Heavy-duty linear guide
GX, MX series Nadella

Linear guide systems for heavy loads

This family of Nadella products consists of linear guides for simple installation at reasonable cost yet able to support high loads, at high velocity and function reliably in aggressive environments. The most typical applications are in the foundry industry, steel fabrication equipment, metal stamping and transfer systems, automatic storage systems and material elevators among others. The family consists of rail designs GU, FS, FSH and GP. All are cold drawn solid bearing steel with induction hardened race surfaces that can be supplied both with sandblasted or ground surface treatment. Guide rollers are executed in ball, needle or tapered roller bearing designs to offer a wide range of load capacities at various price levels. Besides the guide rollers there is the family of carriages called Rolbloc. Rolbloc carriages, designed to be used with the trapezoidal profiled rails GU, are composed of a prismatical body in steel with one or two pairs of rollers, with a cylindrical outer ring, mounted with axes perpendicular between them. With Rolbloc carriages there is pure rolling, obtained with the trapezoidal profile of GU rail, that provides a well guided system. This design allows high duty-cycle performance under heavy load capacities, high speed and low noise. Rolbloc carriages are particularly suitable for moving very heavy loads with high acceleration, for foundry and other heavy industry applications.


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