Butt fusion welding machine
Ø 75 - 250 mm | DELTA DRAGON 250 B RITMO

Self-aligning hydraulic butt fusion machine, suitable for welding underpressure pipes for water, gas and other fluids up to Ø 250 mm.
Delta Dragon 250 B is able to weld fittings like elbows, tees, Y - branches and flanges necks.
Available in the 110 V and 230 V versions.

Job site self aligning hydraulic butt fusion machine
Working range: Ø 75 - 250 mm
Compact design for easy in ditch use
Machine body with two working position: inclined or horizontal
Electro-hydraulic unit
Electronic thermoregulator “Digital Dragon”
Milling cutter with safety micro switch
SMARTLock inserts
Lateral pipe lift aids in loading and unloading pipe


EASY LIFE gearbox
Tool for flange necks
Pipe roller kit
INSPECTOR data - logging
Machine trolley


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