frequency-to-current signal converter / DIN rail / galvanically-isolated / for Rogowski sensor
S201RC-LP | Rogowski coil converter SENECA | Automation Interfaces



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    DIN rail, galvanically-isolated, for Rogowski sensor


S201RC-LP is a loop powered converter suitable for ac current measurements coupled with Rogowski sensors. This converter is characterized by low consumption (<0.6 W) and works with a sensor that provides 100 mV/kA as output signal for TRMS measurements. The input scales are selectable as 250, 500, 1.000, 2.000, 4.000 A. S201RC-LP provides power surge protection, reverse polarity and damping filter (0.5 s / 1 s). The combined use with Rogowski sensor ensures good accuracy, shielding against electromagnetic noise and allows the user to cover applications with difficult access due to the non-intrusiveness measurement system. Typical applications of S201RC-LP are high current measurement of existing plants, load, power and consumption monitoring, laboratory measuring instruments and welding machines control.

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