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loading robotic cell - ROBOCUP

The Robocup is a CNC stone router contouring machining center with suction cups from Breton. The device is equipped with spindles that automatically select the double acting suction cups, and...

loading robotic cell - ROBOCUP

In the field of robotics cell, C.O.S.M.A.P is considered the best. The grinding units of C.O.S.M.A.P that combines with the robot, comprises of importnat features like the ability to equip...

loading robotic cell - ROBOCUP

The machine provides picking up, and placing the products in a predetermined position. The unit is utilized in determining the collecting position, as well as positioning...

loading robotic cell - ROBOCUP

Thanks to the use of an anthropomorphic robot, WOODPECKER:
Resolves of all issues related to the use of wooden pallets in production, during the handling with...

loading robotic cell - ROBOCUP

Automatic grinding cells introduces the highest level of productivity and reliability in various component. It is embedded...

loading robotic cell - ROBOCUP

The main advantages are numerous:

- The capacity to conform to the geometrical differences of pieces that are obtained with foundry or stamping processes and, therefore,...

dosing robotic cell / silicone / adhesive - ZYX series

It is a robotized system working on 3 interpolated and programmable axis (X-Y-Z), conceived for industrial automation with Z axis control for product distribution even at different depths.
The product can be distributed by drops, lines,...

dosing robotic cell / silicone / adhesive - ZYX series

The Load Cell Line guarantees that only perfect, first-class wafers are loaded into the cell processing line. For this purpose, the wafers are checked contact-free and on-the-fly for the requisite quality criteria...

dosing robotic cell / silicone / adhesive - ZYX series

The Glass Loader withdraws the glass plates and the protective paper by means...

loading robotic cell - RIO

The RIO Robotic Input-Output buffer is a portable pack-in/pack-out system for automotive part handling and other applications. Base supply includes engineering and manufacturing for most gripper tooling, plus electrical controls programming for the vision-guided robot. Standard RIO comes at an attractive base price $15,000 USD* below similar products in its class. Unlike...

robotic cell - max. ø 80 mm | Cyberpolish 600 Series

With abrasive tools and the adaptable logistic this machine is able to carry out all kinds of finishing by belt-grinding, polishing, and finishing.

Cyberpolish 600 Series was developed especially for applications inside the domain of Watch industry, Electronics, Medical industry, Armatures and...

robotic cell - ROBOGRIND

Robotised grinding cells

With ROBOGRIND range, MAUS has leveraged all of its years of experience in the sector, applying its expertise to robots that can manipulate either the part being processed or the tool carrying out the processing operation.

The company’s...

robotic cell - SAM AUTO

Globalisation demands that evergreater attention be focused on the reduction of cost - an objective that can be reached to the automation of the processes of forming, the production of cores and other and other...

robotic cell - SAM HYBRID

Certain foundry parts need multiple operations to be carried out, from the cutting of risers to internal and external grinding. This variety...

loading robotic cell - BRB 700

Kamatech's BRB 700 Systems are part of the company's product line of robotic island devices....

robotic cell - IR

Hammond Roto-Finish has been integrating robotic systems since 1988. Our Robotic Finishing Cells serve a variety of industries ranging from aerospace to medical to automotive and everything...

robotic cell - IR

High-tech installation for deburring, belt-grinding and polishing complex pieces (water fittings, door...

loading robotic cell - max. ø 36 mm | AF70

The loading head is equipped with a double gripper system for parallel loading and unloading. The loading movements...

robotic cell - CRE series

MEPSA robotic cells are specially designed for grinding faucets bodies and bathroom fittings, with higher productivity...

robotic cell - CRP series

Simple robotic cell for polishing and brightening faucets bodies and bathroom fittings. MEPSA robotic cells are specially designed to optimize the grinding of sanitary faucets bodies...

robotic cell - CREP416F STORE 600

Robotic cell specially...

robotic cell - CRPF 2 200

Simple robotic cell for polishing and brightening...

loading robotic cell - 2 400 x 2 000 mm

Automatic production line with robots to prepare the material, to load and to unload the press...

robotic cell - 1160 mm | MECAPOL AUTOMATIC 330

AUTOMATIC 330 is a new generation of computer controlled robot operated preparation system, which removes manual operations...

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