Building materials mills

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jaw mill / vertical / concrete / for excavators
jaw mill
MINI series

... crushers for small compact excavators and loaders weighing 2000-13000lbs. The very low profile allows easy access inside buildings, difficult to reach working areas and narrow spaces. 360 degree free mechanical rotation ...

hammer mill / horizontal / for ore
hammer mill

Output: 800 kg/h

For the rapid reduction of core samples or lump ore of approximately 50 mm diameter sizing The Essa 450 mm dia. Hammer Mill is designed to reduce approximately 50 mm diameter drill core or lump ore to 100% minus 2 mm ...

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Essa Australia
ball mill / horizontal / for ceramic / for the pharmaceutical industry
ball mill

RAPID MILL WITH PLANETARY DRIVE, "MAGELLANO" SERIES, MOD. MAG3000/C WITH 4 ROTATING UNIT The requirement of some laboratories in the ceramic industry to be able to rapidly grind large frit quantities, led Ceramic ...

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Ceramic Instruments Srl
rotor mill / horizontal / for ore
rotor mill

... many more times and more efficiently than any other mill, including basket, horizontal or vertical mills. Circulation can be as fast as 50 passes per hour! Rapid mixing and milling of raw materials ...

roller mill / horizontal / stone
roller mill

Rotational speed: 230 rpm - 240 rpm
Output: 400 kg/h - 5,000 kg/h

Joyal's ZYM80 Roller Mills are primarily utilized for applications that involve the super-fine grinding operations of materials, with hardness values of <6 (Moh's scale) and humidity levels of <6%. Some ...

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Shanghai Joyal Machinery Co., Ltd.
knife mill / horizontal / for ore / in-line
knife mill
GR450 S2

Output: 3,500 kg/h

... heat, either in the cutting aggregate, or in the granulated material, therefore there is no need of any kind of cooling. In order to prevent the granulated material from sticking, the material ...

vertical mill / stone / for tractors / hydraulic
vertical mill

It is the perfect range of public works, equipped with rotor identical to that of the BPM, crusher OBL' X works on 1.41ft depthes. As on the BPM the coeducation wood and stone is confirmed. This driving is done by a vertical gearbox ...

disc grinding mill / vertical / stone / laboratory
disc grinding mill
L00 series

... Barrel Mill, a Swing-Mill, a Ring Mill or a Stone and Disc Mill, this highly efficient grinding machine comprises a steel vessel containing a solid steel bar (stone) ...

ball grinding mill / with rods / horizontal / stone
ball grinding mill
L14 series

MACSALAB Rod / Ball Mill Vessels are available in Grade 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, Rubber - lined Mild Steel as well as Ceramic (Alumina). Rods are available in Stainless Steel and Arlicite. Grinding Spheres (balls) ...

Raymond grinding mill / ball / vertical / for ceramic
Raymond grinding mill

... separator is placed in the mill. The milled material grain size can be obtained at one time so that the fineness of the desired material limiting. Different dynamic separator designs ...