drying oven / tunnel / infrared / hot air impingement
Aquadry LA



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  • Heat source:

    infrared, hot air impingement


The most efficient flash-off and drying system for water- based lacquers, Aquadry combines high speed hot air and powerful infrared lamps. Aquadry can do flash-off on lacquers to be UV cured or do quick drying on water-based materials. Easy to operate and requiring little maintenance, the Aquadry series are cost-effective and environmentally responsible.
What it does

Aquadry shares the efficiency of the high speed hot air and infrared lamps with a high radiation capability, and it reduces the evaporation times of the water contained in the finish.
The dwell time in the dryer depends on the panel feeding speed; it is limited to a few minutes and can carry out flashoff operations for lacquers with final UV hardening, or otherwise fast drying for one- and/or two-components water based lacquers.

Modular oven, in order to have high flexibility about drying times.
Very short times for flash-off or total drying, able to dry whatever waterborne lacquers: one- and two-components, UV curable.
Easy to operate and reduced maintenance.
They require little investments.
They do not emit harmful radiations in the environment.

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