Vertical machining centers

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4-axis machining center / vertical / rotating table
4-axis machining center
WinFlex 300

X travel: 300 mm
Y travel: 300 mm
Z travel: 300 mm

Flexible machining center with palettization Equipment • Rotating table NIKKEN CNC 250 • Moduls on turret head type TE 230159

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5-axis CNC machining center / 7-axis / vertical / drilling
5-axis CNC machining center

The SA-65/2 is a CNC tube, and bar machining center. The unit combines 4 processes, using one machine in tube cutting, machining, washing and length measuring. It can be added for threading, ...

3-axis machining center / vertical / bridge / high-speed
3-axis machining center
F series

X travel: 700 mm - 1,000 mm
Y travel: 500 mm - 1,000 mm
Z travel: 350 mm - 500 mm

The brand new high speed series, with AWEA core strengths, possess superb bridge type structure. The series are equipped with advanced FANUC controller and the software of AWEA Optimal Parameter System. F-16 series are particularly suitable ...

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3-axis machining center / vertical
3-axis machining center

X travel: 15,000 mm
Y travel: 4,200 mm
Z travel: 1,000 mm

... 30000Spindle speed rpm Max. 2000Ram size mm 380×380Column travel (X-axis) mm 15000Spindle head travel (Y-axis) mm 4200Ram vertical travel (Z-axis) mm 1000Feed rate (X,Y,Z-axis) mm/min 1~3600CNC Control System   Fanuc 31iA

3-axis machining center / vertical
3-axis machining center

X travel: 98 in
Y travel: 63 in
Z travel: 17, 19 in

Helios Kompact is the 3-axis CNC machining center suitable for every workshop looking for versatility and precision. Thanks to the sturdy structure, recirculating ball screws, and linear ...

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5-axis machining center / vertical
5-axis machining center

X travel: 320 mm
Y travel: 320 mm
Z travel: 380 mm

... motor ensure the high accuracy and efficient. The 5-axis synchronized machining saves machining time reduces repetitive workpiece setup and error,while dramatically increasing machining ...

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PINNACLE Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
3-axis machining center / vertical
3-axis machining center

X travel: 32 mm
Y travel: 14 mm
Z travel: 15 mm

... ground dovetail ways Precision ground leadscrews with backlash compensating double nut Precision bored and ground milling head, with super precision ABEC-7 bearings Meehanite castings, with built in coolant ...

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Kent Industrial
3-axis machining center / vertical / bridge
3-axis machining center
VS 630

two stage manual transmission 1:4 NC rotary fixture clamping bridge magazine with 60 tool places Bosch Rexroth MTX control

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CTR Norte GmbH & Co.KG
3-axis machining center / vertical / for aluminum
3-axis machining center
SH 5000

X travel: 730 mm
Y travel: 730 mm
Z travel: 830 mm

SH Series is developed for smaller stroke need and aluminum parts machining.It is equipped with 15000 rpm built-in spindle which has 18.5/25/37 kW power and 95/171/250 Nm torque output. In addition, for customers considering ...

3-axis machining center / vertical
3-axis machining center
NF series

X travel: 2,200 mm - 10,200 mm
Y travel: 2,300 mm - 3,000 mm
Z travel: 920 mm - 1,020 mm

NF series machines, with typical VW products features of rigid structure and high precision, are designed with 5-face function of multi-angle cutting and X-Y roller ways structure. It speeds up 3 axes rapid traverse and increases ...

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Vision Wide Tech Co. Ltd
5-axis CNC machining center / vertical / with rotary table
5-axis CNC machining center
zephyr VTR series

X travel: 1,400, 1,840 mm
Y travel: 1,000 mm
Z travel: 800, 1,000 mm

... for 5 axis machining of parts. Main advantages: - The structure is of the fixed portal type with mobile bench - 4th axis on trainable head option - 5th axis on rotary table option - 24, 50 or 100 changeable tool ...

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Promac SAS
5-axis machining center / vertical
5-axis machining center

Chrono is a precise, fast, and reliable 5 axes machine is affordable to small size companies and can become an indispensable 'work-mate' efficiently executing complex pieces in the production of small series. It is equipped with 4 mobile ...

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3-axis machining center / vertical / heavy-duty
3-axis machining center
FS series

Rotational speed: 1 rpm - 10 rpm
Power: 150 kW

... machine is designed for heavy-duty milling of webs of crank-throws used in vessel engines crankshafts. Machining covers the following operations: - Rough and fine milling of inner surfaces ...

3-axis machining center / vertical / high-precision / milling
3-axis machining center

Rotational speed: 0 rpm - 60,000 rpm

... precision Micro Machining. The capabilities of the combination of the high speed end mill milling gives now the advantages of an effective machining time reduction. Micro end ...

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3-axis machining center / vertical / bridge
3-axis machining center
PMX series

X travel: 106, 86, 157, 137 in
Y travel: 120 in - 397 in
Z travel: 43, 35, 59, 51 in

PMX Bridge Mill - Fully automated 5-face machining capability with multiple heads. PMX combines multiple spindle heads that change automatically. Spindle head choices: 90° angle head, and universal head.

5-axis CNC machining center / universal / bridge / for aluminum
5-axis CNC machining center
BC 570

X travel: 3,000 mm - 50,000 mm
Y travel: 3,000 mm - 6,000 mm
Z travel: 1,250 mm - 3,000 mm

The machining of large workpieces with a usable length of 50 m and more is very demanding for a CNC special machine. With the bridge-type machining centre BC 570 MAKA succeeded in developing a large ...

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MAKA Systems GmbH
3-axis machining center / vertical / compact
3-axis machining center

X travel: 450 mm
Y travel: 400 mm
Z travel: 460 mm

MM-400 is based on an effective principle of delivering customer value with low investment costs and combined with high production output. Compact design with Linear Guide ways for higher speed. Half guard or full guards are available ...

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3-axis machining center / vertical / for aluminum / four-spindle
3-axis machining center
max. 400 Χ 500 Χ 425 mm | BA W04 series

... achieve minimum none-cutting time in machining of none ferrous metals. Especially in the 4-spindle version which within a short time of entering the market proved to be the most ideal, most economic machine for the machining ...

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SW - Schwäbische
3-axis machining machine / vertical / high-productivity
3-axis machining machine

X travel: 3,000 mm
Y travel: 1,250 mm
Z travel: 800 mm

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Wissner Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau mbH
3-axis machining center / vertical
3-axis machining center
DNM 400 II series

X travel: 762 mm
Y travel: 435 mm
Z travel: 510 mm

... pad, USB port and Portable MPG Roller-Type LM Guideways provides best-in-class rigidity and durability 30 Pocket Automatic Tool Changer with lightning fast chip-to-chip time Thru Spindle Coolant is standard for superior ...

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Doosan Infracore Machine Tools
3-axis machining center / universal / multi-spindle / for crankshafts
3-axis machining center

... universal turning, drilling and milling head with powerful external milling units combines flexibility of turning, drilling and milling operations configured for crankshaft machining ...

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Niles-Simmons Industrieanlagen
vertical machining center / 3-axis / high-precision
vertical machining center

X travel: 900 mm
Y travel: 600 mm
Z travel: 600 mm

1. Develop for high precision working industry 2. The 3 axes slide way use the high precision linear guide ways

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5-axis machining center / vertical
5-axis machining center
CNC 235 series

... series is a line of hard machining centers engineered by Buderus. It is applicable for use in internal and external grinding as well as hard turning applications. The machine forms the basis for the CNC ...

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Buderus Schleiftechnik GmbH
5-axis CNC machining center / universal / for aluminum / multi-spindle
5-axis CNC machining center

X travel: 0 mm - 4,000 mm
Y travel: 0 mm - 1,150 mm
Z travel: 0 mm - 650 mm

... frame, 2 autonomous motor spindles, each respectively mounted on traveling columns, perform milling and drilling operations. The duplex lateral milling center can be reconfigured according ...

4-axis machining center / vertical / for steel / for PVC
4-axis machining center
7000 x 1000 x 500 mm | Orion

... 12000 r.p.m. X axis stroke (length) = 4000/7000 mm Y axis stroke (width) = 1000 mm Z axis stroke (depth) = 500 mm X axis speed = 70 mt./min. Y axis speed = 50 mt./min. Z axis speed = 30 mt./min.

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