Shaft seals

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These Automotive V-Seals are mainly for slightly misaligned shafts. With its elastic and all rubber construct, they provide ease...


The Trelleborg Zurcon® Buffer Seal is an enhanced system seal providing leak-free performance and optimum...


This axial shaft seal, used in mineral oils, fats and water, has a sealing lip made...


The 2-/3-stage seal cartridge is a shaft seal, manufactured...


V-Seals can be used on an eccentric or slightly misaligned shaft. Made entirely of rubber, V-Seals are extremely easy to mount and can be slipped over the shaft and mounted against the counterface....


The CASS T1 simmerring cassette seals represent a highly reliable alternative for the un-hardened and un-grounded...

The Simmerring Cassette Seal Type 2 NBR model is utilized for support interlude...

This Simmerring Cassette Seal can be used to extend the lifespan of individual...

This unit is a seal that is appropriate for use in a wide variety of applications such as industrial gearboxes, etc. The...

The Simmerring MSS 7 from Simrit is incorporated with a wide array of specifications,...


The chasing sealing system has developed its sealing components for the drive shaft designed with thermoplastic...


More than 50 years HIRSCHMANN GMBH develops and produces innovative and field-proven Axial Shaft Seals..
Axial shaft seals find their application in various...


Split housing design
Multi-part seal rings, radially cut
Very small operation gap low leakage
Dry running
Self-adjusting seal rings
Seal rings bear radial shaft movements
Compensates axial shaft movements
No sealing...

Multi-part seal rings, radially cut
Split housing design
Very small operation gap - low leakage
Dry running
Self-adjusting seal rings
Compensation of radial and axial shaft deflections
No sealing components mounted on the shaft and hence no additional shaft vibrations

spey WKA700

Espey WKA700


PDF Data sheet

Chamber seal (modular design can be combined in any order), optional with housing and lid for screw compressors with one-part and horizontally split housing.

Very small operation gap low leakage
Dry running


Seals for sliding shafts

Width of the groove: E + 1 mm (for DL).
Operating parameters:
Maximum admissible pressure: 150 bars (for DL) ; 30 bars (for LIO. LEO)....


From a standard Polyking™ U-Cup to a seal that will withstand liquid hydrogen at temperatures ranging from -450F to 540F, or one that will hold up...


Rotary shaft seals with PTFE seal-
ing lips are sealing elements -
ready for assembly - which...


ASP are seals with completely rubber covered Outer Diameter. This type of seal is designed for pressures up to 0.5 MPa.

The additional dust lip protects the main sealing lip against dust and other fine solid...


Whenever a shaft rotates, it needs a bearing arrangement for smooth and effective operation. Wherever there is a bearing, you will always find a seal helping...

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