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water hose / for AdBlue / discharge
water hose

Inner diameter: 19 mm

... 32, which consists of 8 metre transparent hose Ø 19 with a steel core, 4 steel clamps and different couplings, depending on the model chosen. Can be combined with all our pumps for AdBlue® and AUS 32; the hose ...

foodstuffs hose / PTFE / PFA / FEP
foodstuffs hose

Inner diameter: 0.063 in - 1 in
Outer diameter: 0.125 in - 1.125 in

iPolymer offers three types of High Purity Tubing. All three are classified as High Purity solutions for ultra-clean applications and are excellent with corrosive media. The tubing choices are UL 94 VO Flammability Rated. They resist ...

brake hose / hydraulic / pneumatic / abrasion-resistant
brake hose

Techs make great detectives. Ever had a hunch that a hose was the problem? Next time, you can scratch off hoses from your suspect list when you choose high quality hoses from Delphi. ...

air hose / conveying / for suction units / rubber
air hose

Outer diameter: 25 mm - 318 mm

The hose is the conveying line of the source extraction installation. The demands placed on the suction hose are: wear resistance low weight and flexibility not affected by extremes of temperatures crushproof does ...

steam pipe / waterproof / explosion-proof
steam pipe
C, L, T, X, ADPE series

Vapour tight condulets rigid steel conduit and uni 7683 Installation: hazardous areas - Zone 1 / 2 (Gases) - Zone 21 / 22 (Dusts) - Safe Area ...

air hose / exhaust
air hose
PT# 04FLXP114X11

Inner diameter: 0.625 in

Power Tech Mobile Generator 1 1/4" Exhaust Flex Pipe. This flex pipe is commonly used for the 3 - 12 kW generators. The thread size measurement is based on the American National Standard Pipe Thread Standards. Actual outside diameter ...

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Power Tech Mobile Generators
air tube
air tube

Installation: under boarding bridge Nominal air flow rate: up to 2.5kg/s Nominal pressure loss: 4000 Pascal (with LTHR) Low leakage rate, increased insulation Accessories: support collars with lateral clearance adjustment, discharge connector, ...

chemical product tube / urethane / abrasion-resistant
chemical product tube

Dual durometer urethane tubes are one of the many specialty components we manufacture in dual durometer. Urethane has an incredible ability to be non-magnetic with an endless combination of sizes that we can manufacture. We manufacture ...

transfer hose / for gas / for oxygen / stainless steel
transfer hose
3000 series

Stainless steel braided transfer hose Reinforcement each end for added strength Various lengths & formats available Custom designs and thread connections possible

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Wessington Cryogenics LTD
brass pipe
brass pipe

Inner diameter: 25, 20 mm
Pressure: 0 Pa - 2,500,000 Pa

Audiowell has developed two models of brass pipe: DN20 and DN25, adopting the popular U-type reflecting structure. With the help of professional simulation software, we have done intensive researches on different structures that may affect ...

coolant tube
coolant tube
ATR (DIN 69895)

hydraulic hose / silicone
hydraulic hose

Hydraflow pioneered these extremely light weight, flexible smooth bore silicone hose assembly series for aerospace applications. The first assemblies of their kind, capable of multiple freeze cycles without bursting ...