Wire mesh filters

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hydraulic filter / wire mesh / suction / for pumps
hydraulic filter
Pi 1710 series

Filtration size: 0 µm - 100 µm
Flow rate: 10 l/min - 480 l/min

... containments which when not removed by any other filtering devices may gain access to tank. MAHLE suction filters, series Pi 1710, stand out for their rugged construction and large filter ...

liquid filter / cartridge / wire mesh / cylindrical
liquid filter
FS series

Filtration size: 44 µm
Operating pressure: 0.5 mbar - 2,000 mbar
Flow rate: 10, 20, 40, 70, 150 m³/h

... valve located on the suction inlet for preventing the air from returning in the filter when the pump is idle - A stainless steel mesh filtering cartridge ...

compressed air filter / basket / wire mesh / aluminium
compressed air filter

Filtration size: 1 µm
Operating pressure: 0 Pa - 1,700,000 Pa
Flow rate: 0.48 m³/min - 45.31 m³/min

... of F-Series advanced compressed air filters reduce. They keep contamination at bay from the air stream thus proving their value and worth. Made with innovative engineering, stringent quality testing, F-Series filters ...

suction filter / hydraulic / wire mesh
suction filter

Filtration size: 160 µm
Flow rate: 40 l/min - 100 l/min

... operation. The Suction Filters must be always properly sized to avoid cavitation of the pump. Please note that the general cleanliness level required by the system must be ensured by the filters having ...

liquid filter / hydraulic / wire mesh / high-flow
liquid filter

Filtration size: 20, 5, 10, 40 µm
Operating pressure: 2,100 bar

... are easy to replace. The high-pressure filters are available for in-line Mounting (type FI) and for direct mounting (type FIM). The filter elements which are available in 4 different filter ...

rotary drum filter / water / metal wire / drum
rotary drum filter
MRD series

Filtration size: 70 µm
Operating pressure: 0 bar
Flow rate: 50 m³/h

... Filtration intake water, Removal of mussel seeds, algae etc. for Cooling process, Irrigation 3. Pre filter for water making installations , Pre filter for Membrane Bio Reactors (M.B.R.) for Waste water ...

liquid filter / basket / wire mesh / stainless steel
liquid filter
SF series

Filtration size: 50 µm - 8,000 µm
Operating pressure: 0.001 Pa

... Series Basket Filtration System consists of a strainer/filter housing and a strainer basket or baskets. The strainer/filter basket is available as perforated, wire mesh ...

air filter / panel / wire mesh / pleated
air filter
NN xxxxx CSNT

Operating pressure: 55, 70, 90 Pa
Flow rate: 1,700 m³/h - 3,400 m³/h

Complete range of filters for air treatment. Air treatment, air conditioning and heating unit Clean room Spray booth

hydraulic filter / wire mesh / in-line / suction
hydraulic filter
FLA series

Filtration size: 10 µm - 90 µm
Operating pressure: 0 bar - 30 bar
Flow rate: 30 l/min - 300 l/min

Complete range of hydraulic filters and accessories for any hydraulic equipment. Suction Low - medium - high pressure Return Tank accessories, Filtration unit, Absorbents

oil filter / hydraulic / wire mesh / switchable
oil filter

Filtration size: 3 µm - 80 µm
Operating pressure: 0 bar - 25 bar
Flow rate: 330, 175 l/min

Complete range of hydraulic filters and accessories for any hydraulic equipment. Suction Low - medium - high pressure Return Tank accessories, Filtration unit, Absorbents

gas filter / oil mist / cartridge / metal wire
gas filter

Filtration size: 5 µm
Flow rate: 40 m³/h - 883 m³/h

... vacuum level for the filters: 1·10-3mbar. The housings are suitable to be fitted with four different kind of filters: Polyester cartridge Separates particles down to 5 µm. Suitable for dry and moist ...

liquid filter / gas / metal wire / suction
liquid filter
ST series

Filtration size: 75 µm - 400 µm
Operating pressure: 40 bar

FLOMEC ®Y” Type Strainers take their name from their configuration. They are most commonly used in pressurized lines, gas or liquid, but can also be used in suction or vacuum conditions. They are intended for applications where small ...

pressure filter / hydraulic / wire mesh / flange-mount
pressure filter
DF...M A

Filtration size: 1 µm - 20 µm
Operating pressure: 250 bar
Flow rate: 200 l/min

Pressure filter for lateral flange mounting Flow rates up to 200 l/min Pressure levels up to 250 bar Connections: Flange with 2 bore holes Installation sizes: 60, 110, 140, 160, 240, 280 Also in High-Dynamic ...

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air filter / wire mesh / pressure / wedge wire
air filter

... rapid access to filter elements without tools Optional vent cap for added safety Positive sealing o-rings maintain absolute seal integrity to prevent bypass Filter media available in synthetic ...

filter for food applications / wire mesh / self-cleaning / stainless steel
filter for food applications

Filtration size: 0 µm - 600 µm

... of AISI 304 stainless steel except internal impeller which is also a food grade substance. It can filter 1 ton per hour with a 600 micron filter mesh ...

low-flow filter / water / disc / wire mesh
low-flow filter

Filtration size: 130, 100, 200 µm
Operating pressure: 8 bar
Flow rate: 5 m³/h - 25 m³/h

... range is based on low maintenance and optimum safety in filtration. New TWISTER system which helps to a water saving and filter long life. Optimization of the performance and minimum frequency and intensity of maintenance labours.

liquid filter / strainer / wire mesh / Y
liquid filter

Operating pressure: 8.6, 13.8 bar

... 125 psi/8.6 bar saturated steam to 353°F/178°C 200 psi/13.8 bar non-shock cold working pressure 20 mesh stainless steel wire screen Tapped cap with ...

slurry filter / for wastewater / wire mesh / automatic
slurry filter

Filtration size: 15 µm

Self cleaning pressure filters. From 15 micron upwards, slotted, sintered mesh or drilled holes filter elements. Fully automatic if needed.

hydraulic filter / oil / wire mesh / metal mesh
hydraulic filter
HF series

Filtration size: 125 µm
Flow rate: 25 l/min - 400 l/min

The HOF HF series is an array of suction filters constructed in stainless-steel mesh grade 125µm reinforced with metal mesh and engineering resin for both ends. ...

oil filter / wire mesh / fiberglass / high-flow
oil filter

Filtration size: 0 µm - 5 µm

... systems designed to filter oil. The system is suitable for the treatment of oils: Water-free oil (CUBO with cellulose filtering elements) With the presence of water (CUBO REVOLUTION - patented fabric ...

wastewater filter / wire mesh / self-cleaning / continuous
wastewater filter
FR 25

Flow rate: 25, 50, 100 m³/h

... Tanning industry - Others The wastewater, coming from the process, is conveyed inside the rotating filter. The filter is made of perforated stainless steel sheet with ...

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welding fume filter / wire mesh / refractory / high-temperature
welding fume filter

... refractory cloth filters serve dual roles in their ability to effectively filter molten metal and to provide a proficient and cost-effective method for de-risering and runner segmentation. The ...

air filter / panel / wire mesh / high-temperature
air filter

Flow rate: 400 m³/h - 1,050 m³/h

GAMMA METAL FILTER PANELS The PFM and PFO/M range of filter panels are used for filtering coarse particles. The filter media is made from a flat anodised ...

liquid food products and beverage filter / basket / wire mesh / continuous
liquid food products and beverage filter
F50 / F80

... they feature a removable stainless steel mesh basket and a group of neodymiums to capture iron particles.

air filter / wire mesh / panel / pleated
air filter

Flow rate: 0.94 m³/s - 1.2 m³/s

... inlet air treatment components. Braden has a large stock of inventory to meet your filter needs and can typically ship an order within a day. We offer parts such as pre-filters (PFS-4, PFS-4B, PFS4P), ...

air filter / gas / wire mesh / metal wire
air filter
VEA series

VEA – HAT FILTERS VEA series hat-shaped filters are specially designed for 3/8″ flanged nozzles and ZPB clamps.

air filter / gas / wire mesh / metal wire
air filter
VEF series

VEF threaded filters are specially designed for 1/4″ J series flat fan nozzles and RX/RZ hollow cone nozzles. They provide a top filtering action and protect nozzle tips. We recommend to assemble threaded ...

hydraulic filter / wire mesh / rugged / chemical-resistant
hydraulic filter
FSHF series

Filtration size: 50.8 µm - 508 µm
Operating pressure: 1,000 psi - 4,500 psi

The Lee Company now offers a complete line of flange mount, Hi-Bar® Safety Screens made entirely from PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone). PEEK is a high performance engineering thermoplastic with excellent chemical resistance, superior strength ...

wire mesh filter / sintered / rugged / flange-mount
wire mesh filter
FSFA series

Filtration size: 20 µm

... the contamination carrying capacity of the screen. The screens incorporate a rugged, calendered and sintered 316L stainless steel wire mesh weave for maximum strength. The Catch-All ...