricity, which is often the cause of inaccurate weighing.

3D measuring device / optical - MaxSHOT 3D

The MaxSHOT 3D optical coordinate measuring system is a bonus in terms of adding accuracy and speed of photogrammetry into variety of applications with the help of Creaform technologies. Creaform is has a...

3D measuring device / dynamic / optical - VXtrack

C-Track is one of the most advanced dual camera sensors, being a complete portable 3D instrument solution too. The item is suitable for various applications, such as those that require...

air quality measuring device / multifunction / HVAC - C.A 1051

Chauvin Arnoux C.A. 1051 is a complete measuring and analysis tool for heating, AC and ventilation fittings. This user-friendly, handheld measuring tool offers accessibility to numerous functions.

CA 1051 combines the functionality...

power measuring device / RF / microwave - ORITEL RW521

The ORITEL RW521 directional wattmeter, designed primarily for portable use, gives accurate readings at power levels and is very relaiable in identifying any problem in...

electric measuring device / multifunction - VISUALL s

VISUALL was especially manufactured by Enerdis to provide a cost-effective solution for measuring main parameters on an electrical installation with...

pressure measuring device / speed / flow / multifunction - max. ±2 500 Pa, max. ±2 000 mbar, max. 100 m/s | MP 200

There are various functions available for this particular model, including velocity, pressure, airflow and air quality. There are no less than 8,000 measuring...

speed measuring device / temperature / air / multifunction - -200 ... 1 300 °C, 0.15 - 35 m/s | AMI 300

Multi-parameters portable device : Pressure, air velocity, airflow, hygrometry, temperature, air quality, tachometry.

Memory : up to 12 000 measurement points

pressure measuring device / speed / flow / multifunction - max. ±2 500 Pa, max. ±10 000 mmH2O | MP 200

Functions : Pressure, Velocity, Airflow, Air quality (CO/temperature).
8, 000 measuring points
DATALOGGER software (option)



pressure measuring device / speed / flow / multifunction - max. ±2 500 Pa, max. ±10 000 mmH2O | MP 200

This meter is capable of determining the power of laser or LED light sources. It is also designed to measure fiber optic cable attenuation...

dew-point measuring device / air / for tablets - 10 - 100 % RH | EE46

Condensation monitors like EE46 are used to check on the condensation on chilled ceilings and to prevent condensation from forming on critical areas of HVAC systems. As it can monitor dewpoint, it can also...

speed measuring device / temperature / air / multifunction - 0 - 100 % RH, -40 °C ... +400 °C | OMNIPORT 30

The OMNIPORT 20 series is a handheld meter that is specifically manufactured for accurate measurement of various physical quantities, such as, humidity, temperature,...

automatic measuring device / oxidation stability - 892 Rancimat

The 892 Professional Rancimat represents a simple and reliable analysis system for the evaluation of oxidation stability of natural fats and oils. It is fully operated through the...

pressure measuring device / portable / digital - 150 - 8 000 mbar | S2600 series

Portable measuring device from Afriso has four different ranges of pressure. This device...

relative humidity measuring device / temperature / portable - -60 °C ... +500 °C, max. 100 %RH | TM9-IR

This product is for calculating humidity and temperature in rooms. It is perfect for gauging climatic situation...

specific weight measuring device / gas - 4 - 20 l/min | Sarasota SG901

The Thermo Scientific™ Sarasota SG901, is an equipment used for assessing and...

portable measuring device / dissolved oxygen / DO - InTap4000e

These Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Systems are completely integrated and remarkably portable. They are specially built to conform with the specific requirements needed within the beverage...

conductivity measuring device / redox / pH / resistivity - M700

The M700 is a versatile measuring system for continuous measurements of different variables,...

conductivity measuring device / resistivity / pH / dissolved oxygen - 1 - 2 channels | M300

The M300 chain double feed transmitters for ORP or pH, oxygen and accomplishing dimensions unites sturdiness with easiness of use. Its adaptability and concrete dimension presentation makes...

3D measuring device / dynamic / optical - 360° SIMS

Hexagon Metrology 360° SIMS offers a wide array of solutions for fully automated dimensional process...

3D measuring device / dynamic / optical - 360° SIMS

The measurand "Dissolved Oxygen“ displays the load of the physically dissolved...

power measuring device / fiber optic - MultiFiber™

The MultiFiber Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kit can test fibers without fan-out cords, thus keeping polarity reviews from being required...

loss measuring device / reflection test / fiber optic - DTX-CLT CertiFiber®

The DTX-CLT CertiFiber Optical Loss Test Set by Fluke Networks. Created with such excellence by one of the leading brands out in the market. It Provides optimum performance...

power measuring device / portable / fiber optic - SimpliFiber® Pro

The SimpliFiber® Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits are easy-to-use fiber-loss testers that ensures minimal network down time with time-saving features. It is ideal for any fiber verification,...

wavelength measuring device / power / optical - max. 10 W, 350 - 1650 nm | OMM-6810B Series

Newport OMM-6810B series optical power and wavelength meter gives an option to choose from power only or power and wavelength measurement heads, covering a source wavelength range of 350 to 1650nm and optical power from -50dB to + 45dB. The measurement heads are calibrated to NIST (National Institute...

power measuring device / fiber optic - 800 - 1650 nm | FPM-8220

The LabVIEW® drivers The FPM-8220 Fiber Optic Power Meter combines accurate, repeatable power measurements,low polarization dependence in a easy instrument for R&D or manufacturing testing fiber optic...


How to choose this product


In a broad sense, measuring devices quantify physical parameters. The measured quantity's numerical value is a number that establishes a relationship between said quantity and a given measuring unit.


These devices are used in all areas of industry and science for a wide range of experimental, project or test measurements. The Instrument can be bench or portable, with direct or remote readout. Main applications include measuring and analyzing temperature, pressure, flow and material characteristics.

How to choose

Choice of device will depend on the measurement type and scale, standard and extreme values and the measuring environment.

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