Shaft couplings

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Flexible shaft coupling / maintenance-free

This range of S-Flex Couplings come with an extensive list of features to...

Flexible shaft coupling

The Lovejoy Saga Coupling is a general purpose...

Flexible shaft coupling

The Integral Shaft Support...

Flexible shaft coupling

Vulkardan L couplings from Vulkan Couplings...

Flexible shaft coupling

The Metaflex is a coupling from Vulkan that...

Deep groove shaft coupling

For connecting two shafts,...

Flexible shaft coupling

Vulkan's integral shaft supports (ISS) were developed...

Flexible shaft coupling / anti-vibration

The INKOMA – EFK coupling is a machine element that...

Flexible shaft coupling

The Laylink coupling was manufactured by Twiflex. It...

Flexible shaft coupling

The WK 5091 is a shaft...

Flexible shaft coupling

The SMC Series comprises...

Flexible shaft coupling / high-performance

Manufactured specifically to adapt accordingly...

How to choose this product


A shaft coupling, as its name indicates, is a mechanical device for transmitting rotational speed and torque from one rotating shaft to another. The two basic types are rigid and flexible shaft couplings.


Couplings are used in nearly every industrial domain.


There are both rigid and flexible shaft couplings, but only the latter are suitable for use with misaligned shafts. Flexible shaft couplings are further subdivided into torsionally elastic and rigid types.

How to choose

The three important factors to consider are the torque, the rotational speed and the shaft alignment the coupling must handle.

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