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XRF analyzer / portable - XL-PMI series

The X Ray Fluorescence Analyzers with XL-PMI series manufactured by GE features a handy...

humidity analyzer / portable - -30 °C ... +70 °C, max. 345 bar | MMS3

The Moisture Monitor Series 3 Analyzer also known as the MMS 3 may come in single or dual channel analyzer. This top of the notch device contains a double line connector and an alphanumeric...

humidity analyzer / portable - -110 °C ... +70 °C, max. 345 bar | MMS 35 IS

35 IS (MMS 35 IS) belongs to the Moisture Monitor Series and is a portable hygrometer that is powered by a battery, enclosed in a damaged-resistant housing and is deemed intrinsically safe. When bought together with the optional...

humidity analyzer / portable - -100 °C ... +20 °C, max. 150 psi | DewPro MMY245

GE's DewPro MMY245 is a portable moisture analyzing instrument capable of multiple tasks; it is, however, mainly capable of inspecting gas dryer overall operating performance, checking for any breathing...

flue gas analyzer / portable - max. 8 000 ppm | UNIGAS 2000

The UniGas 2000 is a 1.1-kilo flue gas analyzer for O2, CO, and NO gases. It is equipped with electrochemical sensors, audible alarms on gases measurement, and a built-in impact printer. The model is...

flue gas analyzer / portable - max. 8 000 ppm | UNIGAS 2000

The dew point meter records the air humidity, temperature and surface temperature...

radiation analyzer / portable - Q4-GR1™

Quant for GR1 (Q4-GR1) is a unique solution for measuring the activity of radionuclides in filters, filter papers, and beakers.

The low power, small form factor, reliability, and no requirement for cooling, enable measurements of various configurations of samples, without the need for time consuming transport back to offsite laboratory.

Q4-GR1 utilises...

radiation analyzer / portable - Quant™

Quantitative activity analysis module provides the complete hardware and software package required for accurate measurements of specific radionuclides. The module is fully ruggedised for field use.

Accurate measurements of radionuclide...

vibration analyzer / portable / for rotating machine balancing - 258B

The Model 258B is part of the IRD Balancing line of analysis and balancing products and is a flexible instrument platform designed to be a single tool for a range of maintenance, inspection, service and diagnostic applications.

The Model 258B is a simple, easy to use instrument with an intuitive...

chlorine analyzer / Cl / portable - Chlorimeter™

The Chlorimeter produces results on-site, within minutes that are accurate and comparable to expensive...

AC energy network analyzer / three-phase AC system / network / portable - FFT-01 UPM

FFT-01 is a portable three-phase analyzer and is capable to
measure all the electrical network parameters. It is equipped with
graphic display featuring an effective menu layout that makes
easy performing measurements. It’s also supplied with a built-in
40-column printer which provides an excellent autonomy for
measuring values...

flue gas analyzer / portable - SET-200

The SET-200 Stack Efficiency Tester is quick and easy to use. The unit measures...

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