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Heated desiccant compressed air dryer (externally heated)
420 - 14 500 m³/h, max. 10 bar | DAV series BOGE

BOGE Adsorption Dryers

DAV Series
Externally heated regeneration with vacuum drying, complete with pre-filter and after-filter

Vacuum regenerated adsorption drying is the energy efficient solution for higher volumes of compressed air. Dewpoints to -70°C are possible!

Before entering the dryer, a BOGE ‘F’ series micro-filter removes solids and impurities from the compressed air to 0.01 mg/m3. In the drying tower, the desiccant media removes moisture from the air to a dewpoint of -40°C (standard models).

The parallel tower regenerates the wet desiccant bed. First it de-pressurises to atmosphere, simultaneously the vacuum pump begins to draw ambient air, that is pre-heated on entry, through the wet desiccant to complete the regeneration process.


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