threaded breather
ABV series

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threaded breather threaded breather - ABV series


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In applications where metal vents were used before, Breather Vents is a much simpler and more inexpensive to use. These vents guarantee that it will not corrode while being productive. The threads seal well for they have a few of give being plastic and they are screw able by hands and does not seize in place. These vents are best to use for OEM applications.

They are available in the color black to pleasantly suit industrial machineries and they are worry-free when installed. Solid base of HDPE Plastic and a porous disc of polyethelene with an average pore size of 60-80 microns and can be used for low pressure applications of 1 to 5 psi delta P are combined by these Breather. Acids and bases do not affect the breathers expecting a less frequency in corrosion. It can be washed with mineral spirits.