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SUNY-ZFS400 U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited

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automatic PCB etching machine automatic PCB etching machine - SUNY-ZFS400


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Spray etching machine SUNY-ZFS400

1. Usage: realizing etching process of the circuit board processing through high pressure spraying;
2. Function characteristics: opening-cover detection function to better protect the operator not splashed by liquid; low liquid alarm function, preventing dry heating function, automatic constant temperature function, automatic regular alarm function;
3. Control system: high-performance ARM embedded processor + embedded operating system, human-computer interface: big screen color LCD screen + touch screen; In touch screen you can read electronic edition etching process manual; In touch screen you can play the circuit board design sketch after etching process
4. Maximum etching size: 400mm×300mm double-sided board
5. Etching mode: hanging double-sided spraying etching
6. Etching time: 5S~99M59S adjustable
7. Etching temperature: room temperature~55°C adjustable
8. Heating tube: 800W*2, titanium heating tube
9. Spray motor: 150W complete anticorrosive isolation pump
10. Optional configuration: Ethernet interface, realizing remote diagnosis, monitoring, booking open and close the machine and etc. through the wireless or local area network and the Internet, seamless connection with network management system and software, mating PCB network management software, providing long-term free upgrades service;
11. Dosage of etching liquid: 40L (standard)
12. Working power: AC220V/50Hz 1800W;
13. Overall dimension: length 800mm×width 400mm×height 813mm;
14. Net weight: 50KG.
PCB Double-sided PCB etching machine,Chemical etching machine/PCB making machine

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