Thermal mass flow meter / for gases
red-y compact regulator GCR Vögtlin Instruments – flow technology

Gas Flow Regulators & Switches with needle valve with high/low alarm

Alongside numerous other possible uses, the red-y compact becomes an affordable alternative to the traditional variable area flowmeters.
In addition to its independence from the mains supply the compact series offer a clear and accurate indication of flow, insensitive to pressure and temperature changes, an integrated manual control valve and configurable switch functions.

- First mass flow meter with battery power
- At least two years of autonomy
- CMOS sensor technology
- On-the-spot direct reading, including bar graph
- Extremely compact unit
- Insensitive to pressure and temperature changes
- High accuracy and turndown ratio
- No moving parts
- Resistant to pressure bumps
- No restriction on installation position
- No inlet section required
- Optional 24 Vdc supply, manual valve & switch
- 3-year warranty


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