motor cogging test system

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motor cogging test system motor cogging test system - CTS


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With the CTS Cogging Test System, Magtrol is providing astand-alone test system to control and measure these importantparameters. The testing system includes a precision gearedmotor, 5000 pulses encoder, TM torque sensor and securityclutches to avoid system overload by mishandling when not inuse. The geared motor drives the MUT (Motor Under Test) at lowspeed of 1 to 10 rpm, while acquiring its cogging torque relatedto angle position. The torque measurement covers a range upto 200 mN∙m (depending on the selected torque sensor) with anaccuracy of ± 0.2 mN∙m (for TM 302 with 200 mN∙m of nominalrange). A executable software control the system realizing themeasurement and data acquisition. It provides accurate peakto-peak measurement of cogging torque and displays X-Y orpolar graphs as well as FFT analysis. It allows the storage ofthe measured data enabling to compare performance graphs byoverlaying up to 5 graphs. A cursor can be used to read accuratevalues from measurement points. Measured parameters can besaved under TXT files. For better accuracy and function control,the software includes a 0 offset adjustment routine which checktransducer signal over a complete turn (Test sample MUT notconnected to the system).As stand-alone system, the CTS only requires a 100 - 220 VACpower. USB interface allows direct connection to the PC onwhich the software is installed. It is mounted on a PT - 25 groovedbase on which the Magtrol AMF-1 motor fixture can be fitted.