Silicon photodiodes

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Si photodiodes are manufactured using advanced semiconductor process technologies. Diodes cover a wide spectral range starting from close to infrared to ultraviolet and...

photodiode silicon - BP series

Appropriate with regard to reflow soldering
Particularly ideal for purposes out of 400 nm...

photodiode silicon - KOM 2125

This product from OSRAM is used in industrial facilities with an excellent performance....

photodiode silicon - 5, 5b, 5t, 6, 6b, 7, Q series

First Sensor delivers exceptionally engineered sensor solutions to high-profile applications. The company conceives specialized, state-of-the-art sensor solutions, adhering to specific customer requirements/preferences. They are highly efficient solution providers in OPTO and MEMS fields of operation.

The company develops...

photodiode silicon - VEMD6010X01

VEMD6010X01 is a high speed and high sensitive PIN...

photodiode silicon - 200 - 1 100 nm | 663-2

The Model 663-2 Silicon Photodiode Detector is a product engineered by McPherson is operated together with a thermoelectric cooler for stabilization or cooling, complete...

photodiode silicon - 663-11

The Model 663-11 sandwich Si/InGaAs detector is a silicon/indium gallium arsenide (Si/InGaAs) detector that is repsonsive to UV, visible and NIR light. The unit is fitted with two color...

photodiode silicon - 1 - 1 000 nm

VUV Si Detector

* Large 10*10mm area
* Sensitive from 1 to 1000nm
* Isolated BNC signal output
* Easy NW40KF or McPherson flange mounting

Vacuum Ultraviolet...

photodiode silicon - 1 - 1 000 nm | 422, 423

Model 422 and 423 (UHV) Rotatable Photodiode Detector is a high vacuum, windowless, and rotatable mount for 10*10mm Silicon photodiode. It is designed to be Windowless Si diode for 1...

photodiode silicon - OPF420

• Electrically isolated TO-46 package
• High speed, low capacitance
• Optimized for fiber optic applications using 50 to 200...

photodiode silicon - OPF470

• Electrically isolated plastic cap package
• High speed, low capacitance
• Designed to self align in the 0.228 diameter bore of standard fiber optic
• Press...

photodiode silicon - OPF422

• Component pre-mounted and ready for use
• Pre-tested with fiber to assure performance
• Popular...

photodiode silicon - OPF792

Fea tures
·High speed, low capacitance
·Low cost conductive plastic recepticle

photodiode silicon - Type OP9QOSL

• Narrow receiving angle
• Enhanced temperature range
• Ideal for direct mounting in PC boards
• Fast switching...

photodiode silicon - Type OP9QOSL

PD-LD Inc. offers 2 sizes of standard Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) in several styles of fiber coupled packages....

photodiode silicon - Type OP9QOSL

These Planar diffused photodiodes are designed for either photoconductive (low capacitance, high speed applications) or photovoltaic operation...

photodiode silicon - QS series

The Fairchild Photo Sensors is a state of the art product. Which features a silicon...

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