N-PE surge arrester / type 1
max. 280 V, 50 kA | V 50-B series OBO Bettermann


  • Norms:

    type 1, N-PE


Combination arrestor set, lightning and surge arrestor Type 1+2 to DIN EN 61643-11 (B+C to VDE 0675 part 6).

For lightning protection equipotential bonding to VDE 0185-305 (IEC 62305)
Lightning current arresting capacity 12.5 kA (10/350) per pole and 50 kA (10/350) in total
Universally suitable for TN and TT systems
With new Multibase base with multi-connection terminals
Complete unit, consisting of cover and base, pre-mounted and ready for connection
arrestor, connectable with dynamic cut-off unit
With visual function display
Voltage protection level < 1,3 kV
Encapsulated, non-extinguishing zinc oxide varistor arrestor for use in distributor housings
Labelled connections

Application: Equipotential bonding in buildings, even those with external lightning protection of class III and IV, and in standard distributor housings.


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