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multilayer hose / for water / cooling / sanitary
multilayer hose
R999 series

Inner diameter: 12 mm - 54 mm
Outer diameter: 16 mm - 63 mm
Pressure: 6, 10 bar

compressed air hose / elastomer / anti-static
compressed air hose

Pressure: 100 bar
Temperature: -20 °C - 65 °C

Aerographic product hose of high quality. High resistance. Includes rotating racord. Connection 3/8 "

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gas pipe
gas pipe

Inner diameter: 125, 100, 160 mm

These are used as the connection between the crush-resistant rubber hose installed on hose reels or in-floor systems and vehicle exhausts. The wide range of choice makes it possible to determine the ...

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compressed air hose / cleaning / cryogenic
compressed air hose

Pressure: 0 bar - 16 bar

Robust Small bending radius Very light Technical data Length 4 m / 6 m / 8 m (157" / 236" / 315"), other lengths available Weight incl. fittings 2.9 kg / 4.4 kg / 5.9 kg (6.4 lb / 9.7 lb / 13.0 lb) Compressed air operating pressure max. ...

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chemical product pipe / for the food industry / plastic / PVDF
chemical product pipe

Inner diameter: 12 mm - 800 mm
Pressure: 0 bar - 16 bar

Characteristics For handling pure, corrosive and toxic media. Application in the areas of ♦ Environmental technology ♦ Food industry ♦ Chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals ♦ Semiconductor, solar and surface technology ♦ Composting ...

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COLASIT AG, Spiez - Switzerland
air hose / suction / for the wood industry / polyurethane
air hose

Outer diameter: 20 mm - 500 mm
Pressure: 0.02 bar - 1.9 bar
Temperature: -40 °C - 100 °C

Product description Light weight and flexible Polyurethane ducting, flame retardant Material: Polyether-Polyurethane, clear Single Length: 10 and 15 m Temperature Resistance: – 40° up to + 100° C Applications: Suction ...

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SCHAUENBURG Ruhrkunststoff GmbH
compressed air hose / polyurethane-coated
compressed air hose

Inner diameter: 5 mm - 8 mm
Outer diameter: 8 mm - 12 mm

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gas hose / for air / for hot air / conveying
gas hose

Inner diameter: 19 mm - 305 mm
Pressure: 0.2 bar - 1.605 bar
Temperature: -35 °C - 135 °C

... Ship building industry • General engineering and engine construction • Incineration plants • Plastic production • Hot air hose for granuledryers

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acid hose / for solvents / dental / laboratory
acid hose

With tubes for medical application ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics is a development partner to many international leading medical equipment manufacturers. We offer sophisticated and efficient solutions for medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical ...

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ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik
water pipe / plastic / cast iron / fire-resistant
water pipe

Recent results of a test carried out in Germany on the role of CAST IRON and PLASTIC PIPES against fire insulation to other floors through waste water pipe lines in buildings. With reference to fire insulation to other floors through ...


NOGACOOL consists of a manifold & Loc-Lineֲ® flexible hose with a nozzle on top and a valve at the bottom, assembled on the powerful ON/OFF POPEYE magnet. The plug attached can be replaced by a second Loc-Lineֲ® ...

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Noga Engineering
oil tube
oil tube

Inner diameter: 20 mm - 160 mm
Outer diameter: 25 mm - 171 mm

Equivalent roundness of I.D Air cylinder has straight and equivalent Round I.D. the Excellent equivalent Round I.D nas a long lite. The Extrusion Tube has plus and minus 5% of mean wall thickness and Excellent Equivalent Round I.D ...

compressed air hose / for air / polyurethane / smooth
compressed air hose

Inner diameter: 1.5 mm - 8 mm
Outer diameter: 3 mm - 12 mm
Temperature: -40 °C - 60 °C

POLYURETHANE 98 SHA CALIBRATED TUBES supply in 100m reels various diameters available in stock various colors available in stock customized diameters & customized colors are realizable on demand please visit the technical data sheet ...

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water hose / for air / for oxygen / cleaning
water hose

Inner diameter: 19 mm - 125 mm
Temperature: 50 °C - 60 °C

Greenish transparent. Matter: PVC. Diameter: 19/25/32/38/65/75/100/125mm. Particulates: fine and non-abrasive, non corrosive, non toxic. Temperature: 50~60 °C. Price by meter.

gas hose / rubber
gas hose

Inner diameter: 5, 6.3, 8 mm

Wide range of hoses The Sievert propane hose contains three layers for safety: an inner layer of gas resistant rubber, a middle layer of reinforcing weave to withstand high pressure and an outer layer ...

exhaust gas hose / suction / rubber
exhaust gas hose
TFA 150

Outer diameter: 150, 125, 100, 75, 60 mm
Temperature: 150 °C

Rubber flexible hose, crush proof, for temperature up to 150°C (not continuous)

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hydraulic hose / synthetic rubber / abrasion-resistant / oil-resistant
hydraulic hose
ML22300 series

Inner diameter: 6.7 mm - 50.2 mm
Outer diameter: 13.1 mm - 63.6 mm
Pressure: 40 bar - 225 bar

Composition: ·Inner tube: special synthetic rubber resistant to hydraulic oil. ·Reinforcement: one braid of steel wire. ·Cover: special synthetic rubber high resistant to oil, abrasion resistan and weather. Working temperature: From ...

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water pipe / for gas / cast iron / flange
water pipe

Inner diameter: 40 mm - 600 mm

DN 40 - 600 Coating: Epoxy Intermediate lengths are deliverable Diameter bigger then DN 600 on demand FFS: Coating inside cement mortar and outside zinc with cover coating, on the flanges bitumena

gas hose / exhaust
gas hose
VES series

... and Model VES-6 with a 6 inch hose system are also available. The V.E.S. Spring-Loaded Hose Balancer keeps hoses off the floor and provides for easy handling, maneuverability, and ...

chemical product tube / chemical / pump / extruded
chemical product tube

Compatible with aggressive chemicals Outstanding chemical resistance Cost-effective alternative to fluoropolymers or fluoroelastomers FDA compliant NOTE: Tygon® Chemical 2001 pump tubing is recommended for use in Easy-Load® and Easy-Load® ...

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discharge hose / suction / for agricultural applications / PVC
discharge hose

Inner diameter: 40 mm - 200 mm
Outer diameter: 50 mm - 222 mm
Pressure: 3.92 bar - 10.78 bar

Hose made of flexible PVC, reinforced with a rigid PVC spiral. Grey colour. Smooth interior and exterior. Diameter from 40 mm. to 200 mm. - Applications: Aspiration and impulsion of granulated materials, slurry ...

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water pipe / cast iron
water pipe

Inner diameter: 50 mm - 400 mm

Düker supplies a comprehensive range of no-hub SML pipes and fittings from DN 40 up to DN 300, in part up to DN 400. SML pipes are also called SMU pipes by some users. Apart from the simple fittings such as bends, branches and reductions, ...

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Düker GmbH
water hose / polyurethane / aramid / wear-resistant
water hose
Highflex series

Inner diameter: 12.7 mm - 31.5 mm
Outer diameter: 20.6 mm - 45.7 mm
Pressure: 250, 275 bar

Advantages/ Technical Specs Specially designed to meet minimum bend radius Optimum cut and wear resistance Resistant to microbiological degradation Bonded tube and cover Lightweight compared to conventional rubber alternatives Increased ...

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INTERSEWER UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
hydraulic hose / pneumatic / stainless steel / flexible
hydraulic hose

Inner diameter: 8, 10, 12, 16, 25 mm

Stainless Steel Flexible Hose FEATURES 1.The tube wall is constructed to be non-spiral U-shaped and annular corrugated. 2.Tubes have a high degree of flexibility due to high corruga-tions at close intervvals. 3.Tubes ...

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Yean Hern Corp.
air flexible piping / stainless steel
air flexible piping

Pressure: 46 bar
Temperature: -40 °C - 140 °C

... installations components, in order to eliminate all vibration transmissions. Elimination of stresses linked to dimensional piping variations (thermal expansion, retraction). Particularly recommended for: Construction ...