socket fitting / straight / zinc
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  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Diameter:

    Min.: 0.38 in

    Max.: 2 in


In order to ensure secure electrical service in areas that
are exposed to water, oil, dirt and other contaminants, we
offer a full line of connectors and fittings that can be used
with liquid tight flexible metal conduits. The liquid tight
conduit fitting, otherwise known as the liquid tight conduit
connector is widely used for connection to flexible metallic
conduits and junction boxes. This liquid tight fitting is
available with a variety of angle fitting options, including
45° and 90°.
Specifications of Liquid Tight Conduit Fitting
Material and finish: Zinc alloy with zinc plated
Type: Straight, 45° and 90°
Trade size: 3/8” ~ 2”
Certifications: UL, EN (Straight fitting only)