inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical / water-resistant / robust
FL7S series



  • Technology:


  • Shape:


  • Protection level:

    water-resistant, robust, shielded

  • Output signal:

    with semiconductor output

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel

  • Applications:

    for welding


The FL7S Series has superior performance to conventional models, additionally it can easily perform 3 to 5 times longer - or even more!

The FL7S is a proximity switch boasting a stainless steel sensing face and housing, and is specially designed for welding applications on the automobile manufacturing line.

By taking note of our customers' demands and concerns, azbil set out to develop a sensor that could meet the severe requirements demanded by users in the field. After rigorous testing, the FL7S Series was proven to have superior performance.
With conventional sensors, welding sparks lead to hard-to-remove spatter and slag. The big problem is the scratches caused by the abrasive metal brush used to remove the spatter and slag that got stuck. Azbil Corporation has solved this major problem by creating a stainless steel sensing face that resists abrasion for the FL7S Series. All tests showed that the FL7S possesses excellent endurance.
Repetitive shocks when welding parts hit the sensor head often result in a shortening of sensor life. The FL7S Series' greatly strengthened stainless steel sensing face is the answer to this problem. All tests showed that the FL7S has robust shock resistance.