linear position sensor / non-contact / absolute magnetostrictive / analog output
953 VMax Series



  • Type:


  • Contact / non-contact:


  • Technology:

    absolute magnetostrictive

  • Output signal:

    analog output, digital, with SSI interface

  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, high-precision, IP68

  • Applications:

    for cylinders


The 953 VMAX by Ametek Factory Automation is an absolute magnetostrictive linear position sensor which serves as a solution to most demanding processing challenges. This unit is highly versatile and can adjust easily regardless of whatever application and operating environment. It features its performance to be highly versatile which offers an absolute accurate and reliable operation. Plus, its is equipped with precision repeatability having a superior resolution for great visibility. This sensor has a protection class of IP68 which are resistant to contaminant and environmental conditions. It comes with a compact design for heavy duty application. It is tested in the lab to be resistant in vibration specifically at 30 Gs. For its shock resistance, it is tested at 1000 Gs.