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Quick couplings for all compressed air circuits:

Spurs on pipework
Fittings on extension hoses


KB Series piping modules make distribution easy by utilizing one-touch fittings. Piping...


Metal Work provides tapered thread (polytetrafluorethylene-coated) fittings with a pneumatic seal between the fitting and the female thread. Because of this, there is no need to add any additional sealing...


Here are KQ2 one-touch, metric and inch size fittings. Its availability is extensive, including a wide selection...

The series of fittings of type LL, L, DL and H come with five tube and ten style versions, as well as a wide range of fittings...


Parker Legris blocking fittings are extremely strong and efficient devices...

The compact sensor fittings in the Parker Legris line are useful for detecting...


Very compact units
Easy tube insertion...


POOLKE D.O.T push-in fittings meet SAE J2494 and D.O.T. FMVSS 571.106 air brake performance requirements. The series is designed for all D.O.T. truck and trailer applications.
Features 1Brass tube support assures maximum...


Push-in Male Straight Connector is widely used in pneumatic circuit. Accommodate metric tubing O.D ranging from 4mm to 16mm,...

Push-in Female Straight Connector is widely used in pneumatic circuit. Thread sizes...

Push-in Male Run Tee connects metric tubing O.D ranging from 4mm to 16mm, inch tubing O.D ranging from 1/8" to...

Push-in Female Run Tee is used to branch line in the same direction from male thread and in 90° direction. Accommodate...


The 1/4” O.D. Tube, Elbow Union meant for fixed position 90 degree fitting is manufactured in 316,303 Stainless steel with Viton,Buna-N,Silicone and EPDM seals and is capable of handling pressure up to 150psig....

The 1/4” O.D. Tube, Tee Union is integrated with components which are manufactured from stainless steel materials. This enables it to be employed under abrasive or extensive...


CEJN eSafe Series 310 features a broad variety of couplings with easy grip, including Soft-Line and Stream-Line. The couplings and nipples have male threads with pre-applied thread sealant. The eSafe Series 310 is a vented safety coupling. Its disconnection is done in two stages for venting...

The 315 Series engineered by CEJN, are safety pneumatic couplings, that feature a lightweight construction, with...

The Series 320 coupling is characterized by it easy-to-use feature. It releases before detachment thus preventing...

The 410 range of eSafe couplings, based on the standard 410 couplings, is designed for single handed use and enhanced service life. Its safety feature allows the coupling to vent air...

The 342 series of safety lock coupling and nipples are made to tend to harsh applications....


ATI's GA2 is a utility coupler that weighs 9 lb and has an operational temperature range...


ITV ipso-FKM-push-in fittings have stainless steel elastic clamp. The tube can be assembled with a single movement....


Pneumadyne makes a range of straight connector fittings to meet different connection needs. The 10-32 (M) threaded straight connector comprises of a captured o-ring design, which results in a leak-tight fit. This ensures improved seal...


PM010401E 4MM 1/8"
PM010402E 4MM 1/4"
PM010501E 5MM 1/8"
PM010502E 5MM 1/4"
PM010601E 6MM 1/8"
PM010602E 6MM 1/4"
PM010801E 8MM 1/8"
PM010802E 8MM 1/4"
PM010803E 8MM 3/8"
PM011002E 10MM 1/4"
PM011003E 10MM 3/8"
PM011003E 10MM 1/2"
PM011203E 12MM 3/8"
PM011204E 12MM 1/2"

RM070411 4MM
RM070511 5MM
RM070612 6MM
RM070812 8MM
RM071013 10MM
RM071214 12MM

RM1611 1/8"
RM1612 1/4"
RM1613 3/8"
RM1614 1/2"


Nylon Coil Repair Union,...

1/4" Automatic Six Ball Combo Coupler, 1/8" FPT

1/4" Universal Coupler, 1/4" FPT

1/4" Moldflow Coupler Unvalved, 1/4" ID Hose, 45°

Coilock Bulkhead Union,...


Quick fittings in nickeled brass

Straight male fitting, with conic thread
Straight male fitting, with cylindric thread
Straight female fitting

Compression fittings in nickeled brass

Straight male fitting, with conic thread
Straight male...


Technical Description
The 95KS coupling system has a safety lock. To disconnect, the plug must first be pushed further into the coupling before it can be unlocked. This prevents unintentional disconnection.



How to choose this product


A pneumatic, or low-pressure fitting ensures a secure connection between two elements of a pneumatic system.


These devices are found in nearly every field: the automobile, aeronautical and aerospace industries, on rail-mounted trains, subways and other means of transport, in the electronics, petroleum, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, in civil engineering, public works, construction, machine tool, assembly and material handling applications, among others.


Such fittings are usually categorized by attachment method, either between male and female parts of the fitting or between the fitting and the pipe. These include push-in, threaded and quick couplings.

How to choose

Choice of pneumatic fitting can best be made by considering the flow rate, the number and diameter of circuits in the system and the nature, temperature and pressure of the fluid.


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