Hydraulic cranes

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crawler crane / lattice / boom / hydraulic
crawler crane
218 HSL

Lift capacity: 110,000 kg
Working height: 12.2 m - 70.1 m

... Thousands of hours of duty cycle operation expected without maintenance or adjustment. • High travel torque • Six pump main hydraulic package provides smooth performance. • 26 mm rope on front and rear hoists with ...

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crawler crane / boom / lattice / hydraulic
crawler crane
SC-70 HD

Lift capacity: 1 kg - 70,000 kg
Working height: 0 m - 51 m

... building yards. To continue, the SC-70's a Solimec crane that has the maximum capability of 65.7 tons and a working radius that is approximately about 3.5 m. Furthermore, the SC-70 has an electro-hydraulic ...

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crawler crane / boom / for construction / hydraulic
crawler crane
HS 8040 HD

Lift capacity: 1 kg - 40,000 kg
Working height: 3.3 m - 50 m

With its 40 tonnes load capacity the HS 8040 HD hydraulic crawler crane convinces through its compact design and operating efficiency. The new developed diesel engine complies with the latest exhaust ...

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Liebherr Excavators
crawler crane / boom / lattice / for construction
crawler crane

Lift capacity: 200,000 kg
Working height: 24.4 m

Engineered with six hydraulic circuits that each have independently sealed loops, the Model 14000 has the patented Can-Bus and EPIC control system configuration. Made with a completely hydraulic crane, ...

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Manitowoc Cranes
truck-mounted crane / boom / articulated / construction
truck-mounted crane
X-DUO 1x8 series

Lift capacity: 9,500 kg - 12,400 kg
Working height: 8.7 m - 19.9 m

When you choose the HIAB X-Duo 128, you are investing in a reliable workhorse built for lasting versatility. With a full outreach of 15.1 metres, it weighs just 1950 kg and can deliver unexpectedly heavy loads thanks to its high-tensile ...

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mobile crane / boom / hydraulic / light
mobile crane
LK800 Ex

Leight weight workshop crane Versatile lifting, positioning and holding of light weight loads. Type of protection: Ex II 2G IIB c T6 and Ex II 2D c T80°C

crawler crane / boom / lattice / for construction
crawler crane

Lift capacity: 55 t
Working height: 9 m - 51 m

instrument Engine tachometer (Hour meter) Hydraulic oil pressure gauge (for con- trol circuit) Fuel level gauge Engine ccobnl Iherrroindcabr > indicated Engine oil pressure iidtabr bar graph tt.draufcoilllreiiroindcabi ...

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IHI Construction Machinery limited
fixed crane / tower / luffing jib / construction
fixed crane

Favelle Favco cranes are well known as high speed diesel hydraulic luffing cranes. The M-series crane sizes range from 60 metre tonnes to 2000 metre tonnes. The reputation ...

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Favelle Favco
crawler crane / lattice / construction / hydraulic
crawler crane

Lift capacity: 40 t

Crawler cranes deliver excellent mobility over soft surfaces. These multiple-purpose cranes can be used in a broad range of applications, ranging from construction to civil engineering and port cargo handling.

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Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane
trailer-mounted crane / articulated / hydraulic
trailer-mounted crane

Lift capacity: 1,580 kg
Working height: 6.2 m

ALFA is a hydraulic crane that is attached onto NTM refuse collection vehicles for emptying of underground containers. The crane is completely integrated with the CRV. NTM´s RCV fitted ...

hydraulic crane / truck-mounted / telescopic / articulated
hydraulic crane
S Series

Lift capacity: 620 kg - 1,500 kg
Working height: 0 m - 11 m

... extendable, the crane structure is solid and it is perfect for heavy duty works, especially when it is required the possibility to crush / press the waste into the container during the loading phase, e.g. scrap metal ...

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truck-mounted crane / folding / hydraulic
truck-mounted crane
W 8 SS

Lift capacity: 1 kg - 1,200 kg
Working height: 0 m - 7 m

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mobile crane / boom / for construction / hydraulic
mobile crane

Lift capacity: 2,000, 1,500, 1,000, 500 kg
Working height: 0 mm - 2,280 mm

Heavy duty welded construction with rugged reinforced tubular steel. The special hydraulic long rams are equipped with a patented built-in by-pass mechanism. Foldable model - retractable front legs and a ...

fixed crane / tower / for construction / hydraulic
fixed crane
QT series

Lift capacity: 160, 100, 80, 60 t

Electric tower crane is a commonly used lifting equipment, which is also known as crane tower. Hydraulic tower crane basically consists of concrete foundation, ...

truck-mounted crane / swing-arm / for construction / hydraulic
truck-mounted crane

Lift capacity: 500 kg - 77,100 kg

CHARVÁT CTS a.s. is an official representative for hydraulic loading cranes manufactured by Danish company HMF Group A/S. Hydraulic loading cranes, also referred to as ...

truck-mounted crane / swing-arm / luffing jib / hydraulic
truck-mounted crane

... handle standard sized spools - equipped with a hydraulic spool drive, power spool latch, spool drive engage/dis-engage - reel clamp with replaceable bushings. 120º cradle rotation right and left, hydraulic ...

crawler crane / hydraulic / lifting
crawler crane

Lift capacity: 5 t

... Yanmar Model 4TNV98-ZSSU Type water-cooled, turbine booster Power / speed 43.4kW/2200rpm Displacement - Capacity Fuel 125L Hydraulic oil 80L Main Pump Type tilt axis, plunger, variables Pressure 28MPa Flow rate 165L/min

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mobile crane / for construction / hydraulic / electric
mobile crane
200 Panda

Lift capacity: 1,200 kg
Working height: 6.5 m

The 200 Panda Series, manufactured by Kegiom, is a mini crane designed to carry, transport and place loads to other places. It has a maximum track loading capacity of 1,200 kg, dimensions of 2070x850x1750 mm, weight of ...

mobile crane / telescopic / for construction / hydraulic
mobile crane

The Hitachi inverter hoists meet a variety of operation needs with the further enhanced electronic control technologies as well as the proven and highly valued functions. The external appearance is almost no different from a standard ...

crawler crane / boom / for construction / rough terrain
crawler crane
HS 8130 HD

Lift capacity: 130 t
Working height: 0 mm - 3,520 mm

... V8 diesel engine convinces with reduced fuel consumption and less noise emissions. Thanks to its optimized hydraulic system, the crawler crane offers more material handling capacity than its proven predecessor ...