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flexible shaft coupling - max. 26 800 Nm | POLY-NORM® series

The POLY-NORM® a type of coupling that is flexible with an axial plug-in design which is exceptionally short. It is a product that is best and recommendable...

flexible shaft coupling - max. 366 666, max. 9 200 rpm | LS, CS series

This Jaw In-Shear 6 Pin Coupling is designed with an special 6 pin locking system operating...

flexible shaft coupling / coupling maintenance-free - max. 72 480, max. 9 200 rpm | S-Flex series

This range of S-Flex Couplings come with an extensive list of features to include easy installation, maintenance and lubrication free, dampen vibrations and controls shock, dual engagement and torsionally soft. These S-Flex Couplings feature a simple design, which guarantees easy installation and...

flexible shaft coupling - max. 60 000, max. 10 000 rpm | Saga series

The Lovejoy Saga Coupling is a general purpose pre-compression type of coupling suitable for utilization in piston-driven devices or crushing units. The product has a reduced torsional...

flexible shaft coupling / coupling torque-measuring - max. 2 400 Nm | ROBA®-DSM

The ROBA®-DSM torque-measuring shaft coupling, designed according to the earlier backlash-free...

flexible shaft coupling - 0.25 - 1.6 kNm | TORFLEX

The Torflex has a torque range from 0.25 to 1.6kNm and is for bell housing needs. It is flexible and can run...

flexible shaft coupling - 0.63 - 20 kNm  l  ISS

The Integral Shaft Support from Vulkan Couplings has a torque from 0.63kNm to 20kNm and is for flexible...

flexible shaft coupling - 0.16 - 12.5 kNm | VULKARDAN L

Vulkardan L couplings from Vulkan Couplings are especially developed with advanced features to be used in various applications with cardan shafts. Cardan shafts are employed...

flexible shaft coupling - 5 - 120 kNm | METAFLEX

The Metaflex is a coupling from Vulkan that runs with torque ranges from 5.0kNm to 120kNm. It is used in wind turbines, industrial spaces and in many spots where engines and...

flexible shaft coupling / high-performance - max. 450000 Nm | H-CE series

H-CE couplings by METASTREAM® offers the smallest possible overhung issues and enhanced shrouding of the flexible bolts and elements. This structure renders a superb integrity coupling for almost all high speed and medium speed compressor drives. The H-CE hub/flex...

flexible shaft coupling / high-performance - max. 580000 Nm | H-FE series

Manufactured specifically to adapt accordingly to the integral shaft flanges on enormous gas and steam turbines, the H-FE couplings by METASTREAM® are factory-assembled transmission...

flexible shaft coupling / geared - 29 - 1 100 mm | KOP-FLEX® series

Emerson Kop-Flex provides the industry's highest variety of gear coupling products suitable for a broad range of applications.

KOP-FLEX® gear couplings provide several option in terms of...

flexible shaft coupling / geared - 1 300 - 84 000 Nm | Elign series

Elign gear couplings from Radicon are efficient and reliable coupling units able to deliver high torques ranging from 1,300Nm to 84,000Nm. These allow axial movement...

flexible shaft coupling - max. 64 kNm

Layrub couplings are manufactured by Twiflex Limited and features a design based on a range of twelve standard blocks. It is used to cover low to medium power ranges with a maximum torque rating of...

flexible shaft coupling - max. 64 kNm

The Laylink coupling employs pre-compressed rubber blocks but in a link type configuration. The links are arranged circumferentially between the driving and driven flanges.
The power and speed of the application is matched by selecting...

flexible shaft coupling - WK 5071 Series

The WK 5071 series is manufactured by Ringfeder, and is a shaft coupling which...

flexible shaft coupling - WK 5091 Series

The WK 5091 is a shaft coupling engineered by Ringfeder. It is suitable for use...

flexible shaft coupling - SMC Series

The SMC Series comprises of backlash-free shaft coupling. It comes with an extensive operating...

flexible shaft coupling - Reli-a-Flex™

The Reli-a-Flex Couplings offer exceptional torsional stiffness (without increasing bearing loads),...

flexible shaft coupling / anti-vibration - A5-04 series

The A.C.C.&S. Flexible shaft couplings and Nickel Bellows Couplings are ideally made for applications that demand highly-accurate measuring and servo-control devices. They have the capacity to easily...

flexible shaft coupling - 0,63 - 20,0 kNm

Integral Shaft Support

Torque range
from 0,63 kNm up to 20,0 kNm

Construction & Mining Industry, Material Handling, Special Applications

Besides the Vulkardan-L...

flexible shaft coupling / anti-vibration - 0.16 - 12.50 kNm | VULKARDAN L


Torque range
from 0.16 kNm up to 12.50 kNm

Material Handling, Energy, Iron & steel, Construction & Mining Industry, Oil & Gas

When the driven machine is not in line with the prime...

flexible shaft coupling / anti-vibration - RPX series

The RPX series is a vibration damping shaft coupling developed by Challenge Power Transmission....

flexible shaft coupling / high-performance - 6 - 13 000 Nm | KWK series

The KWK series are Inkocross-couplings which is a machine part for the transmittal...

flexible shaft coupling / anti-vibration - 1 - 409 Nm | EFK series

The INKOMA - EFK-coupling is a machine element to compensate misalignment of shafts transmitting torque.

The INKOMA - EFK-coupling provides the designer with a wide range of possibilities due to the variety of basic designs. EFK-couplings are positive, do not transmit...

flexible shaft coupling - BC series

OEP's BC Series of Block Couplings is commonly used to protect shaft-support bearings via delivery of reduced reactive forces, even under substantial misalignment. Models of the series exhibit zero backlash and comprehensive...

flexible shaft coupling - max. 630

Schmidt Flexible Couplings provide precision for slightly misaligned shafts and are designed to adapt to various drive conditions. This coupling uses precision sintered parts for the hubs which are connected to the shafts. The molded flexible...

flexible shaft coupling - 480 - 14 800 Nm | Periflex® CS series

Highly flexible rubber couplings
Torque range 480-14,800 Nm
Cardan shaft side in a range of metric sizes
ATEX certification
Function and...

flexible shaft coupling / miniature - 0.05 - 10 Nm | MK1 series

Hubs with DIN 916 radial set screw
and integral dismounting groove.

Temperature range:

-30° C to +110° C (-22° F to +230° F)

Fit tolerance:

On the hub/shaft connection 0.01 to 0.08 mm.

Service life:


flexible shaft coupling - max. 41 kNm | RB

Renold Hi-Tec RB general purpose, cost effective range of couplings, is manufactured in SG iron for torques up to 41kNm.

The Standard Range Comprises

Shaft to shaft
Shaft to shaft with increased shaft engagement
Flywheel to shaft
Flywheel to shaft with increased shaft engagement


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