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paint pipe / stainless steel / PTFE-lined
paint pipe

Inner diameter: 15 mm - 500 mm
Outer diameter: 21.3 mm - 508 mm
Pressure: 16, 25, 40 bar

Lining-Materials: • PTFE (virgin or conductive) • PP (up to diameter nominal DN 300) Different lining thicknesses on request. Flange design: • fix-loose • fix-fix • loose-loose Other pressure rates: • PN 16 • PN 25 • PN 40 Material: carbon ...

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Baum Kunststoffe GmbH
hot water hose
hot water hose

Inner diameter: 25 mm - 32 mm

There exist today cutting-edge technological systems – referred to as GEOTHERMAL SYSTEMS – that exploit energy from the ground for heating and cooling. The mechanism is activated by means of an electrical machine, called the heat pump, ...

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Unidelta S.p.A.
protection hose / braided
protection hose

REIKU offers this sort of cable protection in nominal width of 4 to 60mm. By pulling the braided tubing, the cables in the tubing are strained. The various colours of polyamide braided tubings are also suitable for safety relevant ...

hot water hose / stainless steel
hot water hose

Inner diameter: 6 mm - 400 mm
Pressure: 1 bar - 250 bar
Temperature: 0 °C - 1,000 °C

HKS offers a wide range of hoses from a variety of materials and connection parts. HKS hoses are used e.g. for bottling, refuelling, the supply of energy carriers (steam, hot water), for compressed air, ...

thermoplastic hose
thermoplastic hose
9TR series

- Ensure vacuum circulation in complete safety - Reduced space required and low vacuum volume to empty - For small vacuum circuits

exhaust gas hose / fire
exhaust gas hose

Temperature: 0 °C - 180 °C

AFW Lufttechnik GmbH FW presents a single fire brigade extractor. An exhaust hose hanging from the ceiling is fastened to the exhaust pipe with the help of an exhaust grommet and clamping pliers. An automatic clamping ...

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AFW Lufttechnik GmbH
oil hose / rubber
oil hose

Inner diameter: 13 mm - 125 mm
Temperature: -30 °C - 80 °C

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RK Flex
vacuum hose
vacuum hose
VH, H series

Inner diameter: 0.25 in - 4 in

... 1/4” Vacuum Hose VH-6 3/8” Vacuum Hose VH-8 1/2” Vacuum Hose VH-12 3/4” Vacuum Hose VH-16 1” Vacuum Hose VH-20 1-1/4” Vacuum Hose VH-24 ...

nickel alloy pipe
nickel alloy pipe
ASTM series

Adopting the highest industry standards, we manufacture finest range of nickel and copper alloy pipes. These pipes are fabricated from qualitative raw material as per global demand and ensures accurate precision. Available in wide range ...

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Steel Tubes India
gas hose / rubber / oil-resistant
gas hose

Inner diameter: 15.9 mm - 50.8 mm
Outer diameter: 28.3 mm - 68.1 mm
Pressure: 250 bar - 450 bar

... is a pulsing pressure hose manufactured by Diesse Rubber Hoses. Comprised of a black synthetic rubber cover and a synthetic rubber tube, it has the ability to operate at a temperature ranging between -40°C to 100°C. ...

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Diesse Rubber Hoses S.p.A.
low-temperature pipe / stainless steel / for nitrogen
low-temperature pipe
S3 series

Inner diameter: 5 mm - 325 mm

Duplex Stainless Steels have a structure that contains both ferrite and austenite. Duplex alloys have higher strength and better stress corrosion cracking resistance than most austenitic alloys and greater toughness than ferritic alloys, ...

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fiberglass pipe / pre-insulated
fiberglass pipe

Temperature: -320 °F - 250 °F

POLYTHERM is a fiberglass jacketed; spray applied polyurethane foam insulated piping system for above and below ground distribution of liquids from -320F to 250F. PERMA-PIPE's multi-directional filament winding process ...

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pipe for pharmaceutical applications / stainless steel
pipe for pharmaceutical applications

Outer diameter: 0.5 in - 6 in

Top Line Electropolished tubing sets the standard for service in applications requiring finishes to 15Ra maximum. Available in sizes from 1/2" to 6" OD. This full finished stainless steel tubing is available from stock or direct from ...

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Top Line Process Equipment Company
stainless steel hose
stainless steel hose

Inner diameter: 6 mm - 200 mm
Pressure: 8 bar - 100 bar
Temperature: -270 °C - 600 °C

This Mechanical Pipe is designed and built in a flexible metal hose that is formed by parallel waves with narrow pitch and is obtained mechanically welded longitudinally. The hoses are coated with one ...

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ERRE.DI. srl

- Extremely flexible system affords unparalleled range of motion. - Vibration resistant. - Non electro-conductive. - Resistant to chemical agents. - Fits NPT and BSPT threads. Material: Acetal Maximum Operating Temperature: I22T (50' ...

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water hose / spray
water hose

Complies with ANSI Standard Z358.1-2009 Laboratory Spray Valve Highly Visible Yellow-Colored Hose Wall Bracket Included

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water pipe / plastic / composite
water pipe
N-12® WT

Introduced in 1987, dual wall N-12 pipe, with its smooth interior wall and corrugated exterior, offers exceptional hydraulics and strength. Built using application-specific high-density polyethylene, dual wall N-12 corrugated pipe also ...

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chemical product hose / discharge / EPDM
chemical product hose

... Chemical Suction Hose - Novaflex 4200 - EPDM Chemical Discharge Hose - Novaflex 4201 - FEP Chemical Transfer Hose - Novaflex 4600 - UHMWP Chemical Suction & Discharge Hose ...

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high-temperature pipe / stainless steel / welded
high-temperature pipe

Outer diameter: 0.25 in - 10.75 in
Temperature: -200 °C - 450 °C

Mating Del-Seal™, ISO and ASA flanges available UHV rated to 1x10-10 Torr High temperature rated to 450ºC Standard matte finish 304 stainless steel 1/4" through 10-3/4" O.D. sizes Saw cut and deburred Custom ...

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MDC vacuum products
fire hose
fire hose
UNI series

Hose hydrant for Italian market Hose UNI 70 m 20 approval MED 96/98/CE

diesel pipe / stainless steel
diesel pipe

Inner diameter: 0.5 in - 1.25 in

Mercury Products manufactures dipstick tubes (including vents, filters, and spring steel blades that can be twisted for bent tube designs), mirror tubes, mirror brackets, grab handles, pipe assemblies and other products for your heavy-duty ...

plastic pipe
plastic pipe

... matched products, easily and perfectly combinable. This allows our customers to quickly build and adapt reliable and economical pipe systems to suit their requirements.

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KMH - Kammann Metallbau GmbH
water hose / hydraulic / elastomer / wire-braided
water hose

Inner diameter: 6 mm - 25 mm
Pressure: 225 bar
Temperature: -40 °C - 150 °C

... 100R1ATand DIN 20022-1SN, or where resistance to phosphate ester** fluid is required. May be used with compressed air if cover of hose is perforated (pin-pricked) and additional Safety Devices are used. Tube: Black, synthetic ...

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RYCO Hydraulics
fire hose
fire hose
FGH107, FGH108

... fire fighting hoses with high quality for most demanding situations. All hoses are manufactured according to BS 6391-1983 TYPE 1 & TYPE 2. The Fireguard Model 107 & 108 synthetic fire hose ...

stainless steel pipe / for chlorine / PTFE-lined
stainless steel pipe

Inner diameter: 0.5 in - 24 in

... Difline pipelines lay in their total chemical inertia, they are not altered or deteriorated in the course of time. Moreover they are self-bearing , as with few brackets it is possible to support a whole installation, ...

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