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graphite seal / aramid / composite - max. 100 bar, -250 °C ... +550 °C | SIGRAFLEX®

Graphite gaskets

The graphite gaskets have the renowned and established SIGRAFLEX®-qualities by SGL Carbon.
Probably the most...

graphite seal / aramid / composite - max. 160 bar, -250 °C ... +550 °C | SIGRAFLEX®

Further development of established SIGRAFLEX Universal, with TA-Luft-approval...

aramid seal / graphite / composite - max. 160 bar, -200 °C ... +600 °C | SIGRAFLEX®

The base material SIGRAFLEX® Hochdruck is fitted with an...

aramid seal / graphite / composite - max. 160 bar, -200 °C ... +300 °C | SIGRAFLEX®

Core of this gasket consists of a graphite seal with stainless steel insert.The gasket is covered...

thin seal / PTFE - 50 MPa, 200 °C | KLINGERtop-chem-2000

Ultimate chemical resistance and mechanical durability combined in one material.
The PTFE-gasket, which does not flow: merely 1,6% thickness loss at a surface pressure of 50 MPa and a temperature of 200°C!
PTFE with a special chemical resistant pressure and temperature-stable filler.

Maximum chemical resistance...

thin seal / chemical-resistant - KLINGERtop-chem-2003

Maximum chemical resistance and tightness even with low surface pressure.

This product is characterised by...

thin seal / chemical-resistant - KLINGERtop-chem-2005

Good value introduction into the KLINGERtop-chem-class.

High resistance against strong...

thin seal / chemical-resistant - KLINGERtop-chem-2006

Good value introduction into KLINGERtop-chem-class.

High resistance against strong...

fiber seal - Quantum

A new era in gasket technology

KLINGER Quantum is the first fibre-reinforced...

metallic seal - novaform ® GB

novaform ® GB - Metal Bead Gaskets

Metal bead gaskets become more and more important as secondary gaskets in engine construction and for compressors.
Frenzelit is specialised...

fiber seal - novaform ® FSD

novaform ® FSD - Silk Screen Gaskets

novaform ® FSD is the name for Frenzelit´s range of silk screen gaskets. They are mainly used for applications where with low bolt pressures a reduction of surface leakage is required....

metallic seal - novaform ® FDV

novaform ® FDV - Dispenser Gaskets

Gasket systems with the name „novaform ® FDV“ are made with dispenser technology. The dispenser...

thin seal - novapress ® series

novapress ®

Rubber-bonded gasket materials made...

graphite seal / aramid / composite - novatec ® series

novatec ®

The unique material combinations from graphite and Kevlar ®, tailor-made for the...

graphite seal / aramid / composite - novatec ® series

Hydraulic cylinders are being used in mechanical applications where reciprocating forces and movements are needed. Sealing element is one...

graphite seal / aramid / composite - novatec ® series

- Custom moulded...

graphite seal / aramid / composite - novatec ® series

Orings,Back-up Rings,Cover...

graphite seal / aramid / composite - novatec ® series

Sealing elements are designed for the pressurized gas not to pass to the un-pressurized side in pneumatic...

graphite seal / aramid / composite - novatec ® series

Seats and ball joints are used in the aerospace industry, in concrete and in helicopters. Both pieces are used to inclinate the rotor blade in the helicopter. Those parts are subjected to a very...

hydraulic seal -

Seal Science designs and manufactures rod seals, piston seals, wipers, scrapers, and sealing systems for industrial hydraulic actuators and valves. These include the range from O-Rings and Urethane U-Cups to PTFE/O-Ring combinations and Spring Seals....

hydraulic seal -

Seal Science designs , machines, and molds pneumatic seals for static, reciprocating and rotary applications. It's quite possible that one of the designs in our PolyKing™...

toroidal seal - Mil-Spec

The requirement for low coefficients of friction, less than .08, temperatures ranging from -300F to +550F, pressures in excess of 5000 psi, the need to seal a corrosive acid .....These are the typical kinds of...

shaft seal - -450 °F ... +540 °F, max. 120000 psi

From a standard Polyking™ U-Cup to a seal that will withstand liquid hydrogen at temperatures ranging from -450F to 540F, or one that will hold up...

piston seal - -65 °F ... +200 °F

In situations where temperatures range from -65F to + 200F a polyurethane seal is often the most economical and best design...

rod seal - 450 bar, -35 °C ... +100 °C | TDI series

The Hunger TDI tandem seal for inside sealing is a
piston rod seal.
It can be used with mineral oils and in modifi ed form
with water base fl uids, fi re resistant fl uids and compressed
The TDI seal consists of 2 parts, an...

rod seal - 300 bar, max. 80 °C | EVD series

The EVD Externally Adjustable Sealing System is a
revolution in the fl uid sealing technology. The patented
system provides for the fi rst time the possibility of externally
adjusting and infl uencing the sealing function and
frictional behaviour of...

rod seal - 360 bar, -35 °C ... +100 °C | TDT series

The Hunger tandem seal type TDT is designed for use
with telescopic cylinders. It can be used with mineral
oils or compressed air.
The TDT seal is manufactured in PUR and has two
sealing lips on the inside. Prior to fitting, these lips
protrude beyond the nominal diameter of the seal. Following

rod seal - 250 bar, -35 °C ... +100 °C | NDT series

The Hunger NDT lip seal is an addition to the TDT...

rod seal - 250 bar, -35 °C ... +100 °C | TDMI series

The Hunger TDMI tandem seal for multi-fluid inside
sealing applications, is used to seal piston rods and
plungers. It can be used with mineral oils and in modified
form with water base fluids, fire resistant fluids
and compressed air.

graphite seal / metal - RINGSDORFF®

Brazing and Glass-to-Metal Sealing Jigs
Sealing Jigs for Brazing and Glass-to-Metal Made of RINGSDORFF® Graphite

Graphite jigs are used in the production...

EMI shielding seal / conductive fabric over foam - 2400 Series

Tech-Etch RoHS compliant metalized nylon fabric over polyurethane foam core gaskets are setting a new standard for EMI shielding control. Nickel-plating over a highly conductive copper plated substrate provides...

EMI shielding seal / conductive fabric over foam - 2600 Series

Tech-Etch manufactures custom designed EMI shielding gaskets using 2600 Series metalized fabric wrapped around a polyurethane foam core and low cost rule-dies. The conductive...

EMI shielding seal / conductive fabric over foam - 2700 Series

2700 Series Conductive Foam is an X, Y, Z axis conductive foam that consists of conductive open cell polyurethane foam, with a nickel over copper plated polyester fabric on either side. The fabric is woven on one side and non-woven on the other. RoHS...

EMI shielding seal / rubber / conductive - 4000 Series

Multishield is a composite material containing excellent EMI shielding with an efficient...

EMI shielding seal / rubber / conductive - 5000 Series

Monoshield is intended for applications where the gasket is limited to 0.02 in. thickness and gap irregularities do not exceed 0.003 in. The material consists of a fine monel...

EMI shielding seal - GS2100 series

The GS2100 Series of GORE® Shielding Materials consists of a conductive, adhesive backed, EMI gasketing material that is...

EMI shielding seal / conductive - GS500 series

The GS500 Series of GORE® EMI Shielding Materials is a conductive, adhesive backed, EMI shielding material that is moderately...

EMI shielding seal / conductive - GS5200 series

The GS5200 Series of GORE® EMI Shielding Materials consists of highly conductive, adhesive backed, EMI gasketing material...

EMI shielding seal - GS8000 series

The GS8000 Series of GORE® EMI Shielding Materials improves package design flexibility without compromising the electrical performance of the device. These highly compressible materials are specifically engineered to maintain consistent conductivity through a wide working range (see Figure 1 and Figure...

EMI shielding seal / conductive - SMT series

The Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) Series of GORE® EMI Shielding Materials combines unsurpassed conductivity with the convenience of SMT-compatible format. These conformable materials are engineered to maintain consistent contact and low DC resistance. Unlike the traditional designs of pogo pins and...

extruded seal / self - 43307249

A silicone rubber strip for frame or casement.
Suitable in metal or steel constructions.

extruded seal / self - 43307249

Self-adhesive EPDM cellular rubber

Crown strip
Consists of a complete range of joint tapes approved
for use in a number of applications.

extruded seal / self - 43307249

Trelleborg Glazing strip is designed for factory glazing
in machined grooves. The glazing strip...

seal - KT series

Joint strip
Joint strip is used in expansion joints in accordance
with the materials description in Swedish building

seal - KT series

Sill seal
The sill seal takes up movements in joints and
construction elements. This seal provides weather
proofing and thermal insulation. The shape of the

seal - KT series

Trelleborg has unrivalled expertise in seal design and elastomer technology, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of...

seal - KT series

Wind energy as a power source is favored as an alternative to fossil fuels, as it is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean and produces lower greenhouses gas emissions.

More and more large scale wind farms are installed in the...

seal - KT series

Our edge protector manufacturing facility currently turns out more than 600,000 meters of profile a month. Flexible edge protectors thus play a major role in HAPPICH’s profile business.

The programme offers a wide selection of clamping ranges, colours (PVC) and cross-sections. Though they can be used in numerous...

shaft seal - VI series

The seal usually employed in a stationery manner, i.e. with a rotating shaft. Care should be taken...

shaft seal - VA series

At low peripheralspeeds and very good – if possible, lapped – mating surfaces, it can also be used with liquids.

shaft seal - DI series

Axial shaft seal with internal sealing lip, for use with liquids under high pressure....

EMI shielding seal / conductive - WE-LT


* Conductive fabrics with Ni/Cu-layer. A PU sponge core (elastomer) covered with electro conductive fabric
* Square profile offers a larger bearing surface and...

inflatable seal - Pneuma-Seal

Typical applications include:
FIBC Bulk Bag Loading/Unloading Inflatable Seal
Drum Filling Inflatable Seal
Airframe Component...

inflatable seal - Pneuma-Cel

Pneuma-Cel bladder clamps provide a different way to handle common clamping and actuating needs. Constructed of a high quality, durable EPDM rubber, Pneuma-Cel bladder clamps...

custom seal - ePFE

Pawling EP has developed a unique, elastomeric technology which combines the benefits of perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)...

custom seal - ePFE

Since 1945, we have developed thousands of custom seals, bumpers, and tubing for many specialty applications. Our wide availability of materials (from TPE's, organic rubbers,...

inflatable seal - CVI series

A new line of inflatable seal compounds that meet US Pharmacopoeia (USP) Class VI certification is now available. The CVI™ Series meets the specific needs of pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers who seek the assurance of USP Class VI...

inflatable seal - CVI series

Kemtron conductive filled silicone EMC shielding seal is an assembly of extruded profiles. This...

inflatable seal - CVI series

Kemtrons experience in the manufacture of Orings is vast, our preferred method of production is extruded and jointed. We have a huge...

inflatable seal - CVI series

Using economic rule dies, flat gaskets are made from molded sheets and larger gaskets can be cut from fabricated or molded picture frames. This option enables larger gaskets to be produced economically while saving material. The...

seal - ø 1.5 mm

Kemtron knitted wire mesh is designed with an elastomer-based core. It integrates neoprene and silicone...

seal - ø 1.5 mm

This device fabricated by Kemtron, is their knitted wire mesh EMI...

EMI shielding seal - max. 25 x 25 mm | 7400 series

Ultra Soft Shield 7400 is an HF shielding gasket with high shielding performance and extremely...

EMI shielding seal / conductive fabric over foam - max. 50 x 12 mm | 6800 series

Amucor Shield 6800 is an economical HF gasket which can be supplied in a wide range of dimensions. It is very effective in combination with zinc-plated steel and aluminium constructions....

EMI shielding seal - max. 50 x 12 mm | 7000 series

Standard Shield 7000 series is an economical HF shielding gasket which can be supplied in a wide range of dimensions. It is very effective in combination with...

L-shaped cross-section seal / EMI shielding / waterproof - 3 - 20 mm | 7500 series

Holland shielding systems B.V. has developed this L-shaped gasket to make an efficient combined seal for doors and lids. This L-shaped gasket is used to achieve two goals at once....

EMI shielding seal / miniature - max. 4 x 6 mm | 1400 series

This is a very small EMI/RFI-shielding gasket, used for EMI/RFI shielding on for example on PCB's, smartphones and other applications where little space is available.

Miniature EMI/RFI shield (1400 serie Miniature shield)


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