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flexible air duct / textile / for heating
flexible air duct

INSULATED CIRCULAR AERTEX® textile ducts Dismountable double concentric duct system with independent thermal external finish. Considerable reductions in energy consumption levels Reduction ...

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Sinteco Impianti Srl
rigid air duct / galvanized steel / for ventilation / spiral
rigid air duct
90-1021- series

Diameter: 100 mm - 400 mm

... Spiral Duct Spiral Duct DN200 Manufactured from galvanised steel sheet Article no.: 90-1021-200 Details DN250 Spiral Duct Spiral Duct DN250 Manufactured from galvanised ...

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NORFI Absaugtechnik GmbH
flexible air duct / fabric / for ventilation / extraction
flexible air duct
J 1-7

Diameter: 38 mm - 406 mm

J 1-7 TPE FABRIC AIR HOSE I.D. 38 - I.D. 406 mm Hose wall thickness : 0.5 mm, Temperature Range :-20 °C up to +130 °C, short time to +150 °C. Applications: for welding gas extraction for air ...

flexible air duct / PVC / for ventilation
flexible air duct

Diameter: 125 mm

Technical specifications Diameters : 80, 100 and 125 mm. Joining at low pressure. Housing application . Duct made of a wall in PVC thickness 65 µm assembled on a helicoidal frame in steel wires. Length of 6 meters compressed ...

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flexible air duct / aluminum / extraction
flexible air duct

Diameter: 160 mm - 200 mm

... from 2.5 m to 100. It provides superior extraction efficiency, based on its designs and rail extraction trolley with optimised air resistance. The extraction unit is deliverable by hand, due to its weight and the bearing ...

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AFW Lufttechnik GmbH
flexible air duct / aluminum / for ventilation / thermally-insulated
flexible air duct

- T/L - Triple Lock Aluminum Flexible Duct - T/L-T - Insulated Aluminum Flex Duct - T/L-M - Triple Lock Thermal Duct - T/L-A-T/L - Triple Lock Acoustic Duct - T/L-A ...

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rigid air duct / for ventilation
rigid air duct
SK 3301.391

For a cold air supply to hubs fitted in the rear 482.6 mm (19") level.

rigid air duct / fabric / extraction
rigid air duct

... house, we recommend pressure relief in the form of a pressure duct. In the case of an arc fault in the system, the gases that result can simply be expelled from the switching house through the duct. A ...

flexible air duct / silicone / fume extraction / high-temperature
flexible air duct

High temperature silicone air duct hose is popular for brake cooling ducts due to its high temperature capability (maximum 500° F continuous / 600° F intermittent). This hose is extremely ...

corrugated air duct / plastic / metal / rubber
corrugated air duct

We offer you a wide range of OBD-capable air ducts and blow-by lines (for your crankcase ventilation) – including plastic corrugated tubing, hose piping in rubber and combinations of plastic and metal ...

flexible air duct / PP / EPDM / for ventilation
flexible air duct

Item Code: 178AA Air ducting - high temperature +120 °C (+248 °F) Construction: Black EPDM/PP fully recyclable and halogens/phthalates free Reinforcement: Steel helix wire Use: Hot air, gas, fumes ...

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Alfagomma France
flexible air duct / PVC / for ventilation / for heating
flexible air duct

Diameter: 52 mm - 800 mm

... circular, oval or rectangular connectors Using Areas : • Low and medium pressure heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning systems

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flexible air duct / PVC / spiral / flame-retardant
flexible air duct

Diameter: 12 mm - 62 mm

... APPLICATIONS • Residential and industrial installations • Infloor, wall mounted installations – Equipment manufacturing • Air Conditioning drainage • Connection with gland - Racor Courflex ® • Fits ...