inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical / harsh environments / chemical-resistant



  • Technology:


  • Shape:


  • Protection level:

    harsh environments, chemical-resistant, splash-resistant, IP67

  • Output signal:

    with semiconductor output

  • Applications:

    for gear wheels

  • Measuring range:

    Max.: 10 mm

    Min.: 2 mm


Proximity switches with oil-resistant polyurethane cables designed for use in harsh environments, such as automobile manufacturing assembly, where cables are continuously attacked by coolant.

Greatly enhanced sealing performance through elimination of cable deterioration caused by water-soluble coolants
Resistance to cable hardening has been significantly improved
Passes coolant immersion test (1.000 hours at 70 °C)
Coolant-resistant polyurethane is used for cable sheeting and insulation
The line-up includes regular models (M8, M12, M18, M30) and aluminium-chip resistant models (M12, M18, M30)
The seal has been improved with a special cable moulding process