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water hose / hydraulic / elastomer / wire-braided
water hose

Inner diameter: 6 mm - 25 mm
Pressure: 225 bar
Temperature: -40 °C - 150 °C

... 100R1ATand DIN 20022-1SN, or where resistance to phosphate ester** fluid is required. May be used with compressed air if cover of hose is perforated (pin-pricked) and additional Safety Devices are used. Tube: Black, synthetic ...

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RYCO Hydraulics
fire hose
fire hose
FGH107, FGH108

... fire fighting hoses with high quality for most demanding situations. All hoses are manufactured according to BS 6391-1983 TYPE 1 & TYPE 2. The Fireguard Model 107 & 108 synthetic fire hose ...

gas pipe / stainless steel / for chlorine / PTFE-lined
gas pipe

Inner diameter: 0.5 in - 24 in

... Difline pipelines lay in their total chemical inertia, they are not altered or deteriorated in the course of time. Moreover they are self-bearing , as with few brackets it is possible to support a whole installation, ...

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pneumatic flexible piping / heavy-duty / PU / anti-static
pneumatic flexible piping

Inner diameter: 2.7 mm - 11 mm
Outer diameter: 4 mm - 16 mm
Pressure: 0 bar - 12 bar

- For extremely heavy-duty applications - PU hose - Oil- and coolant-resistant - Abrasion-resistant - Outside-toleranced - PVC and halogen-free igus® chainflex® CF Air pneumatic hoses were tested ...

air hose / for compressed air / for vacuum / PU
air hose
chainflex® series

Outer diameter: 4 mm
Pressure: 12 bar
Temperature: -40 °C - 85 °C

... pneumatic hose: The Chainflex® pneumatic hose for Energy Chains® is a hose for heavy duty use. The pneumatic hose is design for transporting solid objects and carry fluids from one location ...

water hose / high-pressure / composite / flexible
water hose

A step-change in capability and cost to the subsea industry BHGE’s composite riser flexible pipe is a step-change product. It provides a cost-effective solution for ultra-deepwater applications in water depths up to around 10,000 ft ...

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Baker Hughes
compressed air hose / heavy-duty / PVC / lightweight
compressed air hose

Temperature: -15 °C - 60 °C

The Cablair hose is a highly strength and high performance PVC compound made. It weighs about 30-50% less than a conventional PVC hose. It is extremely soft and more flexible to increase ease and Motion. This guarantees ...

hot water hose / high-temperature / cleaning / EPDM
hot water hose
XUM VT series

Inner diameter: 0.5, 0.75 in
Pressure: 0 bar - 8 bar
Temperature: 0 °C - 160 °C

This hose by PNR is compatible in different kinds of UMV hot water-guns as its material is made from the top quality rubber(EPDM) for resistance to both high temperature and wear. Plus it has same both ends which are ...

water hose / anti-static
water hose
B.41.0045, B.41.0046

Inner diameter: 8 mm - 13 mm
Outer diameter: 15 mm - 19.5 mm
Pressure: 12 bar

Rubber hose that dissipates electro-static discharge; excellent weather resistance; extreme flexibility; color blue; working pressure: 12 bar - 174 psi. Suggested fo Atex impact wrenches.Lenght on demand.

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oil hose / rubber
oil hose
B.41.00 series

Inner diameter: 13 mm - 16 mm
Outer diameter: 23 mm - 26 mm
Pressure: 20 bar

Rubber hoses with textile braid reinforcement; externally with textile effect for an easier grip; excellent resistance to oil and abrasion; color blue or black; working pressure: 20 bar - 290 psi. Suggested for 1” e 3/4” ...

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water hose / polyurethane / flexible
water hose

Inner diameter: 8 mm
Outer diameter: 12 mm
Pressure: 10 bar

Polyurethane hoses extremely flexible and light; spark proof, ideal for light devices; color black; working pressure: 10 bar - 145 psi. Suggested for 1/2” impact wrenches. Lenght on demand.

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compressed air hose / polyurethane
compressed air hose
TU series

Inner diameter: 2.5, 4, 6 mm
Outer diameter: 4, 6, 8 mm
Pressure: 0.99 bar - 10 bar

compressed air hose / for air / spray / for pumps
compressed air hose

Inner diameter: 6.35, 9.52 mm
Pressure: 0 bar - 14 bar
Temperature: -20 °C - 60 °C

We offer a wide air hose choice with different material and length to answer to every application SAMES KREMLIN's new air hoses bring unique advantages to the end user because they are exceptionally ...

paint hose / for solvents / spray / reticulated polyethylene
paint hose

Pressure: 1 bar - 18 bar
Temperature: max 50.0 °C

... KREMLIN's new Low-Pressure fluid hoses are bringing unique advantages to the end user because they are lightweight and flexible. Productivity - lightest in the marketplace: reduces operator fatigue - The most flexible ...

compressed air hose / polyamide
compressed air hose
TU1, TU2, TU3 series

Outer diameter: 4 mm - 22 mm
Pressure: 9 bar - 26 bar
Temperature: -40 °C - 80 °C

Compressed air tubing, Series TU1-S-PUR suitable for dynamic laying Ø 3 mm Polyester polyurethane Max. working pressure at 20 °C 10 bar Max. working pressure at 20 °C 10 bar Ambient temperature min./max. -30 ... 80 °C Weight ...

silicone hose / for steam / high-temperature / for medical applications
silicone hose

This silicon tubing and these hoses are manufactured by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, and are frequently used for medical and food processing industries by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI standards. These tubing ...

nylon hose / for air / for automotive applications / transfer
nylon hose

Inner diameter: 6 mm
Outer diameter: 8 mm
Pressure: 17 bar

RS Pro Nylon Air Hose - 30 m reel Brought to you by RS Pro, a range of air hoses, ideal for the transfer or air, gas or fluid. Both Type 11 and Type 12 versions are available, providing solutions for areas requiring ...

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nylon hose / for air / brake / for compressors
nylon hose

Brought to you by RS Pro, a range of nylon air hoses. Suitable for applications requiring a precise and secure connection. Both Type 11 and Type 12 versions are available, providing solutions for areas requiring low toxic and food safe ...

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air hose / heavy-duty / for compressors / polyurethane
air hose

Inner diameter: 8 mm
Outer diameter: 12 mm
Pressure: 15 bar

... Compressors Auto Return Air Hose Professional polyurethane braid hose on an automatic hose reel. Heavy duty steel construction Both ratchet and free run operating Spring protector Movable ...

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cooling tube / steel / corrosion-resistant / abrasion-resistant
cooling tube

Outer diameter: 28.6, 28, 27 mm
Temperature: 0 °C - 40 °C

Plastic coated pipe (L=4 m) – 1 mm thick. Nine standard colours and ESD finishing are available. Custom colours are available for orders of minimum 1000 m per colour. Plastic coated pipe (L=4 m) – 2 mm thick. Nine standard colours ...

water hose / for gas / for air / stainless steel
water hose

Inner diameter: 8 mm - 100 mm
Pressure: 4 bar - 16 bar

These are flexible tubes made of stainless steel. They allow easy and flexible connection of pipes and devices without transmission of vibrations. Features include a length of 500-2,000mm, maximum operating pressure of 4 or 16bar, 8 to ...

compressed air hose / for automotive applications
compressed air hose

Inner diameter: 9.5 mm
Outer diameter: 13 mm

15 m Professional Compressed air hose - TW DLR Products description Hose length: 15 m Including ¼“quick coupling system Max. Pressure Inside-Ø 9,5 mm Outside-Ø 13 mm Automatic rewind function Intergrated ...

pipe for agricultural applications
pipe for agricultural applications

Good and efficient feature to ease manure transfer from main storage to liquid manure spreader.

compressed air hose / insulated
compressed air hose
7645, 7186

Parker TempCon-HTM high performance light weight heater hose are customizable. The hose offer exceptional heat resistance and burst strength and are intended for OEM use on light trucks and passenger ...

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Mobile Climate Systems Division
air hose / flexible
air hose

Outer diameter: 0.5 in - 2 in
Pressure: 33 bar - 58 bar

... system. Depending on the respective requirements and the equipment used, hose lengths of 1100 - 2100 mm and thread sizes of ½" - 2" are available. Depending on the version, the hoses are suitable up to ...

steel tube / round / square
steel tube

Round and square tubes Material: Steel 1.0037. Aluminium EN AW-6060. Version: Steel galvanized. Aluminium clear anodized. Note: The machining tolerances of these round and square tubes are specially suited to the tube clamping system. ...

water hose / for steam / cooling / for lubrication
water hose

Coolant hose LOC-LINE® Flexi Material: Polyoxymethylene (POM). Version: Flexible hose blue or black. Accessories orange . Note: Flexible hose for supplying or extracting liquids and ...

pneumatic hose / rubber / polyester / lightweight
pneumatic hose

Inner diameter: 6 mm
Outer diameter: 13 mm
Pressure: 60 bar

Elcometer’s tough 1/4” (6mm) ID Twinline Control Hose prevents tangles and trip hazards compared to using single lines with the blast hose. Durable, reliable and lightweight the Elcometer Twinline Control Hose ...

compressed air hose / cleaning / sand blasting / flexible
compressed air hose
BH series

Inner diameter: 13 mm - 38 mm
Outer diameter: 28 mm - 56 mm
Pressure: 12, 15 bar

Flexible, lightweight and incredibly tough, Elcometer’s 2ply blast hose is available in 40m lengths with a working pressure of either 12 or 15bar (174 or 217psi) and a choice of hose diameters. Manufactured ...

compressed air hose / sand blasting / synthetic
compressed air hose
MT30071 series

Inner diameter: 19 mm - 51 mm
Outer diameter: 29 mm - 65 mm
Pressure: 20 bar

... and durable UV resistant wrapped outer cover, this compressed air bull hose has a pressure rating of 20bar (300psi) with a 3:1 safety factor. The Elcometer Compressed Air Bull Hose is constructed for ...

chemical product hose / for oil / for solvents / for heating
chemical product hose
HE 90/200 Series

Inner diameter: 20 mm - 200 mm
Temperature: 200, 90 °C

HE heating hose has been especially developed by Hillesheim and its special structure makes it suitable for maintaining the temperature of the most diverse types of media, such as chemicals, solvents, oils, greases, and ...

gas hose / PTFE / PFA / stainless steel
gas hose
HX3B series

Temperature: 35 °C - 120 °C

The self-limiting analytical heating hoses is designed for use in Ex areas. The heating hoses are above all characterised by their compact construction with internal connection configuration. The HX series ...

hydraulic hose / for high-pressure applications / custom
hydraulic hose

Inner diameter: 6.3 mm
Pressure: 0 bar - 1,000 bar

TFG-TFR Series are flexible hoses of 1/4 – internal Ø of 6.3 mm, operating pressure 1000 bar. • Also available in custom sizes and types. • Flexible hoses can be equipped with quick couplers. FPT ...

PTFE hose
PTFE hose

EDM connecting tube PTFE coated connecting tube for Schmidt + Haensch EDM 4000 and 5000.

air hose / suction / for welding / for ventilation
air hose

Inner diameter: 150 mm
Temperature: 80, 100 °C

Suction And Pressure Hose up to 80°C Suction and pressure hose for air ventilation and welding smoke applications, polyester fabric

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hot air hose / high-temperature / fabric
hot air hose

Inner diameter: 150 mm
Temperature: 250, 650 °C

High Temperature Hose up to 250°C Hot air hose suitable for application with temperatures of up to 250°C

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gas hose / exhaust / fabric
gas hose

Inner diameter: 75 mm
Temperature: 0 °C - 170 °C

Exhaust Gas Hoses up to 170 °C Motor driven and spring operated hose reels, extraction rail channels as well as wall mounted units and vehicle exhaust extraction units for emission tests

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