Electric presses

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electric press / lamination / high-pressure / for textiles
electric press
3-594 / 3-694

Based on their multifunctional applications for a high variety of garments, rotary ironing presses are an essential part of a laundry.

trimming press / hydraulic / electric
trimming press
CSY-15 / CSY-25

... reliability. 4、 Hydraulic system with adjustable slow-drop to reduce wear of the die. 5、 Integrated design for electric box,easy to operate.

electric press / lamination / for aluminum foil / roller
electric press

an outstanding tool for dry matter determination through aluminium foil method. Foil roller ensures a well-mixed and uniform layer of pasty samples like cheese and quarg. Instrument can be used for foil sheets up to a size of 150 x 190 ...

compression press / motorized / sealing
compression press

Force: 392.3 kN

... protected with a fence with 3 openly doors equipped with an inter-blocking switch and it’s composed of a Pop up 90 degrees conveyor, an hydraulic press 40 Tonne equipped with a motorized ...

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Sala Macchine Speciali
electric press / cutting / for production / panel
electric press

The double belt, or continuous press, is the more important machine in thermoinsulating panels production process. Its function is to contrast the thrust of polyurethane foam during expansion phase; the pressing planes ...

electric press / stamping / workshop
electric press

Opening: 95 mm - 300 mm
Force: 98.1 kN - 2,451.7 kN

... mounted H-Frame models. Models are available powered by hand pump, air/hydraulic pump or electric/hydraulic pump. CE versions are fitted with remote motor control. Table height is adjustable on ...

electric press / compression
electric press

Force: 196.1 kN

... elements. Other features integrated with the device are automatic press control, cooling system and closure force control, user-friendly touch screen display, and automatic press control. The touch ...

electric press / drum
electric press

The Portable style press goes wherever it is needed. Mounted on a convenient rolling cart, the press can be moved to various locations for use on several different mixers. It is also equipped with forklift ...

electric press / forming / hot
electric press


electric press / forming / dry ice / for production
electric press
BJU 500

... BJU 500" machine is a dry ice press for production of dry ice blocks by reforming pellets. The length and width of the blocks is 100 mm by 200 mm respectively. Block thickness is determined by an adjustable dosage and ...

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BUSE Gastek GmbH & Co.KG
electric press / forming / cold
electric press
P 60/F

... with double pushbutton on the control board (CE) - Pressure gauge showing working pressure - Mobile platen movement with electric control - Automatic pressure reset

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motorized press / forming / C-frame / eccentric
motorized press
CDCS P series

Force: 245.2 kN - 2,451.7 kN

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Dirinler Machinery
hydraulic press / pneumatic / electric / compression
hydraulic press

Opening: 6 in

... Intellipress™ bench top electric press complements Bimba’s hydraulic and pneumatic presses, providing complete control over process speed, pressing force and home position location. The IntelliPress offers ...

press for the automotive industry / hydraulic / pneumatic / electric
press for the automotive industry

Several solutions – hydraulic, pneumatic or electric – are available, according to the specific application. Key technological points are safety, accessibility, speed and flexibility. Cannon automotive presses configuration ...

electric press / compression
electric press
PST-4, PST-6

Force: 500, 6,000 daN

The POLAR pressing station is mainly used for processing labels, because this requires utmost cutting precision. Another application is the compression of voluminous cutting material.The material to be cut is transferred to the pressing ...

electric press / compact / horizontal
electric press
Siegling Blizzard HC 120/40

The Siegling Blizzard HC is a new benchmark in quality and speed when heating splices for Siegling Extremultus belts in the aramide and polyester lines as well as narrow Siegling Transilon belts. It’s easy to handle and has very short ...

electric press / compact / horizontal
electric press
Blizzard HP Air

The Siegling Blizzard press is supplied with a flight case on castors. Because it’s so compact and lightweight, it’s quick and easy to set up. It’s ready to use as soon as you’ve plugged it into the mains because there’s ...

hydraulic press / electric / straightening / assembly
hydraulic press
WSPE Series

Force: 299 kN - 2,989 kN

BETEX WSPE SHOP PRESSES ELECTRIC, 30 - 300 TON These electric hydraulic workshop presses are suited for general assembly work, straightening, and for testing ...

portal press / hydraulic / manual / electric
portal press
PFPE Series

Force: 1,495, 2,192, 2,989 kN

... of the machine) contains a switch for the unique work type (manual or semi-automatic) and a switch for the relative working speed (with 1 of 2 different speeds). The two-speed electric ...

hydraulic press / manual / electric / bending
hydraulic press
PFPE100, PFPE160

Force: 996, 1,594 kN

... portal press is equipped with an integrated manometer. The two-speed motorized hydraulic unit has an automatic disconnection of the high speed and contains a pressure regulator, a joystick to control ...

electric press / for the food industry
electric press
CPR-3024, CRP-3030 series

... Machine Two noodle sheets are made out of primary noodle dough, and compounded into one optimum noodle sheet. DDM (Direct Drive Motor) Compound Noodle Pressing Machine is also available as a step-up option. DDM enables ...

electric press / assembly / vertical
electric press

Force: 600 kN

... speed operation with 2 programmable pressure setpoints Stationary with optional pallets for stack transfer, or sliding press head for stack loading Options for stack height recorder and light curtains

electro-hydraulic press / electric / compression / panel
electro-hydraulic press

... limit switch. Electric panel placed on the wall with 2 handed safety commands for the piston movement. A press suitable for single spindle carriers for small machines is available. Press ...

laboratory press / electric / assembly / automatic
laboratory press

LABORATORY PRESS precision laboratory press HEATING The press features decks heated by electric resistances, which are independently managed by two temperature regulators. ...

motorized press / compression / fully-automatic / electronic
motorized press

Continuous press for fat extraction from greaves. In the presses made in Bigas Alsina, S.A. the material is pressed continuously and fully automatic. An electronic system controls the performance of ...

electric press / electronic
electric press

Electronic presses are machine tools for electronic pressing of materials, which allow on mechanical components to be coupled with accurate measurement and control of the effort and depth of action.