temperature indicator controller / LCD display / panel-mount / for RTD sensors
DB600 Series



  • Measured value:


  • Display:

    LCD display

  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for RTD sensors, for temperature sensors, for thermocouples


DB600 series is a digital indicating controller which narrowed the functions of DB1000 series and realized affordable prices while having the necessary functions. DB600 series is a digital indicating controller with display accuracy ±0.1% and control interval 0.1sec. Bright and wide viewing angle LCD is employed for easily viewable display unit. Control system can be selected from PID control or Z control depending on the target. Three sizes are available for various sites and depth of the unit is shorter compared to the conventional product.

- Big and easily seen LCD
- Wide viewing angle LCD is employed. 5-digit, 11-segment display realizes eye-friendly design.
- Our original control algorithm is available
- Original Z control system which developed from PID control is available. It is effective in over-shoot suppression and shortening settling time on heat control.
- New auto tuning
- Compared to conventional auto tuning, new auto tuning is able to suppress over-shoot and shorten settling time.