Hydraulic clamping

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hydraulic clamping system / automatic / workpiece / machining
hydraulic clamping system

... workpiece change time due to mechanic or hydraulic clamping of workpieces inside and outside of the machine Automatic change of the WSA-clamping device with use of known interfaces like ...

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Ortlieb Präzisions-
hydraulic clamping system / pneumatic / electric
hydraulic clamping system
Unclamping unit

... - Hydraulic - Pneumatic - Electric The necessary amount of actuating force depends on the size and technical specifications of the clamping system. In order to reach an optimal compromise ...

hydraulic clamp / swing / single-acting / workpiece
hydraulic clamp
SR series

Clamping force: 1.5 kN - 13 kN

... system, these swing clamp cylinders maintain the clamping point with maximum precision over a long operating time. They can be equipped with clamp arm position control valves to ensure precise workpiece clamping. ...

hydraulic clamping system / for forming machines
hydraulic clamping system

The hydraulic die clamping system BKZ…/PKV-L is designed for clamping dies of various widths on press slides. The rigid chain actuator moves pneumatic in the T-slot of the press slide ...

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Berg & Co. GmbH Spanntechnik
hydraulic clamp
hydraulic clamp

ROLLBLOC hydraulic sliding clamps are integrated with a maximum clamping force of 80 kN, and are specially designed for minimizing down time when setting up or when it need to be frequently replaced. ...

mechanical clamping system / hydraulic / modular / workpiece
mechanical clamping system
UNI lock

... modules and accessories – from collet adapters to centring clamping bolts – ensure collision-free working, ultimate stability and maximum clamping force on the workpiece. Thanks to its modular clamping ...

hydraulic clamp / swing
hydraulic clamp

Clamping force: 730, 1,320 N

... minute per clamp (approximately 1 second clamp time). Available in 3D Solid Models from the web. Note: Arm length can affect clamping pressures. All swing cylinders must be used with flow limit valves to dampen the ...

mechanical clamping tool / pneumatic / hydraulic
mechanical clamping tool

... screw grips, wedge grips, mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic grips as well as clamping devices for special applications, e.g. peeling-tests and tests on textiles. TesT has many years of experience with ...

hydraulic clamping system / workpiece / shaft
hydraulic clamping system
2Z 3A 200 So

Clamping force: 35 kN

Clamping task – Positioning the shafts in a defined tooth space – Detecting the position of the clamping diameter – Clamping the shafts near the ball screw with hardly any deformation – ...

hydraulic clamping system
hydraulic clamping system

Clamping force: 6 kN - 18 kN

Gentle clamping with GripControl hydraulic power packs GripControl hydraulic power-packs are tailor-made for ZwickRoell hydraulic grips and tools/fixtures ...

hydraulic clamping device
hydraulic clamping device

Clamping force: 250 kN

The safe push-button grip - convenient and unbelievably strong Fast and slide-safe tensile tests according to national and international standards, on worked and non-worked flat and round test pieces of metallic and nonmetallic materials ...