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agitator seal - max. 5 bar, -30 °C ... +175 °C | AD510, AD520 series

Dry running
Single seal
Independent of direction of rotation


compressor seal - max. 1.2 barg, -20 °C ... +120 °C | CSR series

Lift-off type barrier seal
Ready-to-fit cartridge unit

Lift-off type carbon ring seals feature very low gas consumption...

compressor seal - max. 5 bar, -20 °C ... +200 °C | NF941 series


Single seal with double seal function
Non-contacting from static to high...

compressor seal - max. 10 bar, -50 °C ... +450 °C | TDGS series


Uni-directional or bi-directional
Ready-to-fit cartridge unit
Single seal available


compressor seal - max. 10 bar, -20 °C ... +50 °C | CobaSeal® series


Aerostatic lift-off
Ready-to-fit cartridge unit

The revolutionary oil barrier / separation seal. CobaSeal, the oil barrier/separation seal for Dry Gas Seals, is a co-axial gas lubricated seal, which eliminates all disadvantages of existing systems such as labyrinths used currently in...

O-ring seal - ø 1/8 - 2

Product TUBE O.D. Material I.D. W WIDTH
4000-02 1/8 Buna-N 0.239 0.064
4000-03 3/16 Buna-N 0.301 0.064
4000-04 1/4 Buna-N 0.351 0.072
4000-05 5/16 Buna-N 0.414 0.072
4000-06 3/8 Buna-N 0.468 0.078
4000-08 1/2 Buna-N 0.644 0.087
4000-10 5/8 Buna-N 0.755 0.09...

rubber seal - 12930

Made of BUNA-N 70 durometer...

rubber seal - 12930

Bal Seal originally developed the spring-energized PTFE seal to meet cryogenic requirements in the aerospace industry....

rubber seal - 12930

Rotary shaft seals with PTFE seal-
ing lips are sealing elements -
ready for assembly - which...

rubber seal - 12930

Spring-energized seals are single-
acting sealing elements primarily
used for sealing reciprocating

rubber seal - 12930

memory packings are single-
acting sealing elements with excel-
lent sliding properties. They are
used primarily for sealing...

rubber seal - 12930

type MRA and MRI are double-acting composite seals. They are primarily
used with alternating directions of pressure (e.g. piston seals).
type SRI and SRA are single-acting composite seals. They have proven to
be particular...

rubber seal - 12930

No stick-slip even with low sliding
Extremely low breakaway forces
even after prolonged downtimes
Low wear and...

shaft seal - VI series

The seal usually employed in a stationery manner, i.e. with a rotating shaft. Care should be taken...

shaft seal - VA series

At low peripheralspeeds and very good – if possible, lapped – mating surfaces, it can also be used with liquids.

shaft seal - DI series

Axial shaft seal with internal sealing lip, for use with liquids under high pressure....

flange seal / liquid - 1200 series

It is a liquid material that seals various types of...

hydraulic seal -

Seal Science designs and manufactures rod seals, piston seals, wipers, scrapers, and sealing systems for industrial hydraulic actuators and valves. These include the range from O-Rings and Urethane U-Cups to PTFE/O-Ring combinations and Spring Seals....

hydraulic seal -

Seal Science designs , machines, and molds pneumatic seals for static, reciprocating and rotary applications. It's quite possible that one of the designs in our PolyKing™...

O-ring seal - Mil-Spec

The requirement for low coefficients of friction, less than .08, temperatures ranging from -300F to +550F, pressures in excess of 5000 psi, the need to seal a corrosive acid .....These are the typical kinds of...

shaft seal - -450 °F ... +540 °F, max. 120000 psi

From a standard Polyking™ U-Cup to a seal that will withstand liquid hydrogen at temperatures ranging from -450F to 540F, or one that will hold up...

piston seal - -65 °F ... +200 °F

In situations where temperatures range from -65F to + 200F a polyurethane seal is often the most economical and best design...

piston seal - -65 °F ... +200 °F

Seats and ball joints are used in the aerospace industry, in concrete and in helicopters. Both pieces are used to inclinate the rotor blade in the helicopter. Those parts are subjected to a very...

extruded seal / self-adhesive - 43307249

A silicone rubber strip for frame or casement.
Suitable in metal or steel constructions.

extruded seal / self-adhesive - 43307249

Self-adhesive EPDM cellular rubber

Crown strip
Consists of a complete range of joint tapes approved
for use in a number of applications.

extruded seal / self-adhesive - 43307249

Trelleborg Glazing strip is designed for factory glazing
in machined grooves. The glazing strip...

seal - KT series

Joint strip
Joint strip is used in expansion joints in accordance
with the materials description in Swedish building

seal - KT series

Sill seal
The sill seal takes up movements in joints and
construction elements. This seal provides weather
proofing and thermal insulation. The shape of the

seal - KT series

Trelleborg has unrivalled expertise in seal design and elastomer technology, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of...

seal - KT series

Wind energy as a power source is favored as an alternative to fossil fuels, as it is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean and produces lower greenhouses gas emissions.

More and more large scale wind farms are installed in the...

rod seal - 450 bar, -35 °C ... +100 °C | TDI series

The Hunger TDI tandem seal for inside sealing is a
piston rod seal.
It can be used with mineral oils and in modifi ed form
with water base fl uids, fi re resistant fl uids and compressed
The TDI seal consists of 2 parts, an...

rod seal - 300 bar, max. 80 °C | EVD series

The EVD Externally Adjustable Sealing System is a
revolution in the fl uid sealing technology. The patented
system provides for the fi rst time the possibility of externally
adjusting and infl uencing the sealing function and
frictional behaviour of...

rod seal - 360 bar, -35 °C ... +100 °C | TDT series

The Hunger tandem seal type TDT is designed for use
with telescopic cylinders. It can be used with mineral
oils or compressed air.
The TDT seal is manufactured in PUR and has two
sealing lips on the inside. Prior to fitting, these lips
protrude beyond the nominal diameter of the seal. Following

rod seal - 250 bar, -35 °C ... +100 °C | NDT series

The Hunger NDT lip seal is an addition to the TDT...

rod seal - 250 bar, -35 °C ... +100 °C | TDMI series

The Hunger TDMI tandem seal for multi-fluid inside
sealing applications, is used to seal piston rods and
plungers. It can be used with mineral oils and in modified
form with water base fluids, fire resistant fluids
and compressed air.

thin seal / PTFE - 50 MPa, 200 °C | KLINGERtop-chem-2000

Ultimate chemical resistance and mechanical durability combined in one material.
The PTFE-gasket, which does not flow: merely 1,6% thickness loss at a surface pressure of 50 MPa and a temperature of 200°C!
PTFE with a special chemical resistant pressure and temperature-stable filler.

Maximum chemical resistance...

thin seal / chemical-resistant - KLINGERtop-chem-2003

Maximum chemical resistance and tightness even with low surface pressure.

This product is characterised by...

thin seal / chemical-resistant - KLINGERtop-chem-2005

Good value introduction into the KLINGERtop-chem-class.

High resistance against strong...

thin seal / chemical-resistant - KLINGERtop-chem-2006

Good value introduction into KLINGERtop-chem-class.

High resistance against strong...

fiber seal - Quantum

A new era in gasket technology

KLINGER Quantum is the first fibre-reinforced...

O-ring seal / O-ring / ceramic - DN 500

This component is a mechanical seal that has a ceramic seal and counter rings. The...

O-ring seal / O-ring / ceramic - DN 500

Hydraulic cylinders are being used in mechanical applications where reciprocating forces and movements are needed. Sealing element is one...

O-ring seal / O-ring / ceramic - DN 500

- Custom moulded...

O-ring seal / O-ring / ceramic - DN 500

Orings,Back-up Rings,Cover...

O-ring seal / O-ring / ceramic - DN 500

Sealing elements are designed for the pressurized gas not to pass to the un-pressurized side in pneumatic...

O-ring seal / O-ring / ceramic - DN 500

An element forms a sealing function when it prevents the passage of a fluid from a one enclosure to another. Such elements are called Seals.

If the object is to prevent the flow of a fluid from an enclosure into a neighbouring enclosure. the seal...

O-ring seal / O-ring / ceramic - DN 500

The fluorocarbon seals previously with the suffix 83 now have the suffix 81.
Suffix 83 parts may be delivered until stocks are replaced with parts having the suffix 81.

liquid seal - 1100 series

Three Bond 1100 Series Liquid gaskets have been developed based on entirely different concept and leak-preventing theory from solid-sheet gaskets....

liquid seal - 1200 series

1200 Series silicone-based liquid gasket fills gaps on a flange surface and thus completely prevent leaks. When...

O-ring seal - Advancap™

The Advancap™ rod and piston seals are designed to provide a cost-effective cap seal solution that prevents extrusion and eliminates...

seal for aerospace applications - -62 °C ... +232 °C | Ener-Cap® II, Ener-Cap® II HP series

With Greene. Tweed's ACGTTV-HP/ACGTLT,,-HP seals extrusion gaps
and high pressures are no longer a challenge. The ACGT-HP is a
bidirectional design...

O-ring seal - Glidetec™

Greene, Tweeds Glidetec™ O-ring energized cap seal offers simplicity and low cost. Suitable...

rod seal - max. 550 bar (8000 psi) | Enerlip®, Enerlip HP series

Greene. Tweed s RSR* rod or pistor. seal features a specially
engineered elastomer profile that provides exceptional "dry rod*
sealing under dynamic conditions. The...

rod seal - -54 °C ... +232 °C (-65°F ... +450°F) | Ese

Generally used as a primary rod seal in dynamic tandem systems, Greene, Tweeds new ESE design is available for use in either one or two back-up gland widths. The ESE provides superior performance in tandem seal applications. Its unidirectional, self-venting design is complemented with a high modulus back-up ring that is installable...

rod seal - -54 °C ... +232 °C (-65°F ... +450°F) | Ese

Customised solutions for sophisticated...

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