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Measuring machines
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measuring machine high-precision / length  - 0 - 750 mm , 1060 x 390 x 450 mm  | JD36/JD36H

The base is high quality cast iron and is aging for long time by nature so as to have good stability.
The measuring main axis adopts optimum square design to assure the stability of moving performance.
It has...

measuring machine length  - 0 - 3000 mm , 4000 x 450 x 850 mm | JDJ series

Taking the laser beam length as the base unit length, the reference repetition is stable with high-precision.
With temperature sensor, software achieves...

measuring machine length  - 0 - 3000 mm , 4000 x 450 x 850 mm | JDS series

The realization of raster digital display makes it easy to use, the operation visual and convenient.
Software correction instead of manual point-by-point revising the decimeter...

measuring machine length  - 0 - 6000 mm | JDQ series

Its mainly uses is used to directly measure the checking length bars of the external micrometers, internal micrometers and length bars made by yourself. It...

measuring machine length  / high-precision - 0 - 100 mm , 960×390×450 mm | JD25-H

High quality casting, after long term natural aging treatment, are selected for the base, with fine stability.
Optimized square design is adopted for the spindle to assure the stability of it's kinetic property under measurement.
Accessories with powerful...

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