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horizontal directional drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
horizontal directional drilling rig
20 - 25 t | TJ 8522 S

Drilling diameter: 70 mm

... digital display, control, documentation and diagnostics • automatic greasing for each drill rod thread • automatic release of drilling fluid pressure before each rod change • computer recording of each bore (forces, ...

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multifunction drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
multifunction drilling rig
110 hp, 8 000 kg | Inova

... 3.40m Translation thru hyd. Jack and chain Pull-up 3800kg / Pull-down 2500kg Mast displace ment 500mm Mast locking device in drilling position Extraction pull-up jack 8000kg Winch 1000kg, hydraulic side war/ travel

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continuous flight auger (CFA) drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
continuous flight auger (CFA) drilling rig
max. 34.3 MPa, 16 t | SWDM04

Drilling diameter: 600 mm - 900 mm
Drilling depth: 0 m - 23 m

... condition: L×W×H 6.18×2.42×3.22 (m) Max. Dilling Diameter Boring pile: with casing/without casing 600/900 (mm) CFA pile - Max. Drilling Depth Boring pile 23m(5 section) CFA pile - Engine Brand PERKINS Moder 1104-44T/1104D-E44T Rated ...

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diamond core drilling rig / fixed / rotary
diamond core drilling rig
1 829 mm | ACE

... 1,300 RPMs Shallow Exploration (900 ft. N Wireline) Up to 30" [76.2 cm] Spindle Travel In / Out Slide Base Drill Head Swivels 360 Degrees In / Out Slide Base 4-Speed Cathead Diesel Engine Std., ...

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Acker Drill Company
geotechnical drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
geotechnical drilling rig
1 200 kg | APAFOR® 220

... speed from 0 to 4.9 km/h OTHER PERFORMANCES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST APPLICATIONS Drilling for Pressuremeter tests at lowest cost and soil investigation. Drilling with auger, rotary bit and Down The ...

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horizontal drilling rig / fixed / rotary / pneumatic
horizontal drilling rig
TBC 90/2 HD-TBC 90/2

Heavy duty drilling machine for one or two hammers, with automatic thrust adjustment, air motor for travel on the rail and air oiler. can be used for both vertical and horizontal drilling.

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multifunction drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
multifunction drilling rig
6 200 kg | MW-5000C

We have a pleasure to present to you our technical data for an air track drill with cab and air conditioning, perfect for quarries, mining and civil jobs, where durability and trust is required.

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WOLF - Metalúrgica
deep-stabilization drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
deep-stabilization drilling rig

Junttan has manufactured purpose-built deep stabilization rigs for over 20 years. They achieve great productivity by combining the most important features required for maximum efficiency in deep stabilization work: lightweight ...

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Junttan Oy
multifunction drilling rig / crawler / down-the-hole / for underground mining
multifunction drilling rig
125 hp (92 kW), 10 400 kg (23 000 lb) | 5200

Drilling diameter: 89 mm - 762 mm
Drilling depth: 0 m - 100 m

The 5200 can be used to drill from 3.5 inch (89 mm) to 30 inch (762mm) diameter holes. Most applications allow the machine to drill to a depth greater than 330 ft (100 m). It can also be used for reaming ...

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piling drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
piling drilling rig
CF2.5 Compact

Drilling diameter: 0 mm - 800 mm
Drilling depth: 0 m - 18 m

TORQUE: 27 kNm ENGINE POWER: 42 kW MAX DEPTH: 15 m MAX DIAMETER: 800 mm TOTAL WEIGHT : 7 t Hydraulic piling rig CF2.5 COMPACT The "SMALL WONDER" (as it's called by our American customers) is a very compact and versatile ...

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blasthole drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
blasthole drilling rig

... support team, the result is exceptionally high 250XPC availability. The 250XPC is a reliable, rugged drill that is consistently available for drilling helping to ensure a lower total cost of operation ...

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Joy Global Surface Mining - P&H Mining Equipment I
deep drilling rig / trailerable / rotary / hydraulic
deep drilling rig

... convenience to the next level. An environmentally protected control room with joystick controllers for drilling functions and pipe handling significantly increases rig productivity and crew retention. ...

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multifunction drilling rig / stationary / rotary
multifunction drilling rig

NORTON CLIPPER offer a large range of professional and performant machines. Fully Aluminium drill stand combining rigidity, precision and ease of use. Unique accurate and smooth guiding thanks to 4 guiding rolls made ...

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Norton Abrasives