particle analyzer / emissions / for integration / automatic
QAL260 ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A Group)



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  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, real-time, manual, combustion


The QAL 260 series is suitable for measuring dust concentrations in Combustion, Incineration and other industrial stacks and is compliant with EN 14181. Having a 0-15 mg/m³ certification range, the QAL 260 sensor can be used at low or high dust levels. Due to dynamic ranging, the sensor is also suitable for much higher dust levels found in Power, Cement and Metals smelting processes.

ProScatter™ Backscatter sensor technology with superior minimum detection <1 mg/m³
Mounted on one side of the stack with no secondary light absorber or beam dump requirement: non-intrusive
Certified to 15 mg/m³ for processes with low typical emission limits
Manual and remote Zero and Span (reference) checks available to ensure optimal instrument performance and to comply with EN 13284/QAL1
Automatic Functionality Check – fully interrogates the optical system
Purge Flow Fail Sensor option with inbuilt automatic optical shield activation
PC-ME Dust Tools PC Software option to provide secure and powerful emissions reporting, real-time and historical data analysis