Distribution transformer / dry
36 kV, 3.15 MVA | TTH series SEA

The TTH Transformers are dry transformers with air insulated MV windings. The percentage of insulation material in respect to the total weight of the transformer is really quite low; they should therefore be used as an alternative to the TTR resin transformers to subsequenty reduce the smoke hazard in case of fire.
Since 1975 SEA has been designing and producing this type of transformers so it can be considered between the leaders in this market share.
Due to the special feature of the TTH Transformers (insulation is mainly based on atmospheric air) the TTH Transformers should not be installed in polluted or dusty environments.

Standards Reference
The SEA Transformers are in compliance with the following Standards:
- IEC 60076-11
- CENELEC HD 464 - HD 538
On request (pls. contact our Technical or Sales Dept) the Transformers can be produced in compliance with other regulations or standards.

The standard catalogues cover up to 3150 kVA and 36 kV.
Our design and development capacity can satisfy the most varied needs (autotransformers, applications for converters, traction, test rooms, etc.) with powers up to
15MVA. Particularly convenient is the TTH solution when transformers are required with low voltage on both windings.
For any special request or need please do not hesitate to contact us.


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