Portable analyzers

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Simultaneous meas. of up to 11items (pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity, temp., salinity,...

Polarographic method adopted
Residual chlorine in tap water, swimming pool water, etc....

Fast response with membrane type polarographic electrode
Highly sensitive measurement...


The Series 3520 Trace Oxygen Analyzer is a light-weight,...

The Series 2520 Portable Percent Oxygen Analyzer is a light-weight, easy-to-use...


The Model 258B is part of the IRD Balancing line of analysis and balancing products and is a flexible instrument platform designed to be a single tool for a range of maintenance, inspection, service and diagnostic applications.

The Model 258B is a simple, easy to use instrument with an intuitive...


FFT-01 is a portable three-phase analyzer and is capable to
measure all the electrical network parameters. It is equipped with
graphic display featuring an effective menu layout that makes
easy performing measurements. It’s also supplied with a built-in
40-column printer which provides an excellent autonomy for
measuring values...


Portable Moisture-in-Oil and/or Moisture-in-Gas (Dewpoint) Sensor

Field sampling of oil and/or gas (SF6, Nitrogen, air, inerts)



The Model 970-X Portable Multi-Channel Analyizer (pMCA) offers state-of-the-art signal processing for a wide range of nuclear applications. The electronics...


The RogaDAQ1 USB DAQ is developed for highly accurate measurements in the T&M and also for NVH measurements. This USB Front End is optimized for noise...

The RogaDAQ2 USB DAQ is developed for highly accurate measurements in the T&M and also for NVH measurements. This USB Front End is optimized for noise...


The SO Analyzer is made for precised noise and vibration measurements, third-party data import/export, data analysis...


The compact Hand Held Radionuclide Identification Device designed for detection of the alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation sources and radioisotope identification of the gamma emitting sources.

Modification without neutron...



The Ideal Tool for Power Quality Tests

The EDL Portable Analyzer is a multifunction power meter, from 3-phase AC to power quality to fault recorder. This power meter uses a large setpoint programming...


Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer (Transportable) - Z4010

- Measures from 100% to less than 1ppm
- Fast response time of less than 5s for 90% change
- Fully auto-ranging
- Fully programmable analogue output
- IP67 Rating

The Z4010 fully auto-ranging portable oxygen analyzer measures a wide range of oxygen...

Thermal Conductivty Gas Analyser (Portable) - K6050

Minimises costly downtime
Rugged and portable
Minimises usage of the purge gas
Reliable, simple to use
Weatherproof to IP67

Modern power plant generators turbo generators, and turbine generators...

Modified Atmosphere Analyser (Portable) - MAPtest 800

- Rapid response time
- Low maintenance and calibration requirements
- Timed pumped sample
- Up to thirty hours running time between battery charges
- MAP/CAP (modified and controlled atmosphere packaging) techniques

The MAPtest 800 portable modified atmosphere packaging analyser has...


Portable gas analyzers for O2 / O3 measurement
This portable analyzer complements Dextens oxygen or ozone sensors and is designed for off-line or laboratory measurements. Built in stainless steel, this instrument is ideal for harsh conditions in breweries (O2) and for on-the-spot measurements in other industries...


Multi-function portable flue gas analyzer for domestic and light industrial applications. Measurement of oxygen, carbon monoxide, temperature, differential temperature, pressure, combustion efficiency and nitric oxide (optional)....



Mining & Exploration
Metals & Alloys (a/o PMI)
Toys & Consumer goods
Lead Paint Analysis
Academic research
Soil remediation

Elements of interest

Non-destructive simultaneous determination of elements in the...


The DT8837 is a highly accurate multifunction module that is ideal for sound and vibration measurements. All the I/O channels are completely isolated from each other and from the computer, allowing noise-free data to be sampled in tough industrial environments. Four 24-bit IEPE (ICP®) sensor inputs, a 24-bit D/A stimulus output, a 31-bit tachometer channel are synchronized to provide...

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