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Heatless desiccant compressed air dryer
8 - 6 100 m³/h, 10 - 16 bar | DAZ series BOGE


  • Technology:

    heatless desiccant


BOGE DAZ Series Adsorption Dryers offer external heat regeneration with vacuum drying with pre-filter and post-filter. Heatless adsorption dryers with pressure dewpoints to -70 °C are suitable when D series refrigerant dryers with pressure dewpoints of +3 to +7°C cannot meet the requirements.

Once in the drying tower, the desiccant media will remove any moisture that is in the air to a dewpoint of -40°C. Paralleling moisture adsorption, the regeneration occurs in a second vessel. Complete and ready for use, which saves on installation and piping costs for pre-filters and after-filters (up to DAZ 160), the unit is robust, works on a flexible adsorption principle and offers maximum availability.


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