Robotic cells

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Robotic cells
laboratory dosing robotic cell / silicone / adhesive - ZYX series

It is a robotized system working on 3 interpolated and programmable axis (X-Y-Z), conceived for industrial automation with Z axis control for product distribution even at different depths.
The product can be distributed by drops, lines,...

robotic cell - max. ø 80 mm | Cyberpolish 600 Series

With abrasive tools and the adaptable logistic this machine is able to carry out all kinds of finishing by belt-grinding, polishing, and finishing.

Cyberpolish 600 Series was developed especially for applications inside the domain of Watch industry, Electronics, Medical industry, Armatures and...

robotic cell - max. ø 80 mm | Cyberpolish 600 Series

The Load Cell Line guarantees that only perfect, first-class wafers are loaded into the cell processing line. For this purpose, the wafers are checked contact-free and on-the-fly for the requisite quality criteria...

robotic cell - max. ø 80 mm | Cyberpolish 600 Series

The Glass Loader withdraws the glass plates and the protective paper by means...

loading robotic cell - 2 400 x 2 000 mm

Automatic production line with robots to prepare the material, to load and to unload the press...

loading robotic cell - 2 400 x 2 000 mm

High-tech installation for deburring, belt-grinding and polishing complex pieces (water fittings, door...

robotic cell - CRE series

MEPSA robotic cells are specially designed for grinding faucets bodies and bathroom fittings, with higher productivity...

robotic cell - CRP series

Simple robotic cell for polishing and brightening faucets bodies and bathroom fittings. MEPSA robotic cells are specially designed to optimize the grinding of sanitary faucets bodies...

robotic cell - CREP416F STORE 600

Robotic cell specially...

robotic cell - CRPF 2 200

Simple robotic cell for polishing and brightening...

loading robotic cell - max. ø 36 mm | AF70

The loading head is equipped with a double gripper system for parallel loading and unloading. The loading movements...

loading robotic cell - max. ø 36 mm | AF70

Hammond Roto-Finish has been integrating robotic systems since 1988. Our Robotic Finishing Cells serve a variety of industries ranging from aerospace to medical to automotive and everything...

loading robotic cell - GL-5

Available standardized or custom gantry loading / unloading...

loading robotic cell - GTS

Loading / Unloading systems


loading robotic cell - GTS

A world absolute innovation.
New combined robotic cell...

loading robotic cell - GTS

Sound-proof cell forhandles and...

loading robotic cell - GTS

6 tapes robotized...

robotic cell - IR

Highly flexible coating of parts with complex geometries: The Sprimag Robotic Coating Cell

The Sprimag Robot Coating Cell is suitable for high performance and top quality coating of parts in medium quantities. The range of products may be 3-D plastic parts or other parts with complex geometries such as automotive accessories, automotive interior...

robotic cell - 1160 mm | MECAPOL AUTOMATIC 330

AUTOMATIC 330 is a new generation of computer controlled robot operated preparation system, which removes manual operations...

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