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low-pressure hose / silicone
low-pressure hose

There are numerous applications for hose bends in the automotive, mechanical engineering and building and construction industries. Fabric reinforced types Special types with additional outlets Low pressure resistant variants ...

oil pipe / silicone / thermal conductor
oil pipe
STxxxx series

Inner diameter: 1.02 mm - 50.8 mm
Outer diameter: 4.06 mm - 53.85 mm

The thermally conductive silicone tube of the STxxxx series covers profiles, bolts and tubes protecting them from surface treatments and impacts when being transported. It is used in equipment that undergo treatments such as powder coating, ...

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Global Mask
stainless steel pipe / seamless
stainless steel pipe

Inner diameter: 21.34 mm - 219.1 mm

steel pipe / flange
steel pipe

Inner diameter: 110 mm

compressed air hose / silicone
compressed air hose
FEP series

The FEP and PFA is a fluorine synthetic tube that is clear of silicone properties. It is specifically utilized in the lacquer transport and pneumatic operations due to its versatile crystal clear attributes. This tube posses standard ...

lashing pipe / for hazardous fluids
lashing pipe

Dual Containment tubing is used to provide additional security against leaks in applications in which hazardous liquids are being transported. The product consists of two tubes, one inside the other, and they are referred to as the "Primary ...

vacuum hose / stainless steel / flange / braided
vacuum hose
KF-BFX series

Outer diameter: 30 mm - 75 mm

KF Braided Flexible Hoses is a stainless braided hose, use in KF (QF) flange to a particular type of port or tubulation. They offer great flexibility in the design and construction of high and ultra-high vacuum system. Flange ...

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Highlight Technology Corp.
hydraulic hose / high-pressure / stainless steel / corrosion-resistant
hydraulic hose

Pressure: 33,000 psi

... stock a large quantity of tensioner feed and interconnecting hoses. Typically feed hoses are 3m (10ft) and interconnecting hoses are 1m (3ft) however we can provide hoses to suit your ...

silicone hose / for the pharmaceutical industry / for the food industry
silicone hose
STT series

Inner diameter: 1 mm - 20 mm
Outer diameter: 3 mm - 27 mm
Temperature: -70 °C - 260 °C

STT020-027-50000X10 - Silicone & PTFE Tubes Heat Resistance:-70° - 260°C ID X OD:20 x 27 Lmax M:25 Weight Kg/m:0,3228

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Junta Polymers Bvba
air hose / cooling
air hose

Design: Execution with 1 Snaploc-hose and permanent magnet base from aluminium. Locking valve ¼ with PTFE-ball-valve-seal. air max tn pas cher ray ban uk sale sac longchamp soldes ray ban aviators uk sale

protection pipe / for electrical cables / stainless steel
protection pipe

Plastic, Fiber Cement, Stainless Steel As soon as cables or pipes have to be conducted through ceilings, walls or base plates, the UGA provides the appropriate casing pipes for nearly each situations. The UGA casings are light and ...

oil hose / plastic
oil hose

gas hose / for water / for mineral oil / hydraulic
gas hose
7301xx series

Inner diameter: 4.8 mm - 51.1 mm
Outer diameter: 11.6 mm - 64.1 mm
Pressure: 40 bar - 250 bar


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CAST spa
gas pipe / steel / seamless / welded
gas pipe

Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes EN 10216-1 and EN 10216-3 Tubes of non-alloyed steel and alloyed fine grained structural steel with specified properties at room temperature

gas hose / foodstuffs / protection / PVC
gas hose

Inner diameter: 4 mm - 16 mm
Pressure: 4 bar - 69 bar
Temperature: -20 °C - 65 °C

... flexible, tinted light blue PVC, with high resistant reinforced polyester fiber. Gas and welding Cut spray, gas and welding hoses for protection, feeding tube and fluid systems, assembled or coils.

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Uniwell Rohrsysteme
water hose / for chemical products / for gas / for air
water hose

Inner diameter: 6 mm - 50 mm

Ayvaz Flexible metal hose are good choice for connection of main pipeline to other items. Some of its functions are liquid line connection and stress absorbing. This type metal hose ...

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chemical product hose / transfer / PTFE / smooth
chemical product hose
Tube Flow® series

Inner diameter: 1 mm - 50 mm
Outer diameter: 3 mm - 54 mm
Pressure: 3 bar - 30 bar

Standard wall PTFE tubing for transfer of high purity products, chemicals, dairy and cosmetic products

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fire hose / elastomer
fire hose

Viking, Saracen & Saxon layflat hoses Viking fire hoses are chosen by fire fighting professionals throughout the world for their quality, performance and reliability. It is constructed with an all ...

water hose / stainless steel / with flange
water hose

Inner diameter: 6 mm - 700 mm
Pressure: 600,000 Pa - 2,500,000 Pa
Temperature: -196 °C - 600 °C

Metal Hose 1. Product Description Commidity Stainless steel hose Standard ASTM A554, A249, A269 and A270, A312 Material stianless steel 304,316,316L Outer Diameter 6mm-350mm Thickness ...

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Anhui Weimai OME Science & Technology Co., LTD
gas pipe / for medical applications / air conditioning / copper
gas pipe

Copper and copper alloy plates, strips, pipes, rods, and wires / heat-insulated clad copper pipes / air conditioning copper tubes / copper tubes for medical gas lines / thin titanium welded tubes

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thermal insulation pipe
thermal insulation pipe

Outer diameter: 20 mm - 1,000 mm

Insulation pipes are used for the repair of insulated piping systems and can be supplied in dimensions from Ø 20 to Ø 1000 in lengths up to 1000 mm. The insulating pipes come with external diameter as jacket pipes or ...

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Salling Plast
hydraulic pipe / stainless steel / cryogenic / for liquified gas
hydraulic pipe
CTL series

... and most effective means to transfer cryogenic fluids. The lines consist of an inner pipe or hose equipped with multi-layer insulation, and an outer pipe or hose with a vacuum cavity. Vacuum ensures heat ...

protection hose / for electrical cables / galvanized steel / braided
protection hose
GS-S series

Inner diameter: 5 mm - 20 mm
Outer diameter: 12 mm - 35 mm
Temperature: -75 °C - 300 °C

Braided hose made of galvanised steel, for bundling and for mechanical protection of electric cable and cable protection conduits. Material: made of steel, galvanised Temperature range: -75°C to +300°C

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potable water hose / plastic / flat
potable water hose
Ben-G series

Inner diameter: 0.625 in
Pressure: 0 Pa - 2,413,165.053 Pa

B.P.≧350PSI Made by NSF material Drinking water safely Never Kink Round brass fitting

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Jieh-Ming Plastics Mfg. Co., Ltd.
compressed air hose
compressed air hose

Pressure: 20 bar

... manufactured by Sata, has a length of 10 m and is equipped with quick coupling and nipple. It is a flexible and robust painting air hose that contains no silicone. Its electroconductiveness is in accordance to DIN EN ...