Solid state lasers

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compensation laser / Nd YAG / for welding machines / solid state - 1 064 nm, 0.25 W | LW5AM

Miyachi Unitek LW5AM micro laser welding machine is capable of meeting the strict FDA process requirements which makes it ideal for long-term high-quality laser welding for medical equipment, surgical tools, implants and...

compensation laser / Nd YAG / solid state / for welding machines - 532 nm, 5W | LW5AG

The Green Micro Spot Laser Welder 5W is a non contact welding machine that features a micro weld conductive parts and real time power feed...

compensation laser / Nd YAG / solid state / for welding machines - LWY200, LWY300, LWY400, QAC&BACL

This machine adopts the pulse laser of 1064nm wavelength generated by the laser generator. The laser welding of this machine is fast and the efficiency is high. This machine can weld the materials that are difficult to be melted and can perform precise welding of micro miniature parts. Its exclusive laser technology can realize incomparable performances....

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