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Photodiode modules are high-precision photodetectors that integrate a Si photodiode and a current-to-voltage amplifier. The...

Si photodiodes are manufactured using advanced semiconductor process technologies. Diodes cover a wide spectral range starting from close to infrared to ultraviolet and expanding...

The Si APD range of photodiodes is designed to deliver high speed response as...


The Fairchild Photo Sensors is a state of the art product. Which features a silicon...


Appropriate with regard to reflow soldering
Particularly ideal for purposes out of 400 nm...

This product from OSRAM is used in industrial facilities with an excellent performance....


First Sensor delivers exceptionally engineered sensor solutions to high-profile applications. The company conceives specialized, state-of-the-art sensor solutions, adhering to specific customer requirements/preferences. They are highly efficient solution providers in OPTO and MEMS fields of operation.

The company develops...


VEMD6010X01 is a high speed and high sensitive PIN...


The Model 663-2 Silicon Photodiode Detector is a product engineered by McPherson is operated together with a thermoelectric cooler for stabilization or cooling, complete...

The Model 663-11 sandwich Si/InGaAs detector is a silicon/indium gallium arsenide (Si/InGaAs) detector that is repsonsive to UV, visible and NIR light. The unit is fitted with two color...

VUV Si Detector

* Large 10*10mm area
* Sensitive from 1 to 1000nm
* Isolated BNC signal output
* Easy NW40KF or McPherson flange mounting

Vacuum Ultraviolet...

Model 422 and 423 (UHV) Rotatable Photodiode Detector is a high vacuum, windowless, and rotatable mount for 10*10mm Silicon photodiode. It is designed to be Windowless Si diode for 1...


• Electrically isolated TO-46 package
• High speed, low capacitance
• Optimized for fiber optic applications using 50 to 200...

• Electrically isolated plastic cap package
• High speed, low capacitance
• Designed to self align in the 0.228 diameter bore of standard fiber optic
• Press...

• Component pre-mounted and ready for use
• Pre-tested with fiber to assure performance
• Popular...

Fea tures
·High speed, low capacitance
·Low cost conductive plastic recepticle

• Narrow receiving angle
• Enhanced temperature range
• Ideal for direct mounting in PC boards
• Fast switching...


PD-LD Inc. offers 2 sizes of standard Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) in several styles of fiber coupled packages....

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