Waterproof switches

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lever switch / single-pole / electromechanical / compact
lever switch
ET series

Current: 100 mA
Voltage: 20 V

Features and Benefits Sealed against solder and cleaning process contaminants Compact size and small footprint save PCB space ESD protection available Typical Applications Hand-held telecommunications ...

toggle switch / lever / single-pole / non-illuminated
toggle switch
A series

Current: 0.1 mA - 400 mA
Voltage: 28 V

A-Series Process Sealed Subminiature Toggle SwitchesProcess Sealed Subminiature Toggles 0.4VA Logic Level Subminiature size saves space on PC boards. Specifically developed for logic-level applications. ...

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NKK Switches
rocker switch / single-pole / bipolar / enclosed
rocker switch
KM series

Current: 21 A
Voltage: 14 V

The Cherry Rocker KM series is a sealed switch gear that is designed with compliance to IP56 protection class. It uses both AC and DC electrical systems. Its arrangement can be assembled with a single ...

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rotary switch / multipole / coded / electromechanical
rotary switch

Current: 0.15 A - 0.4 A
Voltage: 42 V

solid PCB pins contacts with abrasion resistant hard gold plating extra sealed design with high temperature resistance switches are solder and flux sealed and washable 100% electronic ...

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Hartmann Codier
sensitive switch / single-pole / safety / magnetic
sensitive switch
10 W | 610 series

Current: 0 A - 0.5 A
Voltage: 0 V - 200 V

... meter: activating magnet mounts to propeller blade. Valve-position indicator: activating magnet, mounted on valve, triggers switch. Mechanical-movement monitoring; activating magnet mounts on moving machinery.

lever switch / multipole / AC / mechanical
lever switch
MTE series

Current: 6, 4, 3, 5 A
Voltage: 250, 30, 6 V

Specifications: Contact rating: 250 V AC, 3 A / 125 V AC, 6 A 30 V DC, 4 A / 12 V DC, 5 A 6 V DC, 6 A Contact resistance: 1000 MΩ at 500 V DC Dielectric strength: 1500 V, 50 Hz for the duration of 1 minute Operating temperature: – 45° ...

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multipole switch / LED / solenoid / plastic
multipole switch

The KLP Guard Locking Switch Plastic is a solenoid locking interlock switch that has a slim durable plastic body to hold a force of 1800N in order to keep medium guard doors closed until hazards are removed. It ...

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Idem Safety Switches
push-pull switch / emergency stop / multipole / panel-mount
push-pull switch

EN81.2-EN13850 emergency mushroom Stop engraved on the operator and is not necessary yellow disc UL/CSA approved Modular system operator+contact blocks max 6 contacts

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EMS Electro Mecanicals Systems
touch switch / multipole / snap-action / dust-proof
touch switch
SKHW Series

Current: 5 mA
Voltage: 5 V

Suitable for various electronic devices with unique dust-proof structure and sharp operational feeling.

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ALPS Electric
multipole switch / electromechanical / RF / hermetically-sealed
multipole switch

The Mercury RF and microwave switching features a high-density packaging and hermetic sealing. The microwave control components enables mechanical configurations include traditional orthogonal mounting of modules and ...

panel-mount switch / lever / single-pole / with silver contacts
panel-mount switch

Current: 0.01 mA - 4,000 mA
Voltage: 50 mV - 28,000 mV

The professional toggle is used for military operations. It is a CECC approved, MUAHAG and QPL listed. The toggle switch comes with a double shell case build and pinned lever to provide better mechanical strength and ...

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rocker switch / 4-pole / electromechanical / miniature
rocker switch
300A series

The 300 Series miniature rocker and paddle switches offer a variety of model styles and actuator options. These rocker switches are available in up to 4 poles they have multiple termination options, and a snap-in panel mount option is ...

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rocker switch / 2-pole / electromechanical / waterproof
rocker switch

Current: 20 A
Voltage: 250 V

Product number 1932.3112 Weight 12,820 g Product family Rocker switches Switching function ON / OFF switch (DPST) Number of poles 2-pole Mechanical life endurance 5E4 Rating IEC 20 (4) A 250 V AC 1E4 10 (8) A 250 V AC ...

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Marquardt Mechatronik GmbH
rocker switch / single-pole / momentary / electromechanical
rocker switch
SW1 series

Current: 12 A
Voltage: 125 V - 250 V

Operating Frequency (mechanical).....120 operations / mim Operating Frequency (electrical).....10~30 operations / mim Contact Resistance (initial).....300m Ω (Max.) Insulation Resistance (at 250VDC).....100M Ω (Min.) Dielectric Strength ...

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Zippy Technology Corp
touch switch / bipolar / snap-action / electromechanical
touch switch
76-91 series

Current: 10 A

Panel Sealed Pushbutton Range Series 76-91 ITW Switches 76-91 series is a robust switch design for demanding environmental applications. The snap-action switch mechanism provides ...

key lock switch / single-pole / snap-action / subminiature
key lock switch
65 series

Current: 10 A
Voltage: 125 V - 250 V

SERIES 65 SEALED 10 AMP SUB-MINIATURE SWITCHES. These rugged metal enclosed sealed switches use the Butterfly® switch mechanism providing long-life, durability and reliability. These ...

touch switch / single-pole / snap-action / electromechanical
touch switch
RMASK series

Current: 16 A

Everel's RMASK Series of water-resistant switches feature a round cut design (Ø 20) and a 16-A ENEC electrical rate. Their IP65 ingress protection level enables extensive resistance to splashing, moisture, and dust. Adding to its protection ...

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Everel Group S.p.A.
touch switch / single-pole / momentary / electromechanical
touch switch
5100 series

Current: 0.5 A - 2 A
Voltage: 125 V

Metal case switch Circuitry SPST - 2PDT Short housing for front panel mounting Momentary switching action only W modification IAW Mil-S-22885 sealing requirements LED or incandescent back lighting

rocker switch / single-pole / thermoplastic / electromechanical
rocker switch

Current: 10 A
Voltage: 12 V

High current, momentary, shunting, polarity reversing switch. Materials and Finishes Contacts: OFHC Copper All other Parts: Thermoplastic Electrical Duty Cylce Rating: 70 Amps @ 10% Voltage: 12 Vdc Continuous Rating ...

lever switch / single-pole / snap-action / electromechanical
lever switch
1022 series

Current: 4 A
Voltage: 12 V

The 1022 series is a snap action switch that is specially designed with an actuator that is dust-proof and waterproof. This compact switch is highly portable and can be fastened in a ...

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multipole switch / electromechanical / RF / microwave
multipole switch

... Low Insertion Loss: 3.5 dB @ 10 GHz 4.0 dB @ 16 GHz Fast Switching RF Pulse Modulator Non-Reflective Topology Hermetically Sealed Module Field Replaceable SMA Connectors -55 to +85°C Operating Temperature

capacitive switch / single-pole / custom / industrial
capacitive switch

... facilitates fast time-to-market custom capacitive switch solutions in a wide range of design options. In industrial and transportation applications, dirt, water and chemical ingress can damage the ...