robotic handling cell / pallet
robotic handling cell

Thanks to the use of an anthropomorphic robot, WOODPECKER: Resolves of all issues related to the use of wooden pallets in production, during the handling with LGV, in storage and automated warehouses. Eliminates all ...

robotic deburring cell / polishing / for welding / for welding applications
robotic deburring cell

Automation is a key factor in permanently guaranteeing high quality. The robot cell "Max-Cell" can be ordered with different options, depending on the customer's requirement, e.g.: ...

robotic deburring cell / polishing / for welding / for welding applications
robotic deburring cell
Max-Cell Modular

The modular design of the robot cell "Max-Cell Modular" offers you long-term investment protection as it can be adapted at any time to the latest tasks. Depending on the customer's requirements, ...

robotic loading cell / machine unloading / machining center
robotic loading cell

The Baumann feed|box is a flexible robotic platform for automated loading and unloading tasks of machining centers and injection molding machines. Parts can be loaded directly or indirectly into the tooling nest. The ...

robotic depalletizing cell / palletizing / carton
robotic depalletizing cell

... containers and trailers as well as high cube containers, and the machine can with advantage form part of the following: Robot palletizing Sorter systems Miniload storage or other fully automated storage equipment

robotic palletizing cell / for production
robotic palletizing cell

The Palletizing Cells STP-1250 is available in 3 models according to load requirements 100, 250 and 400 kg. There is a version designed for ice cream production lines or frozen food (-30 ° C). This ...

robotic loading cell / machine unloading / for small parts
robotic loading cell
BRB 700

Kamatech's BRB 700 Systems are part of the company's product line of robotic island devices. These systems feature primary robotic arms that are guided by camera deals with the disc's loading stage. They ...

robotic test cell / joining / for CNC machines
robotic test cell

... equipment on the bench for a zero time equipment change owing to the CNC bench. - Manual or automatic load also from line or robot. - Electric and pneumatic integrated circuit within the structure for easy handling. Applications - ...

robotic test cell / joining / for production
robotic test cell

This lineup of robot inclined automated systems for installation are engineered and manufactured by CIA for production lines that have a rather low production rate, but where constant installation and superior versatility ...

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C.I.A. Automations and Robotics
robotic finishing cell / for grinding machines
robotic finishing cell

... of components requiring processing, there are robot-based automated solutions available with the following variations: a robot manipulating the part with the tools being kept stationary, and with a robot ...

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C.I.A. Automations and Robotics
robotic dosing cell / two-component / foam
robotic dosing cell
DC-RS 250

The slimline DC-RS 250 robot dispensing cell with the KUKA KR6 R900 is small and versatile. It is used to process 2-component materials. 600 mm wide with a max. part width of 350 mm Ideal for lean manufacturing ...

AFP robotic cell / automatic fiber placement / for aeronautical applications
AFP robotic cell

... worldwide maintenance. > The robot head has been developed and intensively optimised by Coriolis Composites during a ten year research program. It weighs less than 50 kg due to the maximal payload of robots. ...

robotic dosing cell / brazing paste / structural glazing
robotic dosing cell

robotic bending cell / sheet
robotic bending cell

The robot-operated bending cells is a highly automated system where the robot picks up the sheet to be worked from a loading area, accompanies it throughout the bending process, and deposits ...

robotic loading cell / machine unloading / bottle
robotic loading cell
RED series

... blocks in carrier pallets along with layers of caskets in the oneological market. These robots are engineered for all kinds of applications which need a robotic solution rather than the traditional ...

robotic depalletizing cell / palletizing / bottle
robotic depalletizing cell
max. 5 p/min, max. 500 lb | MasterPal

The MasterPal uses a technology system, with a patent to cater complete layers of product in a maximum weight of 500 lbs. It is suitable for palletizing or depalletizing of virtually all load types in a maximum of 5 layers per minute. ...

robotic finishing cell / for medical equipment
robotic finishing cell

Hammond Roto-Finish has been integrating robotic systems since 1988. Our Robotic Finishing Cells serve a variety of industries ranging from aerospace to medical to automotive and everything ...

robotic packaging cell / pick-and-place / for packaging
robotic packaging cell
RCP series

The RCP packaging robot is at the top of its category for reliability, flexibility and efficiency. The system is based on a strong Pick & Place arm driven by brushless motors with the most advanced motion control technology ...

robotic packaging cell / pick-and-place / food
robotic packaging cell
RCFP series

The RCFP monoblock combines the performance of an RCP Pick & Place robot with a compact case erector available with tape or hot-melt glue bottom sealing. The typical applications of the RCFP Pick & Place monoblock are ...

robotic polishing cell / for grinding machines
robotic polishing cell

... finishing of different pieces, even totally automated small batches with several hours of unatended operation. The modular cell includes robot, belt-grinding units, polishing units and parts magazine.

robotic loading cell / CNC machine unloading / for CNC machines
robotic loading cell
max. ø 36 mm | AF70

Principle: The loading head is equipped with a double gripper system for parallel loading and unloading. The loading movements are performed by CNC-axes. The parts feeding may be performed by 3 different methods, according to the application, ...

robotic surfacing cell / for grinding machines
robotic surfacing cell

... equipped with 3 grinding units, and loading or unloading system, integrated with a rotary multi-plane table. The device is a robotic system unified with a vision system, suitable for use in the grinding of gunstocks. ...

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robotic loading cell / machine unloading / for grinding machines
robotic loading cell

The W028 model is a loading robotic cell developed by ARCOS SRL. It uses an automatic loading and unloading system and an offline programming system. This cell is specifically ...

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robotic loading cell / machine unloading / for production
robotic loading cell

The integration of the 4 or 6 axle robot in the basket filling and emptying area allows for greater production with greater safety and movement precision with rigid, semi-rigid and flexible containers. Fully automatic. The ...

robotic depalletizing cell / palletizing / for glass bottles
robotic depalletizing cell

Automatically palletizes and depalletizes tins and glass bottles. Separators automatically inserted and removed. Containers enter and exit on auxiliary table and conveyor.